8 smart games in the kitchen

8 smart games in the kitchen

The game can be played anywhere. The following “parent-child puzzle games” to train children’s intelligence in the kitchen, so that your baby can happily participate in kitchen games from the age of two months, so that your baby’s brain can easily exercise.

  Tap the empty glass with a spoon to distinguish the sound, and it will make a crisp and pleasant tinkling sound, which will easily attract the baby’s attention.

  After a few taps, the mother told the baby, “This is the sound of the spoon tapping on the glass.

“The two pot lids collide with each other, and they will make a sound like 钹, after telling the baby,” This is the sound of touching the pot lid. ”

“Parents are free to use other kitchen utensils to make sounds, as long as the baby feels fun, he will listen attentively.

The child’s hearing was also trained.

  Color discrimination Any food with simple colors can be used as “teaching aids”.

The mother took the root carrot and placed it about thirty centimeters in front of the baby’s eyes, and let him stare for six seconds, telling him, “This is an orange carrot.

“Change the onion, let him watch for six seconds, and then tell him:” This is the green onion.

“Through training, your baby’s visual intelligence can be clearly stimulated.

  Touch training is tactile intelligence, the kitchen has unique “advantages”.

Wooden, metal, porcelain, cloth, sponge . Any kitchenware with a diameter larger than the baby’s mouth can be used as a toy, allowing the child to fully touch it. As long as these “toys” are cleaned in advance, even if he uses themIt’s okay to “taste” your mouth.

After he touched these “toys”, the mother could use the toys to make the baby happy, and also made him feel: “This is the mother who is rubbing your feet with a sponge”, “the belly is being rubbed with a bowl cloth”.

  Grab the ball and take a rubber band, about fifteen centimeters. One end is attached to the edge of the kitchen table, and the other end is tightly adhered to a light object, such as a ball or a small bell.

Help him hold the small bell at the end of the rubber band. When he let go, the small bell will dance and swing under the rubber band. This will attract the baby to reach out and grab or pat the small toy at the end of the rubber band to practice hisSmart by hand.

  Dialogue “Do you think these chopsticks are long?

“After you ask, wait for your baby to answer with a voice. Regardless of whether the baby’s voice is correct, encourage him enthusiastically and make him feel happy to” talk “to you.

It won’t be long before his best self becomes more accurate.

“Would you like mom to show you peanuts with chopsticks?

“” Is it convenient to eat with chopsticks?

“Try to ask him some right and wrong questions, as long as he can respond with one or two voices, even if he has already answered.

  Exercise in the kitchen, the mother has to do something. At this time, you can put a crawling mat on one corner of the kitchen and put something in front of the baby. If he wants to catch it, he will move hands and feet and the idea will move forward.

This method can exercise your baby’s motor intelligence without knowing it.

  Smell the parsley is done, put some vegetables on a small plate to let the baby smell, and then ask him: “Is it fragrant?

“After eating and washing dishes, you can also let the baby smell the soap and tell him:” Soap is really fragrant.

“Through such training, you can stimulate your baby’s olfactory development.

  To taste, you can use a small straw to dip some sugar, soy sauce, and lemon juice to make your baby feel sweet, salty, and sour.

Through such training, the baby can quickly learn how to distinguish the basic taste of these things, and his taste will be fully stimulated.

  Taking advantage of the opportunity to cook, the above eight intelligent improvement activities are not only easy to implement, but also fun and fun, and the time required is not much, and it does not delay the mother’s housework., Can be described as doing more.

A set of yoga weight loss exercises to help you burn your aunt_2

A set of yoga weight loss exercises to help you burn your aunt

Weight-loss exercises for men: Whole body weight-loss exercises: Action 1: Hip, shoulder exercise, put your feet under the cross-joint on a chair, support your arms with your arms, the distance between your hands is slightly wider than your shoulders.

Then bend your arms at an angle of 45 degrees to the back and then support them.

Repeatedly 20?
30 times, do 3?
5 groups.

  Action two: Arm exercise, hold the chair with both hands, step on the ground with both feet flat, and bend slightly, keeping your upper body upright.

Then slowly descend, stop when the elbow joint angle is less than or equal to 45 degrees, and then slowly support it.

Repeat 25?
35 times, do 3?
5 groups.

  Action 3: Abdominal exercise. Sit more in front of the chair, hold the chair backwards with both hands, stabilize the body, tighten the abdominal muscles, slowly leave your feet on the ground, slightly bend your legs, and try to make your body a “v” shape.

Repeat this 30 times and do 3?
5 groups.

  Action four: Thigh, buttocks exercise with one foot on the chair, the other leg supporting the ground, aiming at the slight curvature, keeping the body upright, abdomen and chest.

Then the body slowly descends, it is advisable to support the fracture of the leg not exceeding the toes.

Do 15 on one leg?
Thirty times, exchanging legs.

Do 3?
5 groups.

  Women’s abdominal weight-loss exercises: Coach Guo said that the most likely part of women to gain weight is the abdomen, so the focus should be on exercising abdominal muscles after the holiday.

  Action 1: Put your feet together, stretch your body parallel to your legs, look at the tip of your fingers, tighten your jaw, and lift your upper body 10 to 15 times without sliding.

  Action two: Open your arms, keep your upper body stable, stick your back on the floor, and then raise your calf and thigh at 90 degrees, alternating your legs.

Lead the use of transverse abdominal muscles to lift the leg.

Do 10?
15 times.

  Action three: Put your hands on your ears, open the elbow joint, and slowly raise your body up to a 45-degree angle. Pay attention to the ribs sinking, exhale, and tighten the abdomen.

  Do 10?
15 times.

  Action four: bend your knees, insert your arms into your head and straighten, raise your upper body, tighten your lower abdomen, and swing your arms up and down regularly.

Inhalation swing arm 3?
5 times, exhale and swing the arm 3?
5 times.

Do 10?
15 times.

  Action five: Lift your upper body, support your knees with both hands, alternate your legs, and your calves parallel to the ground.

Do 10?
15 times.

  Note: After doing the action, lie down for a while, relax the abdomen, do not be too intense during exercise, think about the abdominal muscles in the brain.
  Recommended for different groups of exercise programs, children, adolescents exercise program 1.
Mountain climbing, swimming and various ball sports.


