6 tips to help you keep sexy muscles

6 tips to help you keep sexy muscles

A low-carb diet looks simple, but it can be dangerous when used incorrectly.

Because when the body lacks sufficient glycogen, it uses protein reserves as energy sources.

Here are 6 tips to help you maintain muscle mass during a low-carb diet.


Increasing protein intake A low-carb diet requires limiting weight intake in proportion to body weight: Bodybuilders over 190 pounds should be limited to 56-75 grams per day, and athletes under 190 pounds should be limited to 40-55 grams of cobalt per day.

  When the plasma intake is at least 75 grams per day, the body will use more protein as an energy source.

Therefore, protein intake should be increased to 2 grams per pound of body weight per day during low carb intake.


Supplementing Whey Protein Before and After Training Whey protein contains a large number of branched chain amino acids, which can replace derivatives to provide energy for training.

Taking 40-60 grams of whey protein before training can prevent the body from consuming muscle tissue for energy.

  Immediately after training, another 40-60 grams of whey protein can be recovered to rebuild muscle tissue.

In addition, 50% of the daily glucose quota will be replaced after training.


Daily intake of red meat Red meat can provide a slight amount of energy to the body and protect protein from the bad luck of using energy for energy.

Red meat also contains alanine, which can be used for energy without causing elevated insulin levels.

  Get at least 50 grams of protein from red lean meat every day and distribute it between two meals: 25 grams for breakfast and 25 grams for another meal.

This ensures a continuous supply of alanine in the body and prevents the body from using protein as an energy source.


Using Caffeine / Ephedra Tonic A nutritional supplement made from a mixture of caffeine and ephedra can help you maintain a low blood sugar intake during high intensity training.

  Adding 2-4 tablets (150 mg each) before training can help your body burn more unfortunate energy.


Increase carbohydrate absorption in two weeks and maintain a hypoglycemic diet for two weeks. On the 15th day, increase carbohydrate implantation to 2-3 grams per pound of body weight per day and reduce protein substitution to 1 grams per pound of body weight per day.

  You can maintain a low-carb diet for 8-9 weeks, as long as you schedule a high blood sugar diet every two weeks.

this point is very important.

And can bring better results.


A high-intensity aerobic training low-carb diet is effective because it reduces the levels of glycogen in the muscles, causing the body to rely on an assistant for energy.

High-intensity aerobic training (30 minutes each time, 3-4 times a week) can further consume glycogen levels and help eliminate more aunts.

  For best results, aerobic training can be scheduled before eating, as glycogen levels rise.

Change curtains and adjust your mood to help you fall asleep

Change curtains and adjust your mood to help you fall asleep

Generally, the curtains used in our homes are divided in materials. The curtains are made of cotton, hemp, gauze, satin, flocking, bamboo, artificial fiber and so on.

  When people buy curtains, they usually think about its decoration. In fact, they should pay more attention to the following aspects.

  Regulate mood.

If the color of the curtains is too deep, it will be accompanied by depression for a long time; if the colors are too bright, it is not good. Some newlyweds like to choose brightly colored curtains, but over time, it will cause visual fatigue and irritability.

In fact, you can go for simplicity, choose natural, fresh colors such as light green and light blue, which can make people feel happy; people who are prone to insomnia can try to replace red and black curtains to help them fall asleep as soon as possible.


If you want to take a comfortable nap during the day, it is best to choose a curtain with blackout effect for the bedroom, the best is cotton or flocking fabric.

In the study, the interior of the restaurant generally does not require too much light. You can replace the shutters and brake the light.

  Keep warm.

In winter, the curtains need to consider the issue of thermal insulation. The flocked curtain fabrics are thick and have better thermal insulation.

According to research by Japanese interior designers, crimson is the warmest of all colors and suitable for winter use.


Studies have shown that when indoor continuous voice pollution reaches 30 decibels, it can interfere with normal sleep.

Therefore, it is better to choose a curtain size with sound absorption effect. The size is flocking, cotton and linen.

At least, the thicker the curtain, the better the sound absorption effect. Good-sized curtains can reduce external noise by 10% -20%.

  Don’t choose curtains that are too low, because some cheap curtains are flammable when exposed to fire, and good quality curtains usually have fire resistance, so family safety can be guaranteed.

  Among them, cotton and linen are common materials for curtains, easy to wash and replace, and are suitable for bedrooms; decorative replacement of yarn curtains can enhance the sense of depth in the room, good light transmission, suitable for use in living rooms and balcony; satin, flockingThe curtains are delicate in size, luxurious and gorgeous, and have good shading and sound insulation effects, but the price is relatively high; the bamboo curtain has clear texture, good lighting effect, and is wear-resistant, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, and does not fade, which is suitable for living room and balconyHard, easy to wash, durable, and good shading. Blinds are currently popular. When choosing, you can first touch whether the leaves are smooth and have no burrs, and then hang the curtain flat to try to see if it can be flexible. Finally, turn the adjustment lever.Check whether the blades are tilted freely. In addition, some wooden curtains will use adhesives, which may easily cause indoor pollution. If you have children at home, the elderly or pregnant women should be carefully replaced.

