Anti-osteoporosis with calcium supplement for elderly friends

Anti-osteoporosis with calcium supplement for elderly friends

Introduction: In addition to the active treatment of osteoporosis patients, they can also be supplemented with medicated soup.

Carp soup 1 live carp, descaled, gills and offal, add minced shallot, ginger, cooking wine and salt, marinate for a while, add water to cook until the soup white fish rotten, and pile up in batches.

It is suitable for elderly osteoporosis, nephritis edema, jaundice hepatitis, cirrhosis ascites, elderly chronic bronchitis, hypertension, diabetes and so on.

Yam, lychee and turtle soup with yam 10?
15 grams, wolfberry 5?
10 grams, 1 turtle (about 500 grams).

Turtles are slaughtered in hot water, cut open, washed, removed the internal organs, and cooked with the ingredients, add ginger, salt, wine condiments, and eat.

It has the effects of nourishing yin and tonifying kidney, nourishing qi and spleen.

Applicable to patients with osteoporosis due to yin deficiency.

Mulberry beef bone soup, mulberry seeds 25g, beef bone 250?
500 g.

Wash the mulberry seeds, add wine, and steam the sugar.

Put the beef bones in a deep pan and boil them. After the pan is boiled, skim the surface and add ginger and spring onions to cook.

When the bone of the beef was pale, it showed that the calcium, phosphorus, and bone glue of the beef bone had been dissolved in the soup. Then the beef bone was removed, and the steamed mulberry seeds were added.

This formula has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, nourishing kidney and strengthening tendons, and is suitable for osteoporosis and menopausal syndrome.

It is also effective for insomnia, dizziness, deafness, and neurasthenia caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency.

Black bean black bean with black bean and pork bone soup?
30 grams, 200?
300 grams (pork ribs 150?
200 g).

Wash the black beans, soak them softly, place them in a deep saucepan with the pork bones, add water to boil, and then slowly cook until the flames are cooked. Add the seasoning.

It has the effects of nourishing kidney, promoting blood circulation, expelling wind, and dampness.

Suitable for elderly osteoporosis, rheumatism and pain.

Pig skin soup Pig skin, wash, cut into pieces, add water to boil to remove foam, add onions, ginger amount, cooked, seasoning.

Suitable for elderly osteoporosis, malnutrition, anemia, etc.

16 tips for solving insomnia

16 tips for solving insomnia

Like many people, I often suffer from insomnia-sometimes I can’t fall asleep, sometimes I wake up too early and I can’t fall asleep anymore.

The following tips are compiled by me from a lot of information, and may help some insomniacs like me.


Just use your bed to sleep, don’t read books, do paperwork, watch TV, eat fast food or call.


If you’re lying in bed and start worrying about not being able to sleep, then try these tips: Count sheep or count down from one hundred (one of my favorites) to avoid thinking about what you encountered yesterday or tomorrowProblems encountered; maintaining deep breathing disturbances; imagine some beautiful and peaceful places.


If you can’t fall asleep 30 minutes after going to bed, get up for a while.

What can you do?

Try to read something that others are not interested in.


Arrange yourself to go to bed.


Adhere to a regular schedule.


Do not smoke or drink caffeine and tea extracts before going to bed, including coffee, tea, coke and Dr. Pepper (a caramelized carbonated beverage).


Avoid drinking before bedtime. Drinking before bedtime may confuse your thinking. Even if you barely fall asleep, you will wake up a few times in the middle.

The earliest contrast is that drinking a decompression drink at dinner can promote your night’s sleep.


Avoid napping and snoring while watching boring TV shows.


Try to wake up at the same time every day, instead of going to sleep every weekend until the sun is shining.


Do exercise every day, but don’t do it before bedtime, because the adrenaline complication starts to flow.


If you use a lighted alarm clock as a signal to get up, don’t put it where you can always see the clock.


Buy a sturdy mattress and keep the room well ventilated (lower temperatures may be more effective).


You can also try this: take a comfortable hot bath, drink a glass of warm milk, eat a little supper before going to bed, send a small text message, and listen to light music (it needs to be automatically turned off after changing speed).


Use earplugs to ensure absolute silence around you.


Avoid watching irritating readings or TV shows at night.


If you have joint pains or headaches, remember to take your medicine before going to bed (but you must be caffeine-free).

  If your insomnia still stubbornly entangles you, it is best to consult your doctor to see if you have potential health problems such as depression, depression, hyperthyroidism, heart failure or chronic lung disease.
If your body is all right, you can ask your doctor for a few sleeping alternatives that will help you at least in the short term.