Every time I go home, I can go without the elevator.

  3.Cycling, but also a short excursion with a good friend.

  Tips: Pay attention to safety during exercise, don’t go to dangerous places when climbing, have perseverance, don’t give up lightly.

  2. Sports programs for young and middle-aged men and women can participate in mountain climbing, running, swimming, ice skating, skiing, badminton, table tennis, tennis, squash, golf and other sports. You can also go to the gym to do Latin exercises and ride a bicycle.A variety of equipment exercises, under the guidance of the coach to purposefully reduce the burden.

  You can also choose some interesting sports, some kind of long-lost radio gymnastics, kick the shuttlecock 30 minutes after a meal, or walk 40 minutes after lunch.

There are also some regular methods, such as climbing stairs, dancing, cycling, skating, etc.

  Third, the elderly exercise program 1.

Don’t exercise too much.


In the park or the community, you can use the guardrail and grab the guardrail with both hands. The action is still mainly to ease.

Use the wind in your home to hold the wall upright with your hands and slowly stomp your body.

  4.Walking, brisk walking, jogging, Taijiquan, ballroom dancing, senior yangko, etc.

  Tip: The elderly should do some simple preparations before exercise, and do not exercise with illness.

  General rule: The amount of exercise should be guaranteed every day, usually 1 to 2 hours is better.

Exercise is best chosen after 30 minutes after a meal to avoid long-term discomfort.

Busy Yoga Meditation

Busy Yoga Meditation

Let your breath relax As long as you have time, take a few minutes to relax your breathing system, there is no other part-there is no need to relax the entire body.

Sitting on a train or plane, or in a car, no one will notice that you are doing something.

Just relax your breath and let it be in its natural working state.

Close your eyes at the same time to observe the inhalation, exhalation, and inhalation during breathing.

  Don’t concentrate!

If you concentrate, it will cause trouble, because everything comes down-the event becomes a downfall.

If you try to sit in the car intently, the dry sound of the car becomes your leak, and the person sitting next to you also becomes your intrusion.

  Meditation is not about concentration. You just need to relax and watch your breath and stay aware.

Nothing has to be ruled out in this observation.

Car horn sound-no problem at all, accept it.

  Traffic comes and goes often-is part of life, there is no problem; the snort of others passing by you, accept it.

Nothing needs to be opposed.

Easy exercise home is the gym

Easy exercise home is the gym

Core tip: No time to go to the gym?

Buy a fitness equipment and put it at home!

A few items are recommended below.

Home fitness equipment.

Make exercise anytime, anywhere!

Stop making time your excuse for fitness.

  No time to go to the gym?

Buy a fitness equipment and put it at home!

A few items are recommended below.
Home fitness equipment.

Make exercise anytime, anywhere!

Stop making time your excuse for fitness.

  A barbell trains the muscle king. In this “mixed exercise”, all you need is a barbell and a small space in the gym or home.

Exercise 3 times a week, with a day break in between.

Do 6 to 8 reps per set, with a 60- to 90-second pause each time.

This exercise only takes 15 minutes at a time, which can fully exercise your body muscles.


Squat A, squat down, grab the barbell with the palms of both hands inward, the distance between the two hands is similar to the width of the shoulders, and stay in front of a bone.

  B, shrug your shoulders, and at the same time, lift the barbell vertically with your hands up to your toes.

When the barbell is lifted to a high height, the bending is reduced a little, and the elbow also has a forward movement, so that the fingers can grip the barbell more comfortably.

  C. Keep your elbows high and squat slowly until your thighs are parallel to the ground, then lower the barbell.


Bend Bend A, grasp the length of the barbell with both hands and bend slightly.

Try to lean forward from your waist until it is parallel to the ground.

  B. Keep the bow of your body, spread your elbows outward, and pull the barbell to the top.

  C. Keep the barbell in position, connect your heels to the ground, straighten your body, and then lower the barbell.

In the process, keep the barbell and elbows from falling.

  Rally: The “sculptor” of the muscles. Using the rally to train properly can develop your physique to a higher level.

The following exercises are my favorite, and these will also surprise you.

  First, chest puller chest clamp: You may become the world’s best master of bench press and have the largest pectoral muscles, but the bench press will not make the muscles stand out unless you step on the pectoral muscles and are deeply separated and filled by the middle groove.Steel stripes.

The only way to get the line and shape of skeletal muscle is to stretch the chest.

Under normal pressure, the contraction of the pectoral muscles only means straightening the front of the chest, but the tensioner clamps the chest to allow you to squeeze the pectoral muscles to the maximum, stimulating the pectoral muscles by crossing them, and the pectoral muscles continue to be tense.

With each training I squeezed the pectoral muscles for 1 to 2 seconds to get the pectoral muscles to “burn” further.

You will get the best results if you place the chest clip at the end of your pectoral training.

At this point the main part of the pectoral muscles will reach exhaustion.

Bandaged pectoral muscles are required to do all the work during the exercise. Focus on the upper and middle of the pectoral muscles, preferably in the form of an upslope.

  Second, diabetic biceps 1, free radical pull-ups: can maintain the remaining biceps tension throughout the entire range of motion.

There are two forms of exercise: one is a full-body horizontal puller curling, which requires the two upper arms to always be parallel to the ground; the other is a standing posture side puller curling, which requires the two upper arms to be close to the body side, and the puller is pulled up in front of the body, orThe tensioner wire rope is pulled between the legs and pulled up from behind.
Sometimes I use the skull puller curl as the last exercise on an extra biceps training day.

Sometimes in order to make the hypertensive biceps reach exhaustion ahead of time and fill the paralyzed biceps with blood as soon as possible, I use it as the first exercise for limb biceps training.
  2. One-arm puller curls: If you want to know how I made the fractured biceps bifurcated on the towering muscle peaks, deepened the cracks and widened the protrusions, and how to make the slender muscles so prominent, this exercise isanswer.

When I do a single-arm puller curl, I can separate and exercise any part of the biceps by turning my wrists down and down. There will be no auxiliary part in the process of expanding the slender biceps alone.The muscles reach exhaustion first.

