[Can you drink liquor with crayfish]_Eat crawfish_Can you drink

[Can you drink liquor with crayfish]_Eat crawfish_Can you drink

Crayfish is the main force of almost every supper place in modern life. People are very interested in eating lobster, because the taste of lobster is extremely delicious. After hot cooking, people are salivating, and they eat more and more refreshing.

Many people eat crayfish with some drinks, even alcohol and so on.

So, can I drink liquor with crayfish?

Let ‘s take a look at the explanation below.

Shrimp with wine is actually the most suitable for drinking crayfish. From the perspective of food properties, white wine is a hot food, which can neutralize the cold air of crayfish and promote digestion and digestion of food. Compared with the alcohol content of white wine,High, it also has a killing effect on parasites in crayfish, which can prevent parasitic infection.

When drinking shrimp, try to drink less or no alcohol. If you want to drink, the best thing to eat crayfish is white wine.

From the perspective of food properties, white wine is a hot food, which can neutralize the cold air of crayfish, promote digestion and digestion of food, and a high content of alcohol in white wine. It also has a killing effect on parasites in crayfish.Prevents parasitic infections.
You can drink liquor with lobster but not beer.

Lobster can be supplemented with high protein, nutrition, vitamins, and trace elements. Liquor contains alcohol, which is irritating and easily affects the nutrition of lobster food. During lobster eating, drink less and not drink, and eat less irritating food.It is also good for avoiding affecting the body.

A nutritionist says that eating lobster is a good way to drink liquor. Liquor contains a high degree of alcohol, which is very irritating to the liver.

It is best not to drink alcohol when eating shrimp. If you must, drink some white wine or red wine. It is absolutely forbidden to drink beer, because the purity of purine substances in beer is affected by shrimp.

Due to different constitutions, some people will be allergic to lobster, some people will be allergic to alcohol, and allergies to lobster and white wine will occur.

After an allergy occurs, you should temporarily stop eating the food that caused the allergy.

[How to make cucumber and carrot fried meat?】 _Carrot Fried Meat_Green Melon_Production Method