Are you ready for skiing


Are you ready for skiing

Although it hasn’t snowed in Shenyang this winter, many people are already eager to ski.

While looking forward to the first snowfall, are you ready for the “head of the line”?

  Clothing should be warm, safe, and practical. Skiing temperatures are low, and high-necked sweaters, woolen pants, and high snow boots should be worn.

When choosing ski clothes, you should keep warm, beautiful, comfortable and practical as the principle, and choose bright colors, because if you get lost on a steep hillside, bright clothes can help your partner find you as soon as possible.

  When people are in motion, a lot of sweat is discharged from the body, so wearing a set of perspiration underwear when skiing is a very wise choice.

When choosing underwear, it is better not to choose cotton products, but to choose underwear made of special silk and polypropylene materials that are breathable and bring sweat molecules out.

In this way, the body will not be sticky when sweating a lot.

  In addition, you will inevitably fall when skiing.

If there is no one-piece ski suit, snow will fall into the garment from the ankle, wrist, collar, etc. after the fall.

As long as a pair of elastic acrylic cotton knee pads, a wide wristband, a pair of gloves and a scarf can solve the problem.

Reflective transmission of snow, skiing on coaxial accessories, be sure to wear sunglasses to prevent snow blindness.

  The equipment should be the most suitable for beginner skiers. Generally, shorter skis should be used to make it easier to learn some ski movements.

Among them, men should use 170mm?
For 180mm skis, ladies should use 160mm-170mm skis.

  Before using the skateboard, check whether the fixture on the skateboard is good and whether the release strength is adjusted to an appropriate position.

  Ski poles are an indispensable tool for skiers to control their center of gravity and maintain their balance.

The length of a snow stick is generally 90cm?
125cm, the height of the elbow from the ground after my arm droops as the length of the ski pole.

Beginners sometimes have slightly longer poles. After the technique is improved, choose shorter poles.

The pole should have a strap, which can be put on the wrist to prevent replacement.

  The implanter is a device fixed on a snowboard that helps to separate from the human body when a person falls, ensuring that the feet and legs are not harmed.

The strength of the improver can be adjusted according to the weight and personal technical level, and the strength needs to be adjusted to a suitable level.

  In short, choosing the most suitable ski clothing and equipment can make full use of your skiing skills and allow you to enjoy the greatest fun in the snow and ice.

Good pillow, good sleep.


Good pillow, good sleep.

The quality of sleep plays an important role in the health of each individual.

Sleep can eliminate fatigue, protect the brain, enhance the body’s immunity, promote the body’s development, and is conducive to beauty.

銆€銆€As a close partner in people’s sleep, pillows spend extra time in their company, and their sweet dreams have its merits.

However, if it is not properly selected, it affects both sleep and health, and it also affects the rest of the work and quality of life for two-thirds of the time.

Sleep is the time to relax and rest. It is reasonable to let the cervical vertebrae relax in a physiologically curved natural state and rest fully.

If the pillow is placed high, it will change the normal physiological curvature of the cervical vertebra, causing fatigue damage to the muscles and ligaments pulling the strain, resulting in sputum, stiff neck, cervical spondylosis and the like.

Although it is beneficial to maintain the physiological function of the cervical vertebrae, it is caused by the gravity of the head, which causes the head to over-reverse, causing the anterior cervical muscles, ligaments and skin to be too tight, and the neck muscles may be sore for a long time.It may even force the trachea to affect breathing.

At the same time, the blood flow of the head skull is too low to affect sleep, which is unfavorable for patients with hypertension and atherosclerosis.

銆€銆€The height of the pillow often varies from person to person, regardless of the supine position, the side can maintain its normal physiological curvature.

Usually the pillow is a punch to a punch and a half, that is 10?
15 cm longer.

銆€銆€People in life are generally accustomed to using coaxial cable pillows. Although this pillow has a long history and looks beautiful, it does not meet the physiological requirements of the human body and cannot eliminate the supporting role of the pillow.

According to the characteristics of human anatomy and physiology, the pillow is placed in accordance with the appropriate physiological curvature of the human body, so that the muscles and ligaments that have been tired for a day are fully massaged and restored.

This is also the reason why patients with cervical spondylosis are treated with implanted pillows.

With the advancement of mankind, the pillows have also undergone great changes. The ceramic pillows, wooden pillows and jade pillows with too much hardness have been eliminated, replaced by softer and more comfortable pillows.

