6 kinds of healthy foods refused the Chinese New Year indigestion


6 kinds of healthy foods refused the Chinese New Year indigestion

The Spring Festival is coming, all kinds of foods naturally attract us to appetite.

It is a pity that after a meal, it is inevitable that there will be a feeling of indigestion such as bloating, which is uncomfortable. What is even worse is that after the Spring Festival, once the scale is over, it is a shackle.

If you have these hazards, try using the following 6 healthy foods to remove the blockage.

銆€銆€The first food tomato pop index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?tomato can significantly reduce the risk of cancer such as lung cancer, it is still the best source of vitamin C.

銆€銆€Lycopene lycopene can prevent cancer and prevent cardiovascular disease, and reduce the incidence of prostate cancer. Tomato juice without salt is more beneficial to the health of patients with cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension.

銆€銆€Researchers at the Institute of Biochemistry, School of Medicine, National Taiwan University believe that lycopene lycopene has strong antioxidant capacity, can remove free radicals in the body, prevent low-density lipoprotein oxidation in the blood, and lower cholesterol concentration.The function of cardiovascular disease.

In addition, since lycopene in tomato has strong anti-oxidation and anti-cancer ability, it can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

銆€銆€Researchers at the University of Wisconsin in the United States believe that lycopene absorbs and absorbs foods that are cooked or cooked with oily foods such as tomato ketchup, and their antioxidant effects are stronger.

銆€銆€Nutrition experts recommend: People should eat one or two fresh tomatoes a day, or add tomato products such as tomato juice.

Patients with cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure or heart disease should eat tomato juice or tomato products without salt or salt.

銆€銆€The second food nut pop index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?nuts, it can not only improve the good plasma, and can reduce the triglyceride in the blood, is the best formula to prevent high blood pressure, but peanuts or almonds, etc.It is a good choice.

銆€銆€Nuts are the essence of plants. They are generally nutritious and contain high levels of protein, oil, minerals and vitamins. They have excellent effects on human growth and development, physical fitness and disease prevention.

銆€銆€The fruit of longevity: The formaldehyde of pine nuts is oleic acid and linolenic acid, which has antihypertensive effect, prevents arteriosclerosis, and prevents cardiovascular disease caused by increased hypertension.

銆€銆€Kidney Fruit: Chestnut is suitable for soft supplemental fibers.

Strengthen the spleen and stomach, strengthen the kidney and strengthen the heart.

The glycemic index is lower than that of rice. Can diabetics taste it properly and eat only 6 per day?
7 capsules.

Chinese medicine believes that chestnuts cure kidney deficiency, and the waist and legs are weak.

銆€銆€Anti-cancer nuts: Almond toxins are used by enzymes to produce a natural anti-cancer substance that selectively destroys macromolecules.

Fijians in the South Pacific love to eat apricots and apricots, and they are known as 鈥渇ree cancer and longevity countries鈥?

Bitter almonds cure cough and asthma, and have a small poison.

Sweet almonds are effective in nourishing, non-toxic, moistening the lungs and lowering the intestines, lowering cholesterol, suitable for the elderly and the infirm.

銆€銆€Friends of the Heart: Pistachios mainly contain monounsaturated fatty acids. These types are slightly stable, so pistachios are not as rancid as other nuts, which can lower plasma levels and reduce the chance of heart disease.

Scientists calculate that eating 10 pistachios at a time is equivalent to eating one.

5 grams of monounsaturated hydrazine.

銆€銆€Nutrition experts suggest that sunflower seeds are also outstanding among the seeds.

Sunflower seeds contain beta-carotene, which prevents cell necrosis in the lower layers of the human skin and makes the hair soft and beautiful.

Recent medical experts believe that sunflower seeds contain vitamin B8, which can cure depression and neurasthenia.

Eating nuts should also pay attention to eating 30 grams per day. If you eat more nuts, you should change the amount of oil and food for three meals a day.

銆€銆€The third food tea epidemic index: 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄 The incidence of gastric cancer, esophageal cancer and liver cancer is high in tea drinking. Japanese studies have also found that drinking 10 cups of tea a day can reduce the risk of risk.