  Third, humerus triceps 1, pull down: reset the triceps to get longer pressure, and can do difficult peak contraction at the bottom, in the last exercise to produce a burning swell feeling, on the limbsThe triceps deep to the horseshoe-shaped upper part have a good strengthening effect.

  2. Tension and extension of the neck and rear arms of the tensioner: It is mainly used to shape the line and shape of the weight triceps, using low strength, medium weight and multiple times, peak contraction at the muscle contraction position, and finally the excess triceps get burnedFeeling bloated.

  3, single-arm anti-grip puller arm flexion and extension: by turning the wrist to make the palms up and down, isolate and stimulate any part of the triceps, and make the muscles prominent, especially most of the triceps and the lateral head.

  Remember: Rally exercises are not primarily designed to increase muscle mass but to shape the lines and shape of the muscles.

It is necessary to adopt a strict exercise form, and the number of times is maintained at about 12 times / group.

Practice is in place and practice wherever you need it.

Don’t worry about adding some rally exercises to your training, it will only add glory to your training.

They are indispensable in my training, and I hope you will cheer for the correct use of the tensioner training.

  Spinning bikes: The thigh muscle exerciser is popular in the world for static and dynamic cycling, which is an exercise through different speeds and twists.

This kind of exercise can be pedaled in a sitting position on a bicycle, or pedaled in a standing position while standing up, and sometimes simulates natural cycling actions such as uphill and downhill.

Spining training can allow bodybuilders to effectively strengthen muscle endurance and cardiopulmonary function in happy exercise, and at the same time as exercising endurance, it will burn a lot of aunts to achieve weight loss.

  According to professional coach Ma Yanhui, the design of this professional exercise bike is very suitable for aerobic training, and can generally be divided into two types: intensity cycling and intensity cycling.

The former is mainly to simulate the environment of mountain biking, increase leg strength when riding, achieve the effects of exercising leg muscles, and improve leg strength and endurance.

And a few can achieve weight loss is a very correct exercise.

When performing spinning, be sure to control the breathing rhythm and brake to relieve the fatigue caused by cycling.

  Features: Chassis fixed bicycles are not the same as ordinary bicycles. Although they also have handlebars, saddles and wheels, they are fixed to a certain position on the ground. When you step on them, you are pedaling like ordinary bicycles.The movement of the car can make the wheels of this bicycle turn, but its chassis is always fixed.

  The spining training course is not disturbed by any weather. Bodybuilders can follow the coach’s seditious slogan and embarrassedly step on the bike with the accompaniment of music to achieve fitness purposes and release the pressure from all aspects of the day.Enhance the self-confidence of the bodybuilder.

  Advantages: Enhance the beauty of feet and legs. Spinning car body is designed according to ergonomics. People of different heights and weights can choose it at will. Safety feet are always fixed on the pedals, which effectively improves the safety of sports.coefficient.

Spining training can allow bodybuilders to effectively strengthen muscle endurance and cardiopulmonary function in happy exercise, and at the same time as exercising endurance, it will burn a lot of aunts to achieve weight loss.

Moreover, spinning bike can be used as a group sport. Several people ride together and encourage each other. It can fully reflect the spirit of collective unity, cooperation, mutual support and encouragement. It is very suitable for training young people’s team spirit.

  At the same time, bicycling can be targeted to promote the bodybuilding effect on the large muscle groups such as the head and thighs, and enhance the lower limb strength of the human body.

However, cycling instructor Ma Yanhui said that it is generally not possible to achieve significant weight loss by relying on spinning bikes alone. It is necessary to cooperate with some equipment to practice. At the same time, each time you finish spinning bikes, there are also some stretching sports like yoga.
  Exercise frequency: At least three lessons per week and how many consecutive sessions are needed to make the effect of the spinning bike fully?

According to the coach, due to the significant improvement of the cardiopulmonary function of the human body, the exercise of the spinning bike is very significant. It also burns a lot of aunts every hour on average. Domestic courses generally take 45 minutes per class (in foreign bidirectional spinning classes is 60minute).

And this 45-minute spinning class will burn 400 to 500 calories, which is equivalent to an hour and a half of long-distance running!

In this 45-minute course, the coach will string it with different music. Generally, it will start at a slow pace of 5 minutes to warm up, and the faster and faster rhythm will let you quickly enter the state, and finallyA few minutes of relaxation will also allow you to completely relax.

  In major fitness clubs in Beijing, spinning classes are basically daily, and there is always a group of people obsessed with the sweating effect of spinning.

On the day when the reporter went to interview, 14 people participated in the course, but when the course was about 30 minutes, less than half were left in the class, and by the 40th minute, 5 people were left in the class.Now, these 5 people are all men.

According to coach Ma, it is true that there are not many papers that can generally persist for 45 minutes, and more men are participating in spinning training. They are more likely to sweat and relax through this type of exercise, but the coach still recommends that you canStick to it, and for those books that are dedicated to weight loss, in addition to three dynamic cycling lessons every week, you must also match certain equipment and strength exercises.

  Note: Practicing a spinning bike needs step by step1.

For the first time participating in the spinning class, you can set your goal to be persistent.

Slowly increase the intensity according to your situation; 2.

Proper bicycle setup is very important, too low seat position can cause knee pain and other injuries.

Be sure to ask your coach to guide you how to set up your bike properly before you start cycling; 3.

Because the gear of the bicycle is round, the correct riding skills are: pay attention to the full circle with the pedals; 4.

Most people are accustomed to pedaling heavily when riding a bicycle.
In fact, pressing down on the foot pedal will contract the muscles of the legs, thighs, and biceps femoris muscles. The force transmitted during cycling will be reduced, and the thighs will be particularly prone to fatigue, so use even force.

  If you are a long-time sedentary office worker and you are trying out spinning bikes for the first time, you can consult the coaches more, and you ca n’t do intensive exercises as soon as you come up.
Maybe you can train according to this method: 10 minutes riding → rest → 10 minutes riding → rest → 10 minutes riding → rest.

As the exercise level increases, you can change from three groups of 10-minute rides to two groups, and then extend the ride time to 15 minutes.

Then you can extend the riding time to 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and slowly increase to 45 minutes.

After the body is able to adapt to 45 minutes of riding, you can increase the difficulty.

