Experts answer nine common skin care doubts


Experts answer nine common skin care doubts

Aimei MM cares the skin step by step daily from morning to night, washing the face, applying skin care products, and applying a mask, but the skin problems still occur?

Is the skin care method used wrong?

Still using the wrong product?

There are always problems like this.

Now knock down the questions that everyone often wonders, hoping to solve common problems.

  First, it is said that foreign female stars use silk pillows to prevent wrinkles?

  Makes sense!

Because silk pillows are smooth and delicate, they will not rub against the skin, and there will not be pillow squeeze patterns on the face after waking up. It is indeed better for the skin. The appropriate self-examination standard for judging whether to change the pillow is 1 without other physical diseasesAfter morning, I often feel inclined to numbness.

  2 It takes a while to pat to restore some flexibility.

  3 After adjusting the pillow, it quickly regained consistency.

  4 Pillows are agglomerated, uneven, and the stuffing smells bad.

  Note: Shells often have indentations when they sleep on the side. These indentations are the source of decree lines and crow’s feet.

So it’s not easy to get older by choosing a sleeping position with your face up!

  Second, the natural skin care products are the best?

  Not necessarily!

Natural ingredients are less burdensome on the skin, but they may not be effective.

For example, vitamin C is easily lost in the human body, but the extracted L-C can penetrate into the skin and exert its effect.

  Third, steaming the face can make the skin care products better absorbed. If you use it every day, your skin will become better?


It is best not to use it every day or reduce the temperature.

After all, the hot air is more irritating. It is actually very damaging to the skin every day. Steaming once a week is enough.

Or the same effect can be achieved by using the cold steaming method that the temperature allows.

  Fourth, the morning maintenance, wash your face with water + sunscreen is OK?

  If you don’t touch any dirt, the maintenance in the morning can be simplified. Washing your face with clean water is OK, but you must protect yourself from the sun.

  Note: Dry skin requires moisturizing lotion to enhance moisturization. Oily skin is best washed with a facial cleanser to remove excess oil.

  Fifth, learn to apply S every day, can you maintain good skin?

  It depends on the type of mask.

Moisturizing, whitening mask can indeed be applied every day, but basic maintenance can not be saved afterwards!

Clean, exfoliating mask must not be used every day, it will make the skin very fragile.

  Note: However, it is not necessary to apply the mask every day. Excess nutrients are not helpful to the skin. As long as the basic maintenance is done, the mask 2-3 times a week is enough.

  6. Use exfoliating lotion every day, or do I have to use an exfoliating mask regularly?

  It depends on the season and skin exfoliation.

It’s like cleaning up the room a little bit every day, or it needs to be regularly organized to strengthen it, so there is nothing wrong with it.

  Note: However, this method is not suitable for dry or sensitive muscles. Generally, it is best to replace one of them in winter to avoid too much irritation.

  Seven, make-up every day, in the long run the skin will definitely get worse?


It doesn’t worsen because the makeup of today’s makeup products is mainly safe and delicate, and does not harm the skin.

  Makeup skin becomes worse every day, because makeup removal is too rude, which increases fine lines and relaxes the skin; then makeup removal, incomplete washing of the face, will make the skin worse.  Eight, after exfoliating, use a deep cleansing mask, and the acne floats out?

  That’s right!

Deep kaolin-containing membranes not only soften acne, but also increase skin temperature and expand pores, which can easily remove acne.

After exfoliating dry muscles, the deep cleansing mask only needs to be applied locally.

  Nine, drink more lemon juice to absorb vitamin C to dark spots and whiten?

  Not too possible!

Most of the vitamin C absorbed in the diet is lost through urine, and a small part of it is passed through the body, and very little can affect the skin.

  Drinking too much lemon juice makes your stomach hurt.

Freshmen need to crack the psychological barriers

Freshmen need to crack the psychological barriers

The university in the mind of the students is often painted with a lot of romance, but the collision of ideals and reality after entering the school easily disappoints the students and gets into trouble. The robe feels that the university “is what ‘s going on”, and finally has a mental state of one day after another.

  In response to this mental state, Chen Yang suggested that students do not repeat, do not inferiority, but adapt to it and face it positively, because only if they understand it, they will like it and better integrate into the new environment.

  In some prestigious universities, students used to be “advanced students” in high school.

After coming to college with the hope and attention of many people, you may feel that you are not as prominent as before, lose your previous superiority, have emotional contrast, are difficult to adapt, and may have serious inferiority complexes.
  ”Everyone must have this mentality-‘I know I’m stupid, but I don’t care, I will catch up!

’”陈阳说,对于自己和别人在学习、人际交往上的差距,要允许自己有一个过程,允许自己一段时间内的“不如别人”,同时不放弃,努力赶上;对于自己在个人才艺Differences in other aspects can catch up with the icing on the cake.

Remember that everyone is imperfect, and no one will despise you for your “imperfection”.