銆 愰 粍 鐡 钡 撆 咀 忆 崆 崣 咣 掕 倝 Pick up 庝 箞 pot Pan 銆 銆 鑱 怅 鍗 滰 邰 掱 掔 摐 _ 鍒 多 綔 鏂 珂 經
鑳¤悵鍗滈噷闈㈠惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑鏈ㄨ川绱狅紝杩欐槸瀵逛汉浣撳仴搴峰緢鏈夊ソ澶勭殑涓€绉嶈惀鍏伙紝姣斿鏈ㄨ川绱犺兘澶熷府鍔╂潃鐏檶缁嗚優锛屾墍浠ュ叿鏈夋姉鐧岀殑浣滅敤锛屽彟澶栬儭钀濆崪鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勭淮鐢熺礌鍜屽井閲忓厓绱狅紝涓嶇浠讳綍骞撮緞灞傜殑浜猴紝骞虫椂澶氬悆涓€浜涜儭钀濆崪鑳藉澧炲姞韬綋鍏嶇柅鍔涳紝杩樿兘澶熻捣鍒伴檷琛€鍘嬮檷琛€鑴傜瓑鍔熸晥锛屼笅闈㈡暀澶у鐢ㄩ粍鐡滃拰鑳¤悵鍗滅倰鑲夋潵鍚冦€傞粍鐡滆儭钀濆崪鐐掕倝鐨勫仛娉曪細1榛勭摐鍒囦竵锛岃儭钀濆崪娲嬭懕鍒囩墖锛屼簲鑺辫倝娲楀囒 囩 囖 取 2 鐑 兒 呌 呮 單 协 像 僳 姳 姳 厓 叓 揓 厣 姣 揗 揗 叆 咉 雖 尖尖 尖尖 尖 取Shackled?鏀句竴纰楁竻寮€姘寸劧鍚庣洊涓婄洊瀛愮倴6瑙夊緱鑲夌倴鐔熶簡锛屾墦寮€鐩栧瓙鏀鹃粍鐡滀竵7鏀捐儭钀濆Do you feel that the wind is so loud?.Yuepinjihu  Zhetiegechen Niefenzuliao Linggan / spin village  Guodongcenshu Getting 11.嗑 嗗  钄  彍 22.鐦﹁倝鍒囦笣鍔犲叆閫傞噺鐩愶紝姘存穩绮夋媽鍖€鑵屽埗涓€浼氬効33.Do you want to fix it?4.55 Gui Gui, 逅 鍅 滐 源 難 掕 湕 蒋 55.锷 犲 叆 呆 勭 呐 獤 吰 困 囧 埢 66.銷 犲 叆 変 嬣 鬷 屽 睡 77.鍔犲叆閫傞噺鐩愮硸楦$簿鍑洪攨榛勭摐鍛崇敇锛岀敎銆佹€у噳銆佽嫤銆佹棤姣掞紝鍏ヨ劸銆佽儍銆佸ぇ鑲狅紱鍏锋湁闄ょ儹锛屽埄姘村埄灏匡紝娓呯儹瑙f瘨鐨勫姛鏁堬紱涓绘不鐑︽复锛屽捊鍠夎偪鐥涳紝鐏溂锛岀伀鐑激銆傝繕鏈夊噺鑲ュ姛鏁堛€傞粍鐡滅毊鎵€鍚惀鍏荤礌涓板瘜锛屽簲褰撲繚鐣欑敓鍚冦€備絾涓轰簡棰勯槻鍐滆嵂娈嬬暀瀵逛汉浣撶殑浼ゅ锛岄粍鐡滃簲鍏堝湪鐩愭按涓场15-20鍒嗛挓鍐嶆礂鍑€鐢熼銆傜敤鐩愭按娉¢粍鐡滄椂鍒囧嬁鎺愬ご鍘绘牴锛岃淇濇寔榛勭摐鐨勫畬鏁达紝浠ュ厤钀ュ吇绱犲湪娉$殑杩囩▼涓粠鍒囬潰娴佸け銆傚彟澶栵紝鍑夋媽鑿滃簲鐜板仛鐜板悆锛屼笉瑕佸仛濂藉悗闀挎椂闂存斁缃紝杩欐牱涔熶細淇冧娇缁寸敓绱犳崯澶便€傝儭钀濆崪鐐掕倝鐗囨潗鏂欑孩钀濆崪锛岃倝鐗囷紝璋冨懗鏂欙紝鐩愶紝娌癸紝绯栵紝鐢熺矇涔嬬被锛岀敓濮滅矑銆傘€傚仛娉?-绾㈣悵鍗滄礂鍑€锛屽垏鎴愪笣鎴栫墖鐘躲€?-绾㈣悵鍗滄妸鑲夊垏鎴愬皬鐗囩姸锛岃倝鍦ㄦ病鏈夊畬鍏ㄥ寲寮€鐨勬儏鍐典笅姣旇緝濂藉垏銆?-Don’t be afraid, what’s going on, what’s going on, what’s going on, what’s going on, what’s going on, what’s going on?-鎶婅皟濂藉懗鐨勮倝鏀惧叆娌归攨鑲夌倰浜涘井鐔熴€?-鎶婄孩钀濆崪涓濅篃鏀惧叆閿呭唴涓€璧风倰銆?-鐐掕嚦绾㈣悵鍗滀笣鐔燂紙鎴栬€呰鏄倰鑷宠涓虹啛鐨勭▼搴︼級銆?-Well?

[How to eat the most blood to date]_Date_How to eat_How to eat

[How to eat the most blood to date]_Date_How to eat_How to eat

There is no doubt that jujube is an excellent supplement that can both treat anemia and beautify the skin, but to achieve these effects, you must choose the right way to eat jujube. Experts introduce red dates longan tea and blood sugar red datesAlas, rose, red date and blood porridge, ginger fragrant red date stewed flower gelatin, these several dietary treatment methods are very good.

1. Red dates longan tea ingredients: red dates, longan, wolfberry, angelica zero, eggs, brown sugar Method: Wash everything except brown sugar, put it in a pot and simmer on low heat for about 30 minutes, add brown sugar and cook together;About 40-50 minutes, the ingredients are all tasted, and it’s all right. Even the soup and the dregs are eaten.

If you want to drink like tea, you don’t need to put eggs, and you can cook other things for more than 30 minutes.

2, blood sugar red dates jujube ingredients: 20 grams of white fungus, 15 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 10 dates, 15 grams of rock sugar, 450 ml of water Practice: Tremella soaked in warm water.