  When choosing equipment for training, professional fitness coaches made some suggestions: 1.

Appropriately select equipment that can strengthen thigh muscle strength, side waist and shoulder strength for exercise.

The spinning bike has relatively high requirements on these body parts and is easy to be injured, so warm-up exercises and corresponding equipment exercises for these parts are essential.


Master the right time and frequency.

It is usually practiced 2 to 3 times a week, 20 to 30 minutes each.

The organic combination of jumping aerobics and equipment training will achieve better results.


Pay attention to the intensity of training.

Do your best when you are training.

When you feel unwell, stop training immediately, adjust and rest, and consult a professional coach at the same time.


Strengthen hydration.

Spinning bicycles are expected to sweat a lot, and you must pay attention to the hydration during exercise.

Don’t show off your personality in the workplace

Don’t show off your personality in the workplace

Zhong Haoran, born in the early 1980s, is a typical new human. After graduating from college, he went to a technology company to do marketing work smoothly.

Originally a promising job, Zhong Haoran had some problems with the details, and his relationship with his colleagues was very tense, which made him extremely low.

  For example, as soon as he goes to work, he makes his unit’s old colleague “light up.”

The shoulder-length hair was dyed enough, and he had illegally cut a few holes in jeans, a computer bag slung over his shoulder, and walked loosely.

Colleagues looked at each other, wondering which avant-garde artist had gone the wrong way and stumbled into a technology company.

  These are still minor problems. The oldest colleague can’t stand the energy of running trains with his mouth full.

After a long time, colleagues saw him hesitant to avoid it, Zhong Haoran was not stupid, he also trimmed, but was puzzled.

  When he was at work, he still had PHS in his left pocket and his cell phone in his right pocket. He talked about the phone endlessly, with clouds covering the mountains and flying stars.

The most talented person can not see is his arrogant arrogance. When he encounters a problem at work, he never asks his old colleagues for advice. He always thinks that the way he deals with problems is the most correct.

  One day, Zhong Haoran was on the phone, talking about happiness, and he could n’t help but laughed. He was caught by the boss who came down to check the work. Seeing his appearance, the boss almost fainted on the spot, so he ordered him to packGood personality, and give him a multiple choice question. If you retain his personality, please find another job. If you want to continue to serve the company, please cut off what he thinks is “cool”!

  Zhong Haoran didn’t understand what personality conflicts with the workplace, but he weighed it again and again. When personality and workplace rules meet in a narrow way, he still bears love and says goodbye to personality.

  In fact, Zhong Haoran was wrong in treating the workplace as a place for performing personality.

Because the bad image of employees will directly damage the company’s image, causing the boss to discount your impression, causing the boss to doubt your ability to work, causing customers to question your credibility, and causing colleagues to misunderstand your personality.

Newcomers in the workplace, converge their personality, lower their attitude to life, may receive unexpected surprises and effects.

Different factions of Hatha Yoga


Different factions of Hatha Yoga

To give an extreme example, no matter if you are playing Tai Chi of the Chen, Yang, Sun or Wu family, they are all Tai Chi, but they are different in school.

Hatha Yoga is also a branch of yoga. It is the most popular and familiar yoga practice method today.

After five thousand years of evolution and development, coupled with traditional teaching methods of oral teaching instead of written teaching, the profoundness of yoga has led to its uncertainty in teaching.

As a result, a variety of schools that practice Hatha Yoga have emerged, and yoga branches in the world have different names for yoga poses.

In spite of this, most branches of yoga follow established basic rules, with only slight differences in teaching methods, emphasis and practice.

But the “protagonist” being taught is still yoga.

Because everyone’s preferences, age, physique and temperament are different, you should choose the faction practice that suits you best.

Now let’s briefly introduce the most popular and familiar Hada Yoga factions today to give everyone a general impression: 1.

AnandaYoga believes that physical and spiritual practice are equally important.

You must first cleanse and increase your energy and be fully prepared for meditation.

With repeated reminders and affirmations (confirmations) in the mind, each yoga posture eventually changes to expand or enhance self-awareness (self-awareness).

Another characteristic of AnandaYoga is the focused “Energization Exercises” (EnergizationExercises), which require that the body be tightened and relaxed repeatedly, and at the same time cooperate with breathing methods to bring energy there.

It must do extreme relaxation when doing excellent yoga poses to prepare for subsequent meditation.


AshtangaYogaAshtangaYoga, also known as PowerYoga, is the most physically demanding of Hatha Yoga.

It has a total of 240 yoga poses, which are connected by six sets of action units in combination with breathing to enhance the body’s “heat” and thus strengthen the body.

Because Strength, Flexibility, and Stamina are equally important, they are loved by athletes or those who love to hit sports.


IntegralYoga combines all the steps of practicing yoga-yoga postures, pacification, selfless devotion, prayer, singing, meditation, and introspection. Especially yoga uses meditation as its ultimate purpose, more than the analysis of human structure. It encourages scholars to practiceBe “Easefulinbody”, “Peacefulinmind” and “Usefulinlife”.

Each yoga session is 75 minutes long, of which 45 minutes are used for yoga posture exercises, followed by relaxation, breathing exercises, and finally the meditation part.

Difficult, but gentle and quiet, followed by those who like to learn traditional yoga comprehensively.


IyengarYogaIyengarYoga can be said to be the most familiar Hada yoga school in the West in recent years.

It is made by the internationally renowned Indian Yoga Master B.



Founded by Iyengar, the science and medicalization of yoga is used to improve various physical and psychological problems of individuals.

This dispatch instructor especially highlights the cooperation of hands, feet, pelvis, spine and other body parts when doing yoga poses. The absolutely correct position and the tightening and relaxation of muscles are very important for mastering the details, so they can lay a good foundation for yoga postures., And improve some body posture issues.

This dispatch also places special emphasis on “stand-up” exercises, with breathing skills being slightly less important.

In addition, IyengarYoga believes that the physical shape of the body must be met when practicing. Therefore, books are particularly encouraged to borrow props to improve posture accuracy. These props include felt, brick, pillow, chair, rope, etc.


