Don’t let hair come to the scenery in summer _1

Don’t let hair come to the scene in summer

Beautiful MMs want to seize this golden age in summer to show their beautiful figure.

However, if you want your skin-exposure plan to be unobstructed and extremely elegant, you must not let those black hairs look bad!

  Look at the hairy muscles you belong to?

  ★ Chimpanzee: The body hair is black and long. Most of the hairs are strong and persevering. They belong to the spring wind blowing endlessly and the wild fire blowing again.

  ★ Kittens: There are not many body hairs, and they are scarce. Most of the hairs are light-colored, and hair removal is relatively easy.

  ★ Little white rabbit: The skin is the most sensitive. A little improper hair removal will cause the skin to become red and swollen.

  The Chimpanzee Chimpanzee for different skin hair removal care is mainly aimed at the early cleansing. It is very important. If it is not cleaned properly, it may easily cause pores to be enlarged.

Choose mild moisturizing products when cleaning, do not use soap, it will only keep your skin dry!

  After the kitten has reached the expected convergence, the pore convergence after hair removal is an important point to pay attention to, because the scarce body hair should be carefully taken care of after hair removal, otherwise it may become a gorilla muscle!

  Little white rabbit-anti-sensitivity, you must be careful about your skin becoming red and swollen after hair removal, so the key point of hair removal is to choose low-sensitivity hair removal products, try to avoid tweezers or beeswax hair removal, because this will be a great degreeIrritates the skin.

  Hair removal method comprehensive 1.

Entry-level hair removal method ★ Razor method Razor hair removal is one of the most widely used hair removal methods. It is used for large areas of hair on the legs, arms, and arm sockets, but it must also pay attention to certain skills.

Key point softening: Before shaving, take a bath or use a shaving gel to soften the hair and cut it easily before shaving.

If you do n’t have a shaving gel, do n’t use soap instead, as some skin is too dry, oil additives such as conditioner may be a good choice.

  ★ Tweezer method Tweezers can be a bit painful when plucking hair, which is suitable for people who have less hair and are not afraid of pain.

Hair on the arms, legs, and underarms is suitable for hair removal with clips.

The hair cycle removed by tweezers has a prolonged growth cycle, and it often takes another half a month before it “emerges again” and does not need to be done often.

  Key points to improve disinfection and convergence steps: Pay attention to skin disinfection and convergence steps after epilation.

Use some antibiotics to prevent infection.

If the pores are not clean enough, the skin’s resistance will decrease, and swelling and infection will occur.


Advanced Hair Removal Method ★ Hair Removal Cream / Epilation Foam Hair Removal Cream / Foam uses chemical ingredients, which can easily break the hair after use, have certain irritation to the skin, and should not be used on the skin.

  The key point is that the skin test hair removal cream is a special-purpose cosmetic, and the sensitivity after use is obviously low, but before using a brand of hair removal cream for the first time, it is recommended to do a small area skin test 24 hours in advance.

Use cold water when rinsing. Do not use skin care lotion, especially sunscreen, for at least 2-4 hours to avoid irritating the skin.

  Youpin will buy Shiseido Anti-Sensitive Hair Removal Cream, which is made of natural plant ingredients. It is mild in nature and has a significant effect on hair removal. It has the unique effect of protecting the surface cells of the skin, making the skin soft and smooth, and maintaining long-term beauty.

  The Italian STREP permanent hair removal set is the best hair removal and hair removal product on the market. It is anti-sensitive and does not require a repair liquid. It is easy to use and has no pain.

Specially contains vitamin E and hair growth inhibitor, which can reduce the hair one by one and let the skin cells be moisturized.

  ★ Wax hair removal is a painful hair removal method.

Suitable areas are the upper lip, cheeks, eyebrows, soft hair on the abdomen and limbs.

  The key point is to apply hair powder and reverse hair tear. First, apply talcum powder on the place where hair removal is needed to reduce pain. Second, it is different from the growth direction of arm hair.

Make it smooth and tear.

It must be 180 degrees when tearing, the sooner the better.

Wash with cold water and apply a moisturizing and calming weak acidic lotion to condense pores.

  Youpinbuy MYSTYLE Rose Perfume Whitening Hair Removal Wax Paper Contains Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil, Patented Hair Removal Formula, Instantly Removes Hair From The Skin, Armpits, Legs, Body And Other Parts, Makes Regenerating Hair Thinner And Lighter, Rose Essence Makes SkinSmooth and bright, more delicate and smooth, safe and abnormal, delaying hair regeneration time.

Repeated use can permanently reduce hair.


High-level hair removal medical equipment Hair removal medical equipment has laser, current, and photon hair removal methods.

These methods are relatively expensive and less painful hair removal methods, but they will cause certain damage to the skin!   The key point is that you can’t expose your skin to the sun before hair removal, because medical skin removal after the sun exposure will likely burn the skin, make the skin red and blister.

Avoid sun exposure after treatment, because the skin is more fragile after treatment, and pigments tend to develop after sun exposure. Although it will eventually fade, it will take some time. Avoid direct sunlight in the hair removal area.