Put the white fungus and red dates into a clay pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook until the white fungus is soft and waxy, and the soup has a gelatinous texture.

Add medlar and rock sugar after one hour.

3. Rose, red dates and blood porridge ingredients: black rice, white rice, brown sugar, ten red dates, and dozens of medicinal roses.

Method: Wash the black rice and white rice in the ratio of 1: 1, and soak in water overnight.

Pour the rice into the rice cooker, boil it with boiling water, and be sure to add enough water at a time.

After the porridge is boiled, wash the red dates to remove the seeds, cut into diced, remove the buds of the medicinal rose buds, separate the petals, and set aside; after the porridge is boiled, add the red dates and cook together until the rice grains open and cook until stickyWhen it is thick, add brown sugar and dissolve it. Sprinkle the medicinal rose petals before boiling, stir well.

4. Ginger, red dates, stewed flower gum ingredients: 30 grams of dried gelatin, 70 grams of red dates, 6 slices of ginger, yellow rock sugar, proper method: first foam the dried flowers in advance; rinse the dates, peel the ginger and slice;Add the good gelatin, red dates, and ginger slices to the pot, add an appropriate amount of water; simmer for about 1 hour until the gelatin is soft and smooth, add yellow rock sugar; simmer for another 10 minutes, and the rock sugar can be replaced.

Red dates are good for blood, so female friends can do more with less by choosing the right blood.

As the saying goes, “medicinal supplements are not as good as food supplements”, because after all, drugs cannot be eaten often. Pay attention to food to supplement blood. Among the foods that supplement blood, the best effect is jujube.

In your spare time, you may wish to try some of the dietary recipes introduced above.

[How to eat fried pig heart]

鐚績鏄尓鐨勫唴鑴忎箣涓€锛屼篃灏辨槸鐚殑蹇冭剰锛屽浜轰綋鍋ュ悍鏈変竴瀹氱殑璋冪悊鐨勪綔鐢紝灏ゅ叾鍏锋湁鍏诲績瀹夌鐨勬晥鏋溿€傚钩鏃堕€傚綋鐨勫悆涓€浜涚倰鐚績锛屽叿鏈夐闃插け鐪狅紝棰勯槻鐩楁睏鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€傜倰鐚績鐨勫仛娉曚篃姣旇緝澶氾紝鏈€濂借兘澶熺◢寰厡鍒朵竴涓嬶紝鐒跺悗鍐嶅ぇWhat’s the difference? What is the difference between this and the other? ╀ 簬 鐚  綏 郏 ュ 懗 銆?鍋氭硶涓€ 鏉愭枡锛氱尓蹇?00鍏嬨€€銆€钂滆嫍25鍏嬨€€銆€绾㈣荆妞?涓€€銆€棣欒懕1妫点€€銆€鐢熷1灏忓潡銆€銆€澶ц挏3鐡c€€銆€鑺辨閫傞噺銆€銆€澶ф枡閫傞噺銆€銆€妗傜毊閫傞噺銆€銆€涓侀閫傞噺銆€銆€椋熺敤娌?0鍏嬨€€銆€閰辨补1澶у寵銆€銆€杈f绮?灏忓寵銆€銆€绮剧洂1灏忓寵銆€銆€鍛崇簿0。5 炏 儓 pet pot pots 1.鎶婄尓蹇冩礂鍑€;钂滆嫍娲楀噣鍒囨;钁便€佸娲楀噣鍚庡垎鍒垏鎴愭銆佺墖;杈f娲楀噣鍒囩墖锛?.Do you want to know what is going on?3.鏀惧叆涓€閮ㄥ垎钁便€佸銆佽挏鍜岃姳妞掋€佸ぇ鏂欍€佹鐨€佷竵棣欍€侀叡娌癸紝涓庣尓蹇冨悓鐓?0 闒 嗛 挓 钖 庢 崑 虹 尓 幨 冏 鐗?4.閿呭唴鏀炬补锛岀儳鐑紝鏀惧叆杈f鍜屽墿浣欑殑钁便€佸銆佽挏鐓搁锛屾斁鍏ョ尓蹇冪墖鐓哥倰鍚庤捣閿呯洓鐩?5,閿呭唴鏀炬补锛岀儳鐑紝鏀惧叆杈f鍜岃挏鑻楃吀鐐掔墖鍒伙紝鍐嶅€掑叆鐚績锛屽姞杈f绮夈€佺洂銆佸懗绮惧嵆鍙€?娉ㄦ剰 钂滈鍛虫祿锛屽紑鑳冧笅閰掋€備竴瀹氳娲楀噣鐚績閲岄潰鐨勮鍧椼€傚仛娉曚簩 鏉愭枡锛氱尓蹇?涓紝闈掓150鍏嬶紝姘村彂鏈ㄨ€?5 嬏 嬶 璴 璁 蓆 賆 銆 丸 ? 睡 悢 悇 10 鍏 嬶 纴 揂 氓 Tired of 20 鍏 嬶 纴 練 懂 懂 3 鍏 嬶 璴 Forging the Book of Records 2 鍏 嬶 纴 傶 傶 傶 傶 輔 steady and beautiful?0 What’s wrong?0 What’s wrong?00鍏嬨€傚仛娉?1銆佸皢姘村彂鏈ㄨ€冲垏鎴愮墖銆傞潚妞掑垏鎴愯薄鐪肩墖銆傜尓蹇冩姽鍒€鍒囨垚鐗囷紝鐢ㄦ枡閰?0鍏嬨€佺簿鐩?Do you have a good look?0鍏嬫媽鍖€涓婃祮銆?銆侀攨鍐呮斁鍏ユ补鐑ц嚦鍥涙垚鐑紝涓嬪叆鐚績婊戞暎鑷崇啛锛屽€掑叆婕忓嫼銆?銆侀攨鍐呮斁鍏ユ补30鍏嬶紝涓嬪叆钁辨湯銆佸鏈倽棣欙紝涓嬪叆鐚績銆佹湪鑰炽€侀潚妞掔倰鍖€鑷崇啛What are you talking about?Tremble?瀵规垚鐨勮姟姹佺炕鍖€锛屽嚭閿呰鐩樺嵆鎴愩€?Hawk?鐗圭偣鑹插僵鍗忚皟锛岄瀚╃埥鑴嗐€傛搷浣滄彁绀哄垁宸ュ潎鍖€銆傜尓蹇冩粦娌规椂鐏姏涓嶅彲杩囧ぇ銆傜児姹佸悗瑕佸揩閫熺炕鍖€鍑洪攨銆?

