Four props for a comfortable sleeping environment


Four props for a comfortable sleeping environment

Four props to create a comfortable sleeping environment In the current pressure of the big mountain society, who has a late night lie down but flipped and turned to the opposite side, always can’t sleep?

Even if I fell asleep, I didn’t sleep too much, which caused me to wake up. In the morning, I had to look at the miserable face and had to apply cosmetics to cover my ugliness. This kind of sleep is just too bad for women.

Both physical and beauty will be greatly damaged.

In fact, the quality of sleep can be easily improved through bedding. Come and see the 4 intimate coups to save sleep quality!


Wear your favorite pajamas No matter what type of pajamas you like, wear your own pajamas that feel beautiful and comfortable to sleep.

Putting on your favorite and comfortable pajamas can stimulate the secretion of a hormone in the brain, which improves the quality of sleep.

In fact, everyone should have the same feeling. If you wear a pajamas whose style is not suitable for your own taste, you will feel a sense of resistance, so you can’t get good sleep.


Picking your own pillows and pillows is an important tool that you have always been around when you are asleep, so be sure to pick a pillow that will help you sleep well.

Because people have different shapes of head and neck, pillows should be chosen to suit their needs.

Unlike fashion items and cosmetics, pillows are something that is not suitable for others, so be sure to judge them yourself.

Experts suggest that the height of the pillows that are good for health is 2-6 cm. If it is too high, it will cause snoring and neck neck tilting, which will cause harm to sleep and health.

If you choose a pillow, it is best to go to the store and try it yourself, and ask the staff for advice. It is better to consider it after considering it.

Pillows are often accompanied by items around you, and you should pay more attention to your purchase.


Most people who are able to entrust the whole body are bed or floor tiles. No matter how you sleep, the mattress is an essential item. It allows you to relax on your body and enter a good sleep state.

The mattress should not be too hard or too soft, because it would be too hard to be overturned, too soft and unbearable to enjoy and sleepy.

Therefore, sleep experts generally do not recommend too hard mats or too soft “water bed”, the best is moderate softness, roughly equivalent to the hardness of a quilt on the floor.

As with pajamas, it is difficult to sleep well if the mat is so uncomfortable, so choose a mat that looks comfortable and feels good.


If the degree of proper lighting is not good, then check if the lighting is not qualified.

The best place to fall asleep is the light of 30 lux.

In fact, according to this, this is the brightness caused by the fetal form in the mother’s stomach before birth, so it has a sleeping effect.

The reason is the color problem, and it is better to help the orange incandescent lamp.

Orange is the most often shrinking coffee shop and restaurant, because it has a calming effect.

And incandescent lamps work better than fluorescent lamps.

Today, I began to pay more attention to improving my sleepwear, pillows, mattresses and other sleeping appliances.

Create a sleeping environment that suits your sleep.

I believe that a sleeping beauty who is radiant every day will soon be born.