Gentle cleansing cream cleans low irritation_1

Gentle cleansing cream cleans low irritation

Cleansing cream may sound strange to you, but it is actually a long-standing product in Japanese and Korean skin care systems.

It uses skin-friendly oily ingredients, in addition to retaining cleansing ingredients, it does not highlight how big bubbles (usually super delicate small bubbles) and wash the face dry and dry, and those oily moisturizing ingredients casually add a lotWater enters the skin, only moisturizes but does not clog pores. After use, it feels comfortable in addition to being clean.

  The mild moisturizing cleansing cream containing more technological ingredients is based on the ordinary cleansing cream, adding more moisturizing ingredients, and from this step has begun to exert skin care effects.

  Because of the mellow texture of the cleansing cream, it can also work through the effect of massage cream, so when used with massage, it will help lymphatic detoxification, tighten the skin, and present a natural, warm and healthy glow.

  Use of cleansing cream: 1.

Use your fingertips to squeeze from the back of your ear to the clavicle, repeat three times, staying five times each time.


Put your hands on the center of your forehead, press the palm of your finger five times, extend it by one centimeter, and massage it five times until your fingers reach the temple.


Massage under the eyes and around the lips in the same way to give extra care to these areas that are prone to aging.


Insert your fingers under the sacrum, insert five times, move one centimeter beyond it, continue to step five times, and repeat until your jaw stops.


Hold the chin with both hands, press it five times, and press the ear along the jaw to stop.