KripaluYogaKripaluYoga is often described as “dynamic meditation”, which reduces the physical details of the yoga postures. More postures of yoga poses give people a feeling and psychological feeling. Therefore, the literature is required to maintain a gentle, compassionate and introspective attitude.
This dispatch believes that the body has its wisdom, and it sends messages to remind individuals how to practice yoga postures smoothly and naturally.

Each yoga posture is maintained for a long time in order to discover or release the suppressed emotions.

This introspective Hatha Yoga consists of three phases: continuous exercise (yoga pose), will and drop (mind), and obedience to the wisdom of the body.

In these three stages, yoga poses have different disadvantages depending on the situation: mild, medium, and correct.


KundaliniYogaKundaliniYoga has a long history. It is convinced that the energy of life (Kundalini) is hidden in the tail region. As long as it passes through various practices (breathing, posture, singing and meditation), this energy will be inspired and guided to the multiple “air wheels” of the spine.(Chakras); and when the “Crown” is cleared, one can realize.
The technique of this particular emphasis on several breaths: Alternate Nostril Breathing, slow, diaphragmatic Breathing, and a breathing method called BreathofFire.

SivanandaYogaSivanandaYoga combines five specific exercise methods: proper exercise, breathing, deep relaxation, vegetarian food, and positive thinking and meditation.

Each lesson has a specific process, including breathing exercises, sun worship, 12 traditional yoga poses, and relaxation exercises.

At the beginning and end of the class, there are short chants of singing and prayer.


Viniyoga yoga also emphasizes the details of yoga postures, as well as physical strength and endurance.

To learn yoga, you must follow the principle of “VinyasaKrama”, that is, “organized study” (organized curriculum of Yogastudy), combining yoga postures, meditation, meditation, textbook research, counselling, mind imagery, prayer, singing, and ritual.

It will teach yoga postures according to scholars’ individual psychological conditions, physical limitations, and cultural differences; spine health and breathing are more important than how to complete yoga postures, and exhale and inhale will consciously take different time andLength to match the exercise of the yoga pose.


BikramYoga, nicknamed “High-Temperature Yoga”, was started by yoga master Bikram Choudhury. It is a new darling of the fitness industry in recent years. The feature is that the classroom is held in a high-temperature indoor room (38 to 42 degrees Celsius), which can quickly increase body temperature and accelerate rowSweat and detox function.

Each class combines 26 yoga poses to help improve the flexibility of the body, strengthen muscles and various joints and ligaments, and finally achieve the purpose of limb relaxation.

Fifteen Runfeizhike Decoctions to Help You Cough Effectively

Fifteen Runfeizhike Decoctions to Help You Cough Effectively

It is dry and coughing is commonplace. If you want to relieve symptoms, diet is very important.

Here are a few Runfeizhike soup to help you effectively relieve cough.

  1. 荸荠 Lily Sydney Soup Ingredients: 30 grams of 荸荠 (horse hoof), 1 gram of lily, 1 Sydney, moderate amount of rock sugar.

  Method: Wash and peel the lotus root, mash it, wash the skin with Sydney, chop and remove the pits. After the lily is washed, mix the three with water and cook.

Serve warm.

  Efficacy: 荸荠 can clear heat and refresh Jin, cool blood and detoxify, and eliminate phlegm and accumulate accumulation;

The combination of the three functions plays a role in nourishing yin, moistening dryness, resolving phlegm and relieving cough.

Treat cough with phlegm fever, thick yellow sputum, and unfavorable throat.

See phlegm fever for infants with chronic bronchitis.

  2. Ginkgo stewed chicken soup material: half of hen, 50 g of ginkgo, moderate salt.

  Practice: first soak with warm water 2?
After 3 hours, remove the epidermis and germ; cut the chicken in boiling water and remove it; put the chicken in a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and add 1 ginkgo. After boiling on high heat, skim off the foam and close to smallFire, low fire and slow stew, add salt to taste the instant effect: ginkgo has the effect of astringent lung, cure wheezing and so on.

Ginkgo stewed chicken soup can moisturize the lungs and relieve cough.

  3, Lily stew duck soup material: duck, lily, coriander, ginger.

  Method: Wash the lily and scallion, cut the ducks into cubes, pick up the water, pour boiling water into the stew pot, add all the ingredients, and simmer for two hours, season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: Lily tastes slightly bitter, has the effect of nourishing the heart and lungs, and has the effect of nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves; duck meat is slightly cold, has the effects of moisturizing the lungs, relieving cough and reducing phlegm.

The lily stewed duck is mellow and delicious, clearing the lungs and nourishing the lungs, and relieving cough.

This soup is also suitable for people who work night shifts for a long time. It can improve the symptoms of dry cough, insomnia and upset after staying up late.

  4. Ingredients of Loquat Leaf Jujube Soup: Loquat Leaf, Bellflower, 15 grams of almonds, 10 candied dates, rock sugar.

  Method: Wash all the ingredients for later use; wrap the loquat leaves in a cloth bag and tie them tightly; pour three bowls of water into the pot, put all the ingredients prepared, boil over high heat, and change to a low heat and slow cook; when the water in the pot is leftIn the second half, add rock sugar, melt and stir and serve.

  Efficacy: Xingye Xingping, bitterness, phlegm and cough, and stomach lowering qi are its main effects. When mixed with candied soup, it can not only remove the bitter taste of yin leaves, but also make phlegm and cough.

   5. Shashen Heart-Lung Decoction Material: 1 pig heart-lung.

15 grams of Radix Ginseng and 15 grams of Polygonatum.

3 grams of salt, 1 gram of MSG, 25 grams of shallot.

  Method: Rinse the ginseng and jade bamboo with clean water, and then wrap it with gauze for future use.

Rinse the heart and lungs with water, squeeze out the blood, and put it into the casserole with ginseng and jade bamboo, wash the onions into the pot, add the right amount of water, first boil with the Wuhu, and simmer for 1 and half hours.

When your heart and lungs are ripe, add MSG and salt to taste.

  Efficacy: Runfei cough, nourish the stomach and promote fluid.

  6, red silk thread stewed lean broth material: red silk thread, lean meat.

  Method: Wash the lean meat and cut into thin slices. Add it to the stew pot with the red silk thread. Slowly simmer for about three hours.