Eating cherries in the early summer is healthy for your spleen and stomach

Eating cherries in the early summer is healthy for your spleen and stomach

Cherries “are ripe before the first fruits”, and are listed in large quantities every year in the late spring and early summer.

Not only is it nutritious, sweet and sour, but it is also a great treat.

  ”Preparing for a Thousand Gold Recipes” said: “The cherry taste is sweet, flat, astringent, moderate and beneficial, can be eaten more, pleasing colors, and beautiful.

“There is also a record in the” Southern Yunnan Materia Medica “of” cherry cures all deficiencies, can replenish vitality, and moisturize the skin. ”

Cherry kernels are commonly used in Chinese medicine for sweating and transdermal preparations. It is applicable to measles from the beginning to the end.

Cherry juice can be applied topically to treat burns, burns, analgesics and prevent foaming.

Common folks use cherry dipped in vinegar to moisturize hemorrhoids.

  Cherries also have high medicinal value.

Motherland medicine believes that cherry is sweet, slightly sour, and warm in nature.

Into the spleen and stomach.

With Buzhong Yiqi, Qufeng dehumidification, spleen and stomach effects.

It can be used to treat symptoms such as weak body, weak qi, shortness of breath and palpitations, dry throat, thirst, rheumatism, waist and leg pain, inexperienced limbs, joint flexion and extension, and frostbite.

  Use 1000 grams of cherries and immerse them in 2000 grams of rice wine, change them twice a day after 10 days, each time 30?
40 ml, good for rheumatism, joint pain and numbness, unfavorable legs and feet.

Office workers learn six strokes to effectively relieve spinal fatigue


Office workers learn six strokes to effectively relieve spinal fatigue

Office workers are sedentary and exercise less, which is the primary cause of spinal deformity.

Office workers should pay attention to a good working style, should avoid the long-term tension of the spine, and maintain a correct sitting posture when going to work, 30?
Take a break for about 40 minutes, or stretch your back to avoid long periods of bowing.

After work, you should take time to exercise more. Some swimming and walking are good for relieving spinal fatigue.

Here are a few ways to relieve spinal fatigue.

銆€銆€The main principle of the “arch bridge” movement is to face up, use the limbs to prop up the body, raise the buttocks, and penetrate the cervical vertebrae.

銆€銆€Crawling with both hands and two feet on the ground, crawling on the ground like a baby, distance and speed can be measured, insist on 1 per day?
2 times, each time 10?
15 minutes.

銆€銆€Rolling exercise can lie flat on a hard bed every day, let the body completely relax, and roll a few rolls on the bed.

銆€銆€Taijiquan Taijiquan requires the use of the waist as the axis to drive the limbs, so that the waist is always in a natural and comfortable erect state. Although there is no direct therapeutic effect on the spinal deformity, it can improve the spine fatigue.

銆€銆€The chest is turned and the body is naturally fractured. The hands are akimbo, the head is raised, the body is repeatedly turned to the left, and the force is turned to the right.

Office workers can do this after the work plan.

銆€銆€The imitation cat stretches over the floor and supports the body with both hands.

Inhale, tilt the spine down, raise your head, push the neck up, and lift your head up.

Exhale, arch back, down the neck and neck down, the abdominal muscles tighten, so that the whole hips are arched upwards.

Do this often, tilting the spine and surrounding muscle groups more elastic, alignment and shoulder muscles are more coordinated.

The natural enemies of prostatitis are found, men often eat, killing may slip away!

The “natural enemies” of prostatitis are found, men often eat, killing may slip away!

The prostate is very important for male friends.

With a good prostate, the quality of the sperm will be very high.

And the prostate has the function of controlling urination. If there is a problem with the prostate, then the urination and reproductive system will be affected.

Therefore, the prostate is very important for male friends, and it is necessary to introduce maintenance in life.

The “natural enemies” of prostatitis are found, men often eat, killing may slip away!

Winter melon is a very good food for diuretic swelling. If a male friend has prostatitis and other prostate diseases, it does not hinder it. In the summer, eat more melon, which also helps to clear away heat and detoxification, and the role of diuresis.

Cauliflower cauliflower is a common type of vegetable. Because it contains minerals, vitamin C and other trace elements, it can supplement our body’s nutrition and prevent cancer.

At the same time, males often eat cauliflower to enhance the immunity of cells and effectively prevent prostate cancer in men.

In addition to the rich vitamins, chestnuts also contain monosaccharides and disaccharides, carotene, riboflavin, ascorbic acid, inorganic salts and other nutrients.