Hikvision (002415): Q2 performance significantly improved and actively adjusted to respond to environmental changes

Hikvision (002415): Q2 performance significantly improved and actively adjusted to respond to environmental changes

The company’s 2019H1 revenue is growing by 14 per year.

60%, Q2 revenue growth reached 21.

46%: The company released its 2019 Interim Report and achieved revenue of 239 in the first half of 2019.

23 ppm, an increase of 14 in ten years.

60%; net profit attributable to mother reaches 42.

17 ppm, an increase of ten years.


In terms of quarters, the growth of revenue and net profit in the second quarter accelerated significantly. In terms of revenue, the growth in the first quarter increased.

17%, an increase of 21 in the second quarter.

46%; in terms of net profit attributable to mothers, the quarter-to-quarter decline of 15%.

41%, an increase of 14 in the second quarter.


We believe that the company’s quarterly division of financial data for the second quarter has clearly improved, and the company ‘s channel destocking strategy during the same period of last year has enabled the company to maintain sustainable growth on the channel side due to the steady growth of domestic government and enterprise-side industry demand.
The company expects that the net profit attributable to mothers will vary from 0% to 15% in the first three quarters of 2019.

Overall gross profit margin improved and operating cash flow improved: The company’s gross profit margin for the first half of 2019 was 46.

33%, increase by 1 every year.

83 units.

The company reported that the improvement of the first-level gross profit margin mainly comes from three aspects. The first is the optimization of the income structure. For example, the proportion of engineering construction business income with a lower gross profit margin has been increased from 5.

From 16% to 2%, the proportion of revenue from central control products with a higher gross profit margin increased from 13.

41% rose to 14.

58%; the second is due to the expected reduction; the third is the continuous positive impact of the company’s internal cost reduction and control.

In terms of research and development, the company continued to maintain its budget and reportedly expanded its investment in research and development to 25.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 30 in ten years.