  Efficacy: The red silk thread has the effect of relieving cough and moisturizing. It is stewed with lean meat to make the soup a little sweet. Without adding other medicinal materials and seasonings, it can have moisturizing effect and taste.

  7, almond Chuanbei stewed lean broth material: 10 grams of bitter almonds, 5 grams of Chuanbei, 350 grams of lean pork, 3 slices of ginger.

  Method: Wash the pork lean and cut into pieces, wash the bitter almonds and scallops, put them into a saucepan with ginger, and simmer for 1 hour in water.

  Efficacy: It has the effects of moistening lungs and relieving cough, clearing heat and reducing phlegm.

Suitable for patients with chronic bronchitis who have cough, sticky sputum, or dry cough without sputum.

  8, ginseng lily lean broth material: 100 grams of ginseng, 50 grams of lilies, half of Luo Han Guo, 750 grams of lean meat.

  Method: Wash the lean meat, cut into pieces, and then clean the ginseng, lily, and Luo Han Guo.

Put all the ingredients in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil over high heat, then change to a hot pot for about 2 hours.
  Efficacy: Taizishen’s function is to nourish the lungs and strengthen the spleen, to nourish qi and regenerate qi; lily can moisturize the lungs and relieve cough, clear the heart and soothe the nerve;
This soup has the effect of nourishing qi and regenerating Jin, moistening the lungs and relieving cough, and is suitable for qi deficiency and lung dryness, cough, shortness of breath, dry mouth, thirst, and cough and throat.

  9, Apple Peanut Soup with Pork Ribs Soup Ingredients: Apple 1?
2 pieces, 80 grams of peanuts, 400 grams of pork ribs, 3 slices of ginger.

  Method: Wash everything separately.

Apple cuts; peanuts slightly soaked; pork ribs cut into sections.

Put everything except the apples in a clay pot, add 2000 ml of water (about 8 bowls), and change to a simmering pot for about 1 hour after boiling the fire. Add the apples and cook for another half an hour, then add salt.

  Efficacy: Chinese medicine believes that apples can nourish the lungs and relieve cough, nourish zhongqi, and strengthen the spleen and intestines.

Apple with Pork Ribs in Peanut Pot with Zhongzhong Yiqi is mellow and delicious. It has the effects of nourishing lungs and cough, intestines, nourishing qi, and strengthening the spleen.

  10, Sydney olive lean broth material: 15 grams of olives, 50 grams of Sydney, 100 grams of lean pork, 1 candied dates.

  Method: Wash the lean meat and cut into large pieces, add boiling water and blanch to remove the odor, and remove the drained water;

Fill a pot with water, add olives, pears, lean meat, candied dates, and ginger slices, and simmer in a pot over water.

After 5 hours, season with salt.

  Efficacy: Olive-flavored glycine is cool and acidic, which can clear the lungs and relieve phlegm, and relieve phlegm and refreshing sputum. Sydney and pork can clear heat and moisturize. Drinking this soup in autumn often has the effects of clearing the lungs, pharyngeal, and moisturizing.Can treat sore throat, hoarseness, irritability and thirst, cough with phlegm or dry sputum without phlegm.

  11, Luo Han Guo lotus root soup materials: 2 Luo Han Guo, 1 lotus root, 12 red dates, free rock sugar, 1500 ml of water.

  Method: Wash the outer skin of Luo Han Guo, gently pat the shell with a knife to remove the flesh; wash the red dates with water. If the outer skin is too wrinkled, soak for 5 minutes before washing.

After peeling and washing the lotus root, cut into 5 mm thick slices; add Luo Han pulp and red dates into the pot, add water and boil on high heat, and change to a low-heat pot to cook for 20 minutes; then place the lotus root slices and rock sugar,Cook over low heat for another 15 minutes.

  Efficacy: Luo Han Guo lotus root sweet soup tastes sweet and delicious, has the effect of clearing the lungs and relieving cough, and protecting the throat.

Luo Han Guo has a cool and sweet taste, has anti-inflammatory and heat-clearing effects, and has a sore throat effect.

Lotus root has the effect of nourishing the lungs and clearing heat, strengthening the spleen and appetizing, and promoting appetite.

Elderly people often eat ravioli for health, which can adjust appetizers, nourish blood and soothe the nerves, and prolong life.

  12, Chuanbei Sydney pig lung soup material: Chuanbei, Sydney, pig lung, wolfberry, green onion ginger garlic, white wine, rice wine amount.

  Method: Wash the pig’s lungs with water, stir-fry, and add the right amount of rice wine.

Then put Chuanbei in the cold water and stir-fry the pig’s lungs and green onions, ginger, and garlic. After the fire is high, simmer for 15 minutes, and then add the Sydney slices.

Add wolfberry 5 minutes before boiling.

  Efficacy: This soup can be called “the first soup for cough and lungs.”

Fritillaria chuanchuanensis has bitter sweetness and coldness in the soup, which is effective in moisturizing the lungs, relieving cough, and expectorant; Sydney sweetness is slightly sour, has the effect of nourishing the lungs and regenerating, clearing heat and reducing phlegm; the pig’s lungs taste sweet and flat, and has tonicThe role of the lungs.

Combined into a soup, it can clear the dryness of the lungs and fill the deficiency of the lungs. It can both cough and expel phlegm, and play the functions of clearing and moistening the lungs, reducing phlegm and relieving cough.

  13, Tremella apricot lily soup material: 25 grams of Tremella, 10 grams of almonds, 10 grams of Fritillaria chuanxiensis, 15 grams of lily, 2 candied dates.

  Method: Wash almonds, Fritillaria chuanxiong, lilies and dates, wash the almonds and put them in boiling water.

Cook over medium heat for one hour, put the white fungus, and continue to cook for half an hour to replace.

  Efficacy: almonds, cough and asthma, moisturizing intestines and laxative; Fritillaria chuanxiong to relieve phlegm, moisturize the heart and lungs, together with cool white fungus, lily made soup, can moisturize the lungs and relieve cough, nourish yin and promote phlegm

  14, Tremella jujube soup materials: 20 grams of white fungus (about half a flower), 20 red dates, 60 grams of rock sugar (can be increased or decreased according to the taste of each person).