Chinese medicine believes that chestnuts have the effects of nourishing the kidney and strengthening the spleen, strengthening the body and strengthening the stomach.

Eating chestnuts in the fall is good for men’s kidneys and good for the prostate.

Modern medicine has shown that safflower vitamins and various minerals, men often eat heat and detoxification, prevent stroke, apply to patients with colorectal cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and cancer-induced blood in the stool are obvious.

Corn must be a kind of food that is often discarded by people. It is not known that corn must be a good Chinese herbal medicine. According to modern research, corn must have diuretic swelling, heat and detoxification. If you have prostatitis, drink a little.It can also alleviate prostate disease.

鏋告潪 is a kind of food that we are familiar with. It is often called soaked in water. Studies have found that eating cockroaches can not only protect the liver and protect the kidneys, but also delay aging, especially for people with kidney yin deficiency.

Men often eat normal to prevent the occurrence of prostatitis.

Remarried couples have some kind of psychology?

Remarried couples have some kind of psychology?

Is there a certain kind of psychology for remarried couples?

The psychological status of remarried couples is different from that of first-married couples. The former has some psychological sensitivities that are not generally available. The following is a detailed introduction.

銆€銆€The psychology of remarried couples: Habitual psychology may have formed their own interests, hobbies and habits in the first marriage. After remarriage, they can’t adapt to each other at the same time, especially sexual habits. If they don’t understand each other,Familiarity with each other’s desires, requirements and skills may lead to disharmony in sexual life and cause dissatisfaction on both sides.

銆€銆€Therefore, the remarried couple took the initiative to adapt to each other’s habits and looked for a compromise solution that would take care of the habits of both parties.

In addition, both sides should have sufficient tolerance spirit, foster strengths and avoid weaknesses, coordinate with each other, and gradually establish new living habits.

銆€銆€The children of the self-interested first-marriage family use the inherent bond of blood to bind the parents together, and the children of the remarried family are prone to contradictions because of the lack of blood relationship, and it is easy for parents to have selfishness and favor their own children.

In fact, the blood can not completely surpass the acquired feelings. Guan Jian is the two sides to re-marriage with noble moral sentiments, generous fraternity, and deal with the relationship with stepchildren, if the other child is like his own children, evenBetter, it can greatly change the psychological distance of remarried couples.

銆€銆€Alert psychological remarriage Both husband and wife have some property in the past family. Considering the breakdown of the previous marriage, they often have a guardianship mentality, implement economic blockade, distract their minds, stay behind their hands, and make troubles. This leads to the real family name.

In fact, since the family has been rebuilt, it is necessary to use all the property together without reservation, so as to deepen the marital relationship.

銆€銆€Nostalgic psychology is more common in remarried people who have deep feelings in a former marriage couple and who died as a result of illness or accident.

After remarriage, it often reveals the nostalgia for the former spouse, and this nostalgic psychology is most likely to cause the pain of the other party in the remarriage.

Therefore, after remarriage, the remarried person must strengthen the prevention of nostalgia from the feelings and reality.

銆€銆€Comparing a problem that a psychologically remarried couple is prone to commit is to compare the advantages of the original spouse with the shortcomings of the current spouse, and everything is critical and dissatisfied everywhere.

This will hurt the other’s feelings, and also disappoints the rebuilding family, causing the marriage to break again.

As everyone knows, each has its own strength and each has its own shortcomings.

Appropriately and comprehensively evaluate each other, understand each other, recognize each other’s strengths, help them overcome their shortcomings, and make each other become their ideal spouse.

銆€銆€Seriously, many remarriage people are often full of shackles or care about each other’s premarital life. From time to time, they expose their seriousness, slanders, swearing at each other’s personality, and damaging their self-esteem. The long-term will affect the feelings of both sides.

Therefore, remarried couples must prevent acute psychosis, especially sexual suspicion, cope with each other’s psychological chastity, cherish the feelings of the other party’s love, soothe the traumatic heart of the other, in order to make the two hearts tightly combined.

銆€銆€Retaliation for excessive psychological divorce, resentment against the former spouse, re-selection of the object only requires appearance or some aspects of the former spouse, to achieve the purpose of retaliation.

Because this choice is often blind, not based on emotional foundation, not only can not balance their own psychology, but also make the family foundation after remarriage is not stable.

Therefore, marriage psychologists believe that it is important to reflect on themselves, re-evaluate their performance in the past family, find the misunderstanding of the former marriage, and constantly improve and enrich themselves, so that they can be well-qualified in the new combination of families.The role of, thus, improve the quality of the actual marriage.