8 small actions before getting up to help you stay fit

8 small actions before getting up to help you stay fit

Before getting up every morning, stick to a few simple and easy movements to reduce the high temperature throughout the day, which is conducive to physical fitness and health.

  Rub your face After getting up in the morning, rub the “Yingxiang Acupoint” next to both nostrils with your middle fingers at the same time several times.

Then rub it up and up to the forehead, and then separate in both directions, and rub it down to the condylar tip for two seconds.

Repeatedly rubbing the face 20 times in this way can promote facial blood circulation, enhance the ability of the facial skin to resist cold, refresh the brain, and prevent colds.

Over time, it can reduce skin wrinkles and improve appearance.

  Rotate your eyes and turn your eyes, it should be done in a hurry, right and left, then up and down, 10 times each, can improve the displacement of the optic nerve and enhance vision.

  Gently close the lips with the teeth, and hit the upper and lower teeth with each other 36 times.

It can promote blood circulation in the mouth, teeth, teeth, gums and gums, enhance saliva secretion, thereby removing dirt, improve the anti-caries ability and chewing function of teeth.

  Lie flat with your abdomen, straighten your legs, and breathe deeply.

When inhaling, the abdomen is lifted up strongly, and it is released when exhaling.

Repeating the abdomen for more than ten times can enhance the elasticity and strength of the abdominal muscles, prevent the abdominal muscles from slackening, slightly accumulate, and can be digested and digested.

  Lifting the anus and tightening the anus more than ten times will enhance the strength of the anal sphincter, improve the perianal blood circulation, prevent anal prolapse, hemorrhoids, and constipation.

  Sitting on the bed with her hair combed, her ten fingers replaced the comb.

Comb from the forehead to the pillow, from the dual coaxial comb to the top of the head, and repeat several times.

Can improve the nutritional supply of hair roots.

Reduce hair loss, white hair, promote hair bright, and can refresh the brain and reduce blood pressure.

  Lay the brain on the bed, press the palms of both hands tightly on the ears, and gently bounce the back of the head with the index finger, middle finger and ring finger, repeated 3-4 times, can relieve fatigue, prevent dizziness, strong hearing, and treat tinnitus.

  The cat was lying on the bed, spreading its hands, straightening its legs together, raising its hips, arching its waist like a cat arching its spine, and lowering its tibia.

Repeated dozens of times in this way can exercise the muscles and joints of the lower back, limbs, promote the smooth flow of qi and blood throughout the body, and implant back pain.