  Method: Put the white fungus in the fresh water, remove the tip, tear it into small pieces, put it in the pot together with red dates and rock sugar, add 6 bowls of water, and boil over high heat for another half an hour.Turn off.

  Efficacy: Boiled soup with jujube is particularly popular now. The soup boiled by dates can not only supplement the body, but also moisturize the lungs and relieve cough. For people with cold and cough, drinking some jujube soup has great potential. Tang Dynasty CylinderIn the book “Bai Xiao Fang”, it is recorded that red dates, white fungus and rock sugar can be used to cook soup to relieve cough and nourish the lungs.

  15, Chenpi pear soup materials: 2 Sydney, 20 grams Chenpi, rock sugar, wolfberry, water amount.

  Method: Wash and peel the pear. Do not put the skin on another plate. Cut the pear into pieces and soak it in the salt water. Do n’t throw the pear cores together with the pear skin. Put water in the pot and boil it.Pear skin, pear core and tangerine peel continue to cook on high heat, skim off the froth, and cook on medium-low heat for about 20 minutes; remove the soaked pear meat and drain the water, turn off the heat and remove the pear skin and core.Add pear meat and rock sugar and boil over high heat. Cook over low heat for 5-10 minutes until all sugar is melted. After turning off the heat, sprinkle medlar and serve.

  Efficacy: The “Compendium of Materia Medica” states that pears can “moisten the lungs and clear the heart, eliminate phlegm and reduce fire, and relieve sore and wine poison.”

Experts say that pears are the most common food for clearing the lungs, with effects such as hydrating fluid, moistening dryness, clearing heat, and reducing phlegm.

Sydney is sweet, moisturizes the lungs and cools the heart.
The combination of these three good things is the most suitable piece of soup in the dry season.

Eighty old man doing a hundred push-ups blindly imitating easy fractures

Eighty old man doing a hundred push-ups blindly imitating easy fractures

Recently, it was reported that 81-year-old Li Guochuan from Fuzhou could do more than a hundred push-ups in 5 minutes.

Rope skipping, shuttlecock, badminton, and basketball are all grandma Li’s and all are self-taught.

Moreover, Grandma Li also invented a sport where she tandemed “tumbler roll”.

  While we worship Li Li and milk, many middle-aged and elderly people are eager to try. Old Chinese medicine reminds you that osteoporosis in the elderly is widespread and fractures occur slightly, so don’t follow it blindly.

  Middle-aged and elderly people are prone to fracture Fracture refers to the eventual and continuous discontinuity of the bone, which causes a partial or complete rupture of the bone due to trauma or internal injury.

Fractures are basically caused by accidental injuries, and accidents often occur in the fast-developing modern life.

It is not terrible to cause a fracture. First of all, you must correct your attitude. You must go to the hospital for an examination and reset the orthopedics. The current hospital medical equipment and surgery are still very advanced. Generally, the orthopedics are reset.

  Fractures have a high incidence in middle-aged and elderly people, especially the elderly. Too many middle-aged and elderly people accidentally fell and stepped on, and femoral neck fractures occurred. The ribs were broken with a cough.

Why is it easy for middle-aged and elderly people to fracture?

It is caused by the following reasons: (1) The bones become brittle.

With age, the body’s ability to absorb and utilize proteins and calcium decreases. After 30 years of age, the rate of bone cell decomposition gradually exceeds the rate of bone cell synthesis, leaving the interior of the bones empty and the bones no longer as hard as when they were youngIt even becomes brittle, so it is prone to fractures.

  (2) Tendon sclerosis.

After middle-aged and elderly, muscles, tendons, and other motor functions also decline, and the ability to move gradually declines, tendon sclerosis, poor elasticity and distortion, muscle atrophy, and poor coordination between muscles. During exercise, muscles, ligaments, and other effects on boneImbalanced forces can cause fractures.

  (3) Self-protection of middle-aged and elderly people has decreased.

With the increase of age, the physical intelligence of middle-aged and elderly people deteriorates, the brain’s responsiveness to unexpected events deteriorates, and the ability to protect itself and maintain physical balance is significantly reduced.

They cannot easily cope with sudden posture changes and are prone to accidental fractures.

  The adverse consequences of fractures on the elderly are certain.

As the saying goes, “It hurts my muscles for a hundred days.”

What are the common fractures in the elderly?

Common fractures in middle-aged and elderly people The common fractures in the elderly include distal radius fractures, intertrochanteric fractures, femoral neck fractures, lumbar vertebral compression fractures, and senile osteoporotic fractures.

  In particular, when the elderly accidentally falls, their hands are supported by the ground, causing a fractured radius fracture. If the hip falls on the ground when they fall, the impact force of the lower limbs will cause the fracture of the collision portion; if they bend over and fall, they may fall.Causes thoracolumbar vertebrae fractures; other elderly people have serious bone calcium loss, and are prone to osteoporotic fractures such as compression fractures of the lumbar spine.

  How to treat common fractures in the elderly?

  First, ordinary fractures of distal radius fractures can be treated by manual reduction plus external fixation; severe comminuted fractures with obvious metastasis, fractures of the distal radius joint surface and fractures should be treated surgically.

  Second, the hip fracture area is different, divided into femoral intertrochanteric fracture and femoral neck fracture. Non-surgical methods include bone traction or skin traction, but can replace the improvement of medical level, total hip replacement, half hip replacement, Hollow nails, PEN-A, DHS, locking plate and other surgical treatments have been widely used.

Surgical treatment of hip fractures in the elderly without surgical contraindications is the first choice to reduce bed time, restore limb movement as soon as possible, and reduce mortality and other complications.

  Third, thoracolumbar vertebral compression fractures are caused by senile osteoporosis, so patients who cannot undergo surgery must be absolutely bedridden, family members must cooperate with appropriate functional exercises, and use anti-inflammatory analgesics to alleviate the pain of patients.Osteoporosis treatment is also needed.

The elderly without contraindications to surgery are treated with alternating pedicle screw internal fixation, percutaneous vertebroplasty, and percutaneous kyphoplasty.

  As the saying goes, “Life is endless and you don’t stop exercising”, but you don’t exercise much when you are young. When you have already suffered from osteoporosis or getting older, you still have a good time when you exercise.

