Don’t show off your personality in the workplace

Don’t show off your personality in the workplace

Zhong Haoran, born in the early 1980s, is a typical new human. After graduating from college, he went to a technology company to do marketing work smoothly.

Originally a promising job, Zhong Haoran had some problems with the details, and his relationship with his colleagues was very tense, which made him extremely low.

  For example, as soon as he goes to work, he makes his unit’s old colleague “light up.”

The shoulder-length hair was dyed enough, and he had illegally cut a few holes in jeans, a computer bag slung over his shoulder, and walked loosely.

Colleagues looked at each other, wondering which avant-garde artist had gone the wrong way and stumbled into a technology company.

  These are still minor problems. The oldest colleague can’t stand the energy of running trains with his mouth full.

After a long time, colleagues saw him hesitant to avoid it, Zhong Haoran was not stupid, he also trimmed, but was puzzled.

  When he was at work, he still had PHS in his left pocket and his cell phone in his right pocket. He talked about the phone endlessly, with clouds covering the mountains and flying stars.

The most talented person can not see is his arrogant arrogance. When he encounters a problem at work, he never asks his old colleagues for advice. He always thinks that the way he deals with problems is the most correct.

  One day, Zhong Haoran was on the phone, talking about happiness, and he could n’t help but laughed. He was caught by the boss who came down to check the work. Seeing his appearance, the boss almost fainted on the spot, so he ordered him to packGood personality, and give him a multiple choice question. If you retain his personality, please find another job. If you want to continue to serve the company, please cut off what he thinks is “cool”!

  Zhong Haoran didn’t understand what personality conflicts with the workplace, but he weighed it again and again. When personality and workplace rules meet in a narrow way, he still bears love and says goodbye to personality.

  In fact, Zhong Haoran was wrong in treating the workplace as a place for performing personality.

Because the bad image of employees will directly damage the company’s image, causing the boss to discount your impression, causing the boss to doubt your ability to work, causing customers to question your credibility, and causing colleagues to misunderstand your personality.

Newcomers in the workplace, converge their personality, lower their attitude to life, may receive unexpected surprises and effects.