Economy shrank for the first time in five years the Russian ruble fell 9.5%

Russia's Ministry of Economic Affairs announced the 29 data show that GDP decline in Russia in November year on year 0.5%, which is bad as I was in 2009 – the first time since the economic situation of shrinking。  Data show that Russia's GDP fell in November year on year 0.5%, to a seasonally adjusted decline in the economy in November 0.2% of 2014 GDP growth in the first 11 months 0.6%。  Russian Economic Development Ministry believes that the dominant factor in the economic downturn of multiple departments processing industry, construction, wholesale trade, agriculture growth contraction; currently stimulating economic growth in the Russian sector of the mining industry, retail trade and electricity, water, gas and other industries。  Drop in oil prices, Western sanctions and the devaluation of the ruble makes Russian economy suffered heavy losses, the outside world agreed that the Russian economy next year will fall into decline, but believe that the year will show a slight increase。Russia's central bank [microblogging] had expected a few years Russia will grow 0.3% to zero growth next year, 2016, will grow 0.1%。  Data public Buhoulubu slump, coupled with yesterday's plunge in oil prices due to the air force hair 3% against the dollar yesterday rose as high as 58 rubles.94, tumbled more than 9 rubles.5%。  Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said earlier that the Russian economy next year may fall into deep decline。Russian Finance Minister 西卢安诺夫 think that next year inflation will rise further to 11.5%, inflation has hit Russia in November 10.5%, breaking a two-digit。Russian central bank had expected the Russian economy next year may show 4.4% to 4.6% negative growth。  Former Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin on the 23rd warned that Russia next year the economy will face "the full economic crisis", the economic crisis will lead to a series of defaults and cause damage to Russia's investment grade credit rating。Kudrin said that if oil prices remain at $ 60 a barrel, Russia's economy will shrink at least 4 percent next year, he also believes that in 2016 the Russian economy will certainly recession。  Earlier in the Russian government's intervention, the Russian ruble rebounded sharply since December 16 created by the record high has risen about 41%, also held steady in the top 60 overall。Russian Finance Minister 西卢安诺夫 December 25, said the ruble crisis is over, but many analysts believe that if oil prices fell again, did not stop the decline in oil prices。