Five ways to make Lisu smile Baimeisheng artificial dimples

Five ways to make Lisu smile Baimeisheng artificial dimples

Ivory smiles and smiles. The dimple has a great impact on the overall appearance of the face. It can increase a person’s charm, become more charming, and give a sweet and lovely feeling.

According to relevant statistics, only 15% of women are born with dimples, but with the continuous development of plastic and cosmetic technology, beauty lovers can create dimples through dimple shaping.

Do you know there are 5 ways of artificial dimples?

How is it made?

Let ‘s take a look!

  Principle of Dimple Surgery The determination of the dimple position is very important. Generally, a parallel line is drawn from the corners of the mouth, and then a vertical line is drawn downward from the outer corner of the eye, and the point where the two lines intersect or goes up to 0.

5 cm is the ideal dimple position.

  Five methods of dimple angioplasty: ● suture method The dimple method of dimple angioplasty, also known as suture method, directly on the retinal surface dimple position, using silk suture to connect muscles with the dermis to form a dimple.

The suture method is simple and easy, and does not overlap with the operation, but the effect is not certain, and the dimples after the formation are easy to disappear.

  ● Introduction method The introduction method is simpler and faster. A pair of dimples can usually be completed in a few minutes, but the long-term effect is not certain.

  ● Incision method The incision method is to make a vertical 2cm length on the vaginal mucosa in the mouth to separate the mucous membranes and muscles, cut out a small amount of muscles and light tissues, and wrap a portion of the muscles and dermis with a needle in the interior so thatA shallow depression is formed on the skin, and a mucous membrane is added.

This kind of surgical operation is complicated, but the effect is certain, it is the most commonly used method.

  ● Ligature method The subcutaneous ligature method is to draw 3 at fixed points on the face.
5mm short line, 3mm arc small cross-section is made at the intraoral mucosa corresponding to the fixed point, some long axis is parallel to the nasolabial sulcus.

Use absorbable threads to pierce the mucosa with a small amount of muscle bundles slightly above the fixed point, and then insert the needle from the original pinhole to replace the two needles as usual to form a dimple.

  Note: The subcutaneous ligation method is not suitable for patients with minor complications of the diabetic department. Such beauticians need to use the incision of the mouth.

  Intraoral incision is performed on the intramucosal mucosa at a position corresponding to the fixed point of the mouth.
10mm horizontal alignment, remove the appropriate amount of muscle fibers, and finally, the incision of the mucosa in the mouth is aligned with the subcutaneous dermal layer at a fixed point to reduce the appearance of the artificial dimple.

  Although the operation of artificial dimples is simple, it should not be sloppy. If the attendant doctor’s mistake is likely to cause the artificial dimples to fail, and it will affect the entire face, it is necessary to choose a distance hospital for surgery.