  Interpersonal relationships in universities often become a major problem for the impossible “single-child college students”. Therefore, Chen Yang suggested that, in a public environment, we should think about whether our actions will affect others.

For the sake of others, understanding and tolerance is the best way to avoid interpersonal conflicts, and more communication is the key to resolving contradictions.

Is the newborn too good but not normal?

Is the newborn too “good” but not normal?

[Introduction]The baby is finally born. Every cute action and expression will bring great joy to his parents.
Some parents face the normal phenomenon of newborn’s jaw trembling, small fist clenching, and limb flexion, and they will ask: “Is this normal?
“Some of the newborns have straight limbs, little movement, lack of facial expressions, weak sucking power, and rarely cry and other abnormal phenomena, but they mistakenly think that their children are” good “.
As everyone knows, under the illusion of “good”, children may have various serious diseases hidden.
  In terms of extremities, small babies who behave quietly and with less movement also have increased muscle tone and lower limbs with stiff crosses.
Such children are often mentally sluggish and insensitive, and with age, mental retardation gradually becomes apparent.
This phenomenon may have congenital brain dysplasia.
Some children suffer from muscular dysplasia due to malnutrition, or suffer from congenital muscle relaxation syndrome, low muscle tone, dull expression, and are not interested in the surrounding environment.
These need to go to the hospital for a clear diagnosis.
  In short, normal newborns should be ruddy, cry, and suck strongly, and change accordingly with age.
For example, after 3 months, I met my loved ones and gave out a “giggling” laughter.
If a child suddenly becomes “good” from being active and active, it is likely that he has the symptoms of acute disease and should go to the hospital for treatment.

Good and lose weight four types of health diet recipes recommended


Good and lose weight four types of health diet recipes recommended

In the eyes of everyone, weight loss is to control diet. This means that many friends who lose weight can’t eat it. Many friends are very upset. Is there any food that is both delicious and slimming?

The answer is yes, then come to recommend health diet recipes for you. First, the dish of shrimp and green vegetables is very simple, the minced garlic and the shrimp are saut茅ed, the stir-fried vegetables are added, the fire must be big, and the dishes are still out of the water.It’s already out of the pan.

Don’t be true to me, let me put some shrimp, it should not be meat.

銆€銆€Second, the fried carrots are simpler, carrots are shredded, put some oil and stir fry, and when you are ripe, put some green peppers. Everyone knows that carrots are in the carrots, but if you want to absorb them, you must eat them with oil.Carotene is attached to the intestinal wall by oil before it can be absorbed by people. Therefore, it is best to fry and eat. If you are cold, don’t forget to put some sesame oil.

銆€銆€Third, carrot orange soup material: 500 grams of carrots, 1 tomato, 1000 grams of vegetable soup.

Cream, orange juice, vanilla, salt, pepper, the right amount.

銆€銆€Practice: 1 Wash the carrots, peel, slice, and cream into the pot, cook over medium heat (continuous stirring) for about 10 minutes.

銆€銆€2 Wash the tomatoes, cut into cubes, add in the carrot pot with the vegetable soup and orange juice, boil together, add the herbs, salt, pepper, and then cook over low heat for 20 minutes until the carrots are soft and rotten.

銆€銆€Fourth, the scallions lotus root lotus roots will only fade away after the cold weather of the border and vanadium, and become sweet and crisp.

I really like to cook with lotus roots, so that I can continue to grow up, silk, smash, smash, stew and so on.

In addition to the unique taste of lotus root, the reason for writing a lot of beach is that it is super-nutritious and easy to cook, and its affordable price is also the reason to like it.

I like to make the simple dishes more complicated. It seems that I can be accidentally professional. It is a bit cumbersome to do like this scallions.

There may be some abrupt additions to the seaweed in the salad, but the final result proves that the seaweed has not become a “snake.”

a spoon: save the puffy pie face


a spoon: save the puffy pie face

At the end of the year, the party is running, and the night of the night is not making your dark circles more and more obvious?

Because I slept too late at night, drinking too much drink, causing scary facial edema on the next day?

Here’s how to first aid your edema face, using spoons and fingers, can achieve the purpose of quickly removing facial edema?
After rubbing the cream on the entire face with a firming effect, use a stainless steel spoon for facial massage to quickly tighten the eye bags and eliminate facial swelling.

銆€銆€Preliminary: Add the stainless steel spoon to the freezer for 30 minutes.

Then remove and rinse with water.

Apply eye cream to the eye area and apply a full cream on the face. Place the spoon on the eyelid for about 1 minute.

Then close your eyes and gently stop the eyelids for about 1 minute.

銆€銆€Step 2: Start from the eyebrow and slowly massage the end of the eye to the end of the eye.

銆€銆€Step 3: Start the massage from the position of the humerus and gently stop to the chin.

This massage can tighten the double chin.

銆€銆€Step 4: Massage from the corner of the mouth to the earlobe.

It can tighten the facial skin and lighten the smile.