In terms of operating cash flow, it was -4 in the first half of 2019.

310,000 yuan, 26 in the second quarter.

070000 yuan, all have a significant improvement over the same period in 2018.

The three major business groups are optimized in a coordinated manner, and overseas targeted layouts actively respond to environmental changes.

We believe that the three major business groups of PBG (Public Service Business Group), EBG (Enterprise Business Group) and SMBG (Small and Medium Business Group) optimized and restructured in 2019 effectively coordinated internal resources.

According to the company’s record of investor relations activities, starting from March 2019, the number of business opportunities of the company has gradually increased, social investment has stabilized in the second quarter, the company’s PBG business has stabilized, EBG business has grown rapidly, and SMBG has rebounded significantly in the first quarter.

On the overseas front, the company continued to expand overseas channels, while strengthening local operation and service capacity building, and responding to environmental changes through targeted distribution. In the first half of 2019, the company’s overseas market revenue reached 69.

43 ppm, an increase of 10 in ten years.


The company keeps actively adjusting its business structure in a complex macro environment to maintain a steady 天津夜网 growth in revenue. We are optimistic about the company’s long-term development.

Profit forecast and investment advice: We believe that based on its deep technology accumulation, the company continuously optimizes its business structure, actively responds to changes in the external environment, and further transforms its competitive advantage.

We estimate that the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 will be 1.


67/2.19 yuan.

Due to the company’s core capabilities in the field of security monitoring and future development potential in the field of AI and innovation, the company is expected to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage in the future, giving companies in the same industry a higher estimated premium, and giving the company 22-28 times PE in 2019, Corresponding to a reasonable value interval of 30.


36 yuan / share, maintain “previous market” rating.

Risk warning: The progress of AI products is lower than expected risks, and the industry growth rate is lower than expected risks.

McGmitter (002851) Interim Commentary: Electric Vehicle Business Explodes and High Growth Continues

McGmitter (002851) Interim Commentary: Electric Vehicle Business Explodes and High Growth Continues
Incident Description The company released its semi-annual report for 2019 and achieved revenue16.US $ 600 million, an annual increase of 61%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company1.6.2 billion, an increase of 148% in ten years.The actual growth rate fell within the air force’s notice interval. Incident Review Revenue continued to grow at a high level and profitability remained stable.The company’s 2019H1 revenue maintained a rapid growth trend, and the main contributing factor was still the electric vehicle business.In terms of profitability, it is expected that the gross profit margin of the company in 2019H1 will decrease by 4 due to the price reduction and structural adjustment of some products.3pct; At the same time, due to the rapid expansion of sales scale, the company’s expense ratio was significantly reduced, and the company’s expense ratio during the 2019H1 period was 14.8%, an improvement of 4 per year.4pct.Taken together, the decline in gross profit margin and the thinning of the expense ratio offset the company’s final profit level. The company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company increased by 65% in 2019H1, which is basically the same as the revenue growth. The electric vehicle business was one of the main highlights in the first half of the year.In terms of business, the electric vehicle business has been one of the company’s main highlights in the past two 武汉夜生活网 years.The company’s core customer of electric vehicle business is still BAIC. According to the certification data, BAIC’s three main models of A0 and above were produced in the first half of this year.60,000 vehicles, an increase of over 300% in ten years.Under this influence, the company’s new energy and rail transit 2019H1 revenue increased by 239%, and the gross profit margin shifted from position 11.4pct, due to the pressure of price cuts in the industrial chain. Benefiting from high revenue growth, the subsidiary Shenzhen-driven 2019H1 achieved net profit of 0.670,000 yuan. It is expected that the annual performance commitment in the first half of the year has exceeded 90%.Looking ahead, it is expected that the company’s electric vehicle business will continue to grow rapidly, driven by the overall production growth of electric 深圳桑拿网 vehicles in the second half of the year. The continued business growth is still beautiful. Bathroom and automation products are under pressure.Except for electric vehicle products, the company’s other main product operations are slightly differentiated, and most of the majority of its products rely on the development of new markets and new customers, and still maintain a relatively good growth rate; after calculating the three major subsidiaries,The company’s 2019H1 revenue will grow by 38% annually.At the same time, the possibility of a small part of the product growth rate appears: 6pc, Yiyihe Bathroom is expected to complete about 34% of its performance commitments in the first half of the year; it is expected that smart bathrooms will resume growth in the second half of the year driven by the industry peak season, and is expected to achieve performance commitments;Industrial automation products have shown a flat or slight downward trend due to the decline in the overall manufacturing boom since this year. Maintaining the previous point of view, the company’s business line is weakly related to the macro. It is judged that it can maintain rapid growth in the short term with the support of electric vehicles and some electrical products. It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company in 2019 and 20203.5, 4.600 million, corresponding to PE is 26, 20 times.Maintain BUY rating. Risk Warning: 1. Electric vehicle electric control, intelligent bathroom in the second half of the year fell short of expectations; 2. Increased competition has led to higher-than-expected gross profit margins.

