5 wrong marriage ideas affect women’s happiness in life

5 wrong marriage ideas affect women’s happiness in life

5 wrong marriage ideas affect a woman’s happiness in life, and love leads to marriage.

Often, the more people love, the more confused, it is not that the emotion itself is wrong, but that the woman’s wrong feelings make love not last, or that the marriage and the distance with him are getting farther and farther . Today, we need to clear these emotionWrong dead ends must not allow wrong ideas to affect the happiness of sisters for life.

1. The birth of children will destroy marriage Many years ago, it was proposed that transitioning from a “two-person world” to a “three-person (or more) world” is the biggest challenge for couples.

Some scholars use a U-shaped curve to describe marriage satisfaction, thinking that the U-shaped bottom is the stage after the first child is born.

However, these studies only compare couples at different stages.

If you follow the continuous changes of the same couple, you will find that many new dads and new moms feel that their intimacy has improved.

It turned out that after the child was born, the wife felt that both parties could share the housework more equally.

Sometimes, who does the dishes at home is directly related to marriage satisfaction.

2. It is best to live together before marriage. It is found that cohabitation before marriage is more likely to divorce.

Cohabiting men and women who decide to get married may be “inertia” and not a strong attraction to each other.

After cohabitation, it is easy for the two to enter the marriage, but it is also easy to get out of the marriage.

According to a 2009 study, men and women are more likely to be unhappy when living together.

Of course, this is not to say that each pair of men and women living together has not achieved good results, but that there is a possibility that men and women who “commit first and live together later” will be happy.

3, the two sides are very different, the same happiness attracts each other, or different people attract each other?

In the beginning, people may be attracted to people who are completely different from themselves, but a lot of research on intimacy has found that identity is the “adhesive” for maintaining the relationship.

In the long run, people with similar outlooks on life are more likely to recognize deep love and help them overcome the challenges of living in their lives.

After their passions burned out, the rest of the like-mindedness was the comfort of cuddling each other.

4, sad don’t let the other party know that many people mistakenly believe that when there is a problem in the relationship, it is best to hide their discomfort.

However, facing the problem is the correct solution.

Both husbands and wives avoid depression and feel repressed and unhappy, which will inevitably affect daily behaviors and reduce the quality of intimacy.

Once they can’t help the outbreak, they will inevitably use unhealthy methods of communication, such as quarrels and abuse.

At that time, the resentment caused by the quarrel further intensified the contradictions and formed a vicious circle.

After conflicts occur, it is best to communicate with each other before the outbreak so that the voices of both parties can be heard and understood by the other party.

5. It is good if the children do not grow up. The relationship between brothers and sisters is generally a long-lasting relationship in life, but it is not always harmonious. There are also many people who have discord from childhood and the struggle continues into adulthood.

The situation is even worse if the parents are biased toward or impressed by their children.

Studies have found that parents’ eccentricity can cause resentment among the deserted children for decades.

Old people in their 60s will still be suffocated like children, and even this looks silly.