Chinese medicine medicinal wine for treating gout


Chinese medicine medicinal wine for treating gout

Disease Overview Gout is caused by excessive production of uric acid or poor uric acid excretion in the body, causing the accumulation of uric acid, causing excessive accumulation of uric acid in the secretions, soft tissues, kidneys and joints, resulting in painful pain. The cause of gout is caused by the body.The urinary urinary metabolism is disordered.

Usually the clinical manifestations are acute arthritis, combined with gout stones, increased blood uric acid concentration, joint deformity and complications of hypertension.

According to the survey data, the average age of gout patients is 44 years old. Because there is no aura before the onset of acute gouty arthritis, it occurs several times a year. If patients do not effectively prevent it, it will cause chronic arthritis and may cause permanentDestructive joint deformity.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine medicinal liquor treatment gout Pan uncle is 55 years old, recently suffering from acute gout arthritis, suffering from local swelling of the joints and knee joints, and complications of pain, so that he really could not stand, quickly went to the hospital to seek a prescription from the doctor: Angelica, white peony, licorice 60 grams each, 30 grams of white flower snake, 20 grams of peony, asarum, 2000 ml of white wine, the medicinal materials are ground into fine, then wrapped in cloth and soaked in white wine for 10 days, daily service 30ML, 25 days for a course of treatment.

After a course of treatment, it will produce good results.