Four taboos that men should pay attention to before going to bed

Four “taboos” that men should pay attention to before going to bed

Some habits before bedtime directly affect the physical health of men. If there are bad habits before bedtime, it will directly ruin the health of the body. Don’t think that it is not so serious and you never pay attention to this, but it is a wrong view.
As this article will now introduce, the existence of these four bedtime habits is extremely harmful.
  1. Contraindications before going to bed—Drink as little carbonated drinks as possible. Carbonated drinks are the beverage most young people and white-collars are keen on, and they taste delicious and quench their thirst.
But experts said that the gas in carbonated beverages can easily cause flatulence. Such beverages contain high calories and various additives and should not be consumed in large quantities.
In summer, boiled water and herbal tea are the most healthy drinks to quench your thirst.
  2. Taboos before going to bed-Do n’t drink milk on an empty stomach. Many people have heard that drinking milk before bed is good for the stomach, but experts in gastroenterology have different opinions.
Experts said: “In fact, drinking milk and fruit juice before bedtime is not beneficial to the stomach, especially for patients with reflux esophagitis.
Because protein, fat, and sugar in milk can cause gastric acid secretion, which has been the case for a long time, it may cause damage to the stomach and increase reflux symptoms in the fasting state at night.
Zheng Qing himself usually drinks milk, and he always chooses any time during the day so that he won’t hurt his stomach.
  3. Contraindications before going to bed-In fact, the stomach is not very delicate. Many outpatients worry too much about their stomach when they come to the clinic.
But in fact, the stomach is not very delicate.
Said: “A healthy stomach has a gastric mucosal barrier, which has perfect self-protection.
I often tell patients to understand their stomach conditions and adapt them to individual conditions.
For example: I usually like to eat spicy foods, but pay attention not to eat on an empty stomach to reduce stomach irritation.
In a healthy state, if you don’t feel uncomfortable, you can also eat spicy food.
“4, taboos before going to bed-eat less salted food and supper Today, stomach cancer is extremely harmful.
A large number of epidemiological data show that long-term high-salt diets, eating moldy, smoked and salted foods can increase the risk of gastric cancer.
Smoking and drinking are also “accomplices.”
“It’s not a good habit to like midnight snacks.
I usually work very busy, but no matter how late I am, I will not eat supper.
Eating before going to bed will cause gastric acid secretion, and the heat generated is easy to accumulate.
Neither beneficial to the stomach nor to the human body.

How to get earwax for your baby

How to get earwax for your baby

Many parents think that the baby’s earwax is harmful to the baby, so they often use appliances such as toothpicks, cotton swabs, ear spoons, etc. to remove the baby’s earwax, and they must be cleaned up.

You may think there is nothing wrong with this.

But do you know that it is harmful to your baby’s health if you often pick up earwax?

  What is the harm of often pulling out earwax for the baby? The baby’s external ear canal is still far from mature, and because the external ear canal is often presented with gaps, it is not easy to operate, and the skin inside the ear is very delicate, often pulling out the earwax can easily cause some bad consequences:Mild people can cause arthritis by cutting the skin inside the ears, causing ulcers, and severely breaking the tympanic membrane, which can cause hearing damage to the baby.

  Clinicians have also discovered that the ear canal is often pulled out, causing the skin of the external auditory canal to form papilloma of the external auditory canal because of frequent irritation.

Although it is benign and can be removed surgically, it is easy to relapse after correction, and it may turn into cancer after repeated repetitions, posing a threat to life.

  From this, you can understand why you want to “treat” your baby’s earwax.

Of course, earwax can occur when the baby chews, opens its mouth or yawns, moves by inserting the joints of the lower jaw, etc., and moves out of the ear canal, so you don’t need to worry.

  The role of earwax may be incredible, because earwax is generally considered to be useless waste, but it is not.

Earwax plays a very important role in protecting people’s ears: Earwax guards the door of the external ear canal like a sentry, prevents foreign objects from entering the ear, and protects the ear canal and eardrum.

When the dust in the air penetrates the baby’s ear canal, the earwax can stick them and keep the external ear canal clean; if there are small flying insects flying into the baby’s ear canal, once the bitter earwax is tasted, it will immediatelyWill “run away.”

  At the same time, earwax can also act as a “muffler”.

The reason why people can hear various sounds is that various sound waves from the outside pass into the ears and cause the eardrum to vibrate.

However, if the sound wave is too strong, such as thunder, explosion, etc., the eardrum will be shocked due to this, which will easily cause injury. As time goes by, hearing will decrease.

Earwax can reduce the impact of sound waves like a muffler, to protect the eardrum, and to protect hearing for a long time.

Because your baby’s hearing is still developing, this protective effect of earwax is suddenly particularly important.

  In addition, earwax has a certain greasiness.

If the baby accidentally flows into the ear while taking a bath, the earwax can play the role of “water to soil cover”, prevent the invasion of dirty water, and prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases such as external auditory canalitis and otitis media.

  How to dig out earwax for your baby You may ask, is there too much accumulation of earwax, and is there no bad effect?

The answer is certainly set.

If there is too much earwax in the baby’s ears, the earwax becomes dry, or even fills up the ear canal, and it cannot be discharged by itself, it may have a negative impact. Hearing can be heard, causing incomplete deafness, or because of the earClosed to induce infection and tinnitus.

At this time, you can try the following method: The first step, before the baby goes to bed, give him 1-2 drops of ear drops.

When dripping, you have to let your baby lie on the bed or hold him on your body, his head should be on his side, healthy ears are under, sick ears are on.

After the medicine drips, let the child maintain this position for 2 minutes so that the earwax can be fully replaced.

  The second step is to insert an earplug made of a sterile cotton ball into your baby’s sick ear.

Withdraw the earplugs the next day, and earwax may stick to it and be removed from the ear canal.

  If the above method does not work, then you should go to the hospital for help from your doctor.

The doctor will put on an otoscope to do “scouting” on the baby’s ear, estimate the amount of earwax and the degree of insertion of the ear canal, and then use a syringe to inject warm water into the baby’s ear to flush the earwax.

The whole rinsing process may make your baby feel a little uncomfortable, but it won’t hurt your baby, and it won’t hurt your ear canal and eardrum. It is very safe.