銆€銆€Experts say that the digestive enzymes in our body are mostly acidic enzymes. They are easier to function in an acidic environment. The pH of phenolic substances is acidic. After entering the human body, it can promote the production of digestive enzymes. For our gastrointestinal digestion function.It is very beneficial.

The polyphenols contained in the tea can promote the secretion of the human digestive juice and promote the digestive juice to function better.

銆€銆€It is understood that due to environmental, alternative and possible contamination during the production process, it will lead to unhealthy tea.

Therefore, the 100-year-old Wu Yutai recently invited 10 consumers to serve as green ambassadors. One of them is a German water conservancy expert. They are all selected during the return visit of consumers. The main responsibility is to regularly check the test report and supervise the quality of tea.To ensure that the quality of tea products is in full compliance with the national green organic food safety standards.

This is one of the 鈥淕reen 100 Actions鈥?series. During the Spring Festival, Wu Yutai will supply green tea to the Beijing market, with nearly 20,000 kilograms of tea.

銆€銆€Nutrition experts suggest: Here are a few simple digestion-assisted teas.


The actual difference between tea and rice cooking is water or tea.
The tea for cooking should not be too strong.
Generally, a family of three, soak for about 10 minutes with about 3 grams of tea leaves.

As with the normal cooking process, pour the tea into the rice pot and cook for 20 minutes on low heat.


Milk tea first boil the milk and add sugar, and stir two teaspoons of tea with a spoonful of milk.

It can spleen appetizers and help treat indigestion.


6 grams of tea porridge tea, rice l00 grams, first brew tea with boiling water for 6 minutes, filter out the tea juice and Taotao rice, boiled into a thin porridge, eat once a day.

銆€銆€The fourth food oats popularity index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?daily consumption of oatmeal can reduce cholesterol, it contains too much fiber rich people will soon have a feeling of fullness, which can reduce the intake of other greasy food,Achieve the purpose of controlling weight.

銆€銆€Eat 35 grams of oatmeal a day to provide a day of nutrition and long-lasting vitality.

銆€銆€Nutrition experts suggest: Do not think that oatmeal can only eat, it can still be a beauty!

Here are a few examples: half a cup of oatmeal, 1/4 cup of milk, 2 tablespoons of honey, half a spoonful of pearl powder, and mixed into a dry paste, then put these ingredients into a small cotton bag and putSoaking into the bathtub, the essence of oatmeal and various nutrients is reduced to water, which can effectively remove the dirt in the deep skin and lock the skin moisture. The above materials can also be applied to the surface to reduce the mask, reduce whitening, moisturizeThe role of regular oatmeal food, increase the intake of fiber replacement, can use the smooth bowel laxative to eliminate the effect of toxin beauty.

銆€銆€The fifth food garlic epidemic index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?garlic tastes somewhat “rude”, but the benefits of eating garlic have been repeatedly discovered by scientists.

In addition to being rich in antioxidants, garlic has recently been found to be a master of intestinal cancer prevention.

銆€銆€Japanese scientists have found that people who eat garlic every day, or eat a garlic supplement, suffer from bowel cancer.

For those who are in the early stages of bowel cancer, eating garlic can help them improve and recover as quickly as possible.

Clinical figures show that people who like to eat garlic have a 53% higher cure rate than those who never eat garlic.

銆€銆€Nutrition experts suggest: Nowadays, garlic is almost an auxiliary for the treatment of intestinal cancer. Experts suggest that white-collar workers who are sedentary should eat more garlic.

銆€銆€The sixth food red wine popularity index: 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄 Red wine is made from grapes. The alcohol and tannin contained in it have the effect of inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Vitamin C, E, carotene and OuLido elements, which have antioxidant functions, can effectively prevent aging of human body functions, cataracts, immune disorders, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancer, especially phenolic substances released from grape skin and seeds in wine.For example, tannins, red pigments, and flavanols are antioxidants that are stronger than vitamin E. They not only reduce the incidence of diabetes, but also have a certain molecular weight for patients with hypertension, stroke, myocardial infarction, cancer, and arthritis.

銆€銆€Nutrition experts suggest that drinking red wine in moderation is very helpful for health, but excessive drinking is absolutely harmful to the body. Generally, 1-3 cups per day (120 ml per cup) is accompanied by the best meal, no alcohol.People should work according to the actual situation, do not drink blindly for health care.