At present, there are not many health pillows on the market, which have the function of pillows and have the function of health care. They are very popular among consumers, such as tea pillows, chrysanthemum pillows, silkworm sand pillows, etc.

銆€銆€A suitable pillow is a tool that can ensure that good sleep can not be shared. It is a weapon to prevent patients from getting rid of the disease. It is a good prescription for health and peace of mind.

Therefore, experts remind that in order to sleep well, scientific selection of pillows is essential.

Occasionally don’t wear a watch, “slow” health

Occasionally don’t wear a watch, 鈥渟low鈥?health

A slow-paced life organization in Italy proposed the establishment of “International SLOW DAY”.
The “Recover Your Lost Time” campaign created by American journalist Carl Honor茅 has held a time conference every year since 4 years ago, and recommended to the US Congress that October 24th be named “Official No Watch Day”.
銆€銆€They called on people to throw away alarm clocks and watches, find those spare time that were squeezed out by work, and seek a leisurely way of life, allowing people to fully enjoy freedom and enjoy the convenience of high-tech civilization instead of being a slave to time and technology.
銆€銆€”Time is life, time is money.” The famous American Franklin’s famous words have inspired generations, and the pace of busy life has been recognized by most people.
But now, many people are gradually realizing that excessive busyness is an unhealthy and unscientific way of life, so a lifestyle that advocates 鈥渟low life鈥?is quietly emerging.
銆€銆€Slow life advocates setting the speed reducer and converter in a fast-paced life.
For example, in the idle time of frequent business trips, bring your wife to the suburbs for vacation; when you often work overtime, give yourself a place to order some novel food online, and do an indoor 鈥減icnic meeting鈥?in the office; when the child is not suitable for studying, it is very stressful.Take the children to the suburbs to watch the sunrise and let the children know what the “horizon” is.
When enjoying this new way of life, you can relax your mind, reflect on your lifestyle better, and enjoy a healthy, high-quality life.
銆€銆€There is no fixed pattern for slow life. Those who dare to take risks can climb Mount Everest. Those who are eager to be dull can let their wife take a day off, go to the supermarket to buy food and cook, and let the wife know that her cooking is no worse than her.People who are more likely to operate are less likely to sleep for a night, sleep more for a while; people who work on time every day may wish to lie for their late arrival: “I am unfortunate enough to catch a traffic jam today.”
銆€銆€Many people have this feeling. When they are busy, they feel that they are working and thinking about life, and only then can they feel that life is the most meaningful. The more busy the results, the more they can’t stop, even the fear of holidays, even every time.During the Golden Week, I don’t know how to arrange my life without overtime or traveling.
After slowing down, I realized that the original life was actually “occupied” by a compact schedule, encroaching on the mornings when I could watch the sunrise, and lost one night to see the stars.
銆€銆€A busy father, after enjoying a slow life, found that he had not attended the child’s parent meeting for several years. Therefore, he decided to take the child to visit the teacher and personally understand the child’s learning.
銆€銆€A busy working woman, after slowing down, realized that her friends circle had almost no family, and it was very difficult to go out with a female companion.
So she decided to call her friends and family and hurry to help herself.
銆€銆€A busy old man, who worked hard to help his daughter take the children, waited for the grandson to go to the kindergarten, opened the address book, and wanted to contact the old colleague, only to find that some people’s phone calls had been shut down. Then, the trustee turned around and found out becauseIt was too busy to look at the child, and the new number that left the family to move to her was lost.
銆€銆€People who enjoy and can live a slow life don’t have to have much money, but they can often comfort themselves with 鈥渆nough to spend鈥? they don’t necessarily want to create another glory in their careers, but learn to make themselves bored for a day and put their mobile phonesThey also change roles and play a day’s game; they don’t necessarily want to slack off, but they would rather take a long vacation, even if they are led by the leader, they don’t want 365 days, work overtime every day, and become an advanced worker every year.
銆€銆€Only by learning to enjoy a slow life can you give up the “perfectionist” way of thinking, no longer demanding to satisfy everyone’s requirements, but neglecting the happiness of yourself and your family.
銆€銆€Looking at the world Italy has 32 鈥渟low cities鈥?The movement against fast-paced life was first born in Rome in 1986 to protest against the establishment of fast food restaurants by the famous Spanish Square monument.
Opponents named their organizations as 鈥渟low meals,鈥?advocating slowing down, enjoying life, and slowly savoring the taste of food.
Now, this association has been owned by 42 countries in the world.
50,000 members.
銆€銆€Later, they set a new concept from the “slow meal”, namely “slow city”, and proposed to establish a new urban model.
Here, there is more space for people to walk and there are more green spaces for people to enjoy.
The population is only 1.
The 50,000 Italian town of Brad became the pioneer of this movement.
At present, 32 small towns in Italy have successfully implemented this model.
銆€銆€There is a 鈥渟low school鈥?in the United States. With the rise of 鈥渟low city鈥? 鈥渟low school鈥?came into being.
These schools promote non-competitive teaching methods, giving students more free time and opposing cramming.
銆€銆€The 鈥淪low School鈥?campaign advocates the creation of a new teaching system with flexible teaching schedules and courses tailored to the needs of students.
The Berkeley Martin Luther King School in California, USA, with approximately 1,000 students, became the representative of the sport.

Is too clean habit to take away your health?


Is too clean habit to take away your health?

In life, many things that we take for granted, or things that feel more hygienic, are actually likely to cause counterproductive effects. It is really hard to please.

銆€銆€Wiping dishes with a towel: People often think that tap water is raw water and unsanitary.

Therefore, after rinsing the tableware or fruit with tap water, it is often dried with a towel.

Initially it seems to be hygienic and careful, but on the contrary, many germs are often found on dry towels.

銆€銆€The tap water used in the current city is strictly disinfected. The tableware and fruits washed with tap water are basically clean and do not need to be rubbed.

There are many germs on the towel, and the towel will dry again and it will be contaminated again.

銆€銆€White paper package food: Some people, even some food stores, love to use white paper to wrap food.

In order to “white” the white paper, many manufacturers often use bleach in the production process, and the bleaching agent will cause a series of chemical reactions after the contact with the food, and produce some harmful substances, which is very easy to cause pollution to the food.

銆€銆€Toilet paper wipes: The results of the national quality inspection department show that many types of toilet paper are not disinfected or disinfected thoroughly, and are rich in bacteria, which are easy to wipe on objects.

Only advanced napkins that have been sterilized are in compliance with hygiene standards.

銆€銆€Excessive use of disposable cups: Disposable paper cups are convenient, hygienic and widely used in everyday life.

This is true. When we go out, we use disposable cups to prevent disease transmission, while others use disposable cups at home. This is not possible.

銆€銆€The No. 6 consumption reminder issued by the China Quality Miles Promotion Association reminds people that some disposable paper cups in the market are currently lacking in quality.

Therefore, we should use disposable cups as little as possible, and it is better to use glasses at home.

You know: How to remove carpet stains?

銆€銆€Plastic table cloth on the table: Although the plastic sheet on the table is good-looking, it is easy to accumulate dust, bacteria, etc., and some plastic sheets are made of toxic vinyl chloride resin. The tableware and food are in contact with the plastic cloth for a long time, which may be contaminated with harmful substances., which causes many potential diseases.

銆€銆€Use a gauze cover to prevent flies: Use a gauze cover to cover the food. Although the fly does not fall directly onto the food, it will stay on the gauze cover, leaving eggs with pathogens. These eggs are easily removed from the holes.Falling down and polluting food.

銆€銆€Rotten fruit is eaten and eaten again: When some people eat fruit, they think that it is enough to get rid of the rotten part.

In fact, it has precipitated bacteria through juice, and even microbes begin to multiply. The mold can cause mutations in human cells and cause cancer.

Therefore, rotten fruit is still thrown away as well.

Xiao Bian recommended: washing knowledge of fiber supplies.

銆€銆€When you get out of bed, you will be stacked: people will discharge a lot of sweat every day.

After getting out of bed, the quilt is stacked, and the sweat is left in the quilt. For a long time, it has a sweaty smell, affects the comfort of sleep, and creates a living environment for the pathogen.

The correct way is to turn over the quilt after getting up, spread it for 10 minutes and then stack it. It is best to dry it once a week.

銆€銆€Long-term use of the same drug toothpaste: drug toothpaste has a certain inhibitory effect on certain bacteria.

However, if the same drug toothpaste is used for a long time, and the bacteria in the enlarged mouth are slowly adapted and reproducible, it is equivalent to the drug toothpaste.

Therefore, we should change toothpaste regularly on a daily basis.

銆€銆€Waste fluorescent tube drying towel: toxic substances such as mercury in the fluorescent tube, phosphor and a small amount of ammonia.

Some families use a waste fluorescent tube to dry towels and handkerchiefs, thinking clean and hygienic.

Under the condition of dampness, if the lamp tube is eroded separately or the lamp tube itself has small cracks, various harmful substances in the tube will gradually ooze out.

銆€銆€Especially when the temperature is high, mercury oozes more, which can contaminate towels and handkerchiefs and endanger human health.

If these harmful substances directly enter the eyes of the person, it may cause vision loss or even blindness.

Therefore, the spent fluorescent tube should be disposed of in a timely manner and should not be used for other purposes.