Dream Lily (603313): Beneficial raw material prices have grown sharply

Dream Lily (603313): Beneficial raw material prices have grown sharply

深圳桑拿网The net profit attributable to mothers in 2019H1 is increasing by 294 annually.

77%, slightly better than expected in the first half of 2019, Dream Lily achieved revenue of 15.

80 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.

17%; net profit attributable to mothers1.

50 ppm, an increase of 294 in ten years.

77%, slightly higher than our United Nations expectations; net profit after deduction is further increased by 149.

1% to 1.

3.7 billion.

Among them, 19Q2 single-quarter revenue increased by 18 per year.

1% to 7.

9.3 billion, net income attributable to mothers increased by 123 in ten years.

9% to 0.

7.5 billion.

The company’s gross profit margin has improved significantly, and we expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 1.

09, 1.


77 yuan to maintain the “overweight” level.

TDI prices 武汉夜网论坛 continued to fall, driving the gross profit margin to significantly increase memory foam mattresses to maintain steady growth and increase revenue growth.

9% to 8.

1.2 billion; memory cotton pillow revenue exceeded a small margin5.

9% to 2.

2.3 billion.

The new business was developed smoothly, and the sofa business achieved revenue1.

55 ppm, electric bed achieved revenue1.

2.9 billion.

TDI prices of major raw materials have fallen sharply since the second half of 2018 (According to Wind data, TDI spot 19H1 average price swap position 57).

8%, earlier 18H2 injection 41.

8%), driving memory foam mattresses, memory foam pillow gross margin repaired significantly, each time increased by 13 respectively.


3pct to 41.

2% / 34.

1%, sofa, electric bed respectively achieved gross profit margins of 27.

1% / 33.

2%, comprehensive gross profit margin increased by 9 in the short term.

0 points to 37.


In the first half of 2019, the company comprehensively upgraded its brand strategy by improving its store image, tapping Manchester United ‘s IP resources, hosting star-in-store activities, holding zero-pressure strategies and new product launches, and cooperating with mainstream media in the vertical sector.

1 point to 13.8%; management + R & D expense rate increased by 1 in ten years.

0 points to 9.

4%, mainly affected by the increase in employee compensation and consulting fees; the increase in financial expense ratio1.

3 points to 1.

7%, mainly due to interest expenses related to convertible bonds.

Operating net cash flow has improved significantly, with an annual increase of 4051.

8% to 1.

700 million.

The global production capacity layout is gradually improving, and in response to the domestic sales of Sino-US trade friction risks, the company actively deploys online channels such as Tmall, and cooperates with household stores such as Red Star Macalline, Actually Home and other hotels and hotels offline.To 2.

5 ppm, gross profit margin increased by 12.

3pct to 50.


In terms of export, the revenue in the first half of 2019 increased by 27% to 13 per year.

2 ppm, with a gross margin improvement of up to 8.

9 points to 35.


At the same time, the company actively responded to Sino-U.S. Trade friction risks by accelerating the layout of production bases, integrating global sales channels of independent brands, and extending the industrial chain downstream. At present, the company’s production bases in Serbia, Spain, Thailand, and Thailand have been put into production and global supply.The United States is also constructing US production bases, which will help the United States to impose tariffs on Chinese exports, which will affect the company’s operations.

Profitability continued to rise, maintaining the “overweight” rating. Taking into account the current decline in original prices, the company’s gross profit margin has increased. We adjust our profit forecast.
The net profit attributable to mothers will be 3 in 2021.

5, 4.


700 million (original value of 3.

3, 4.

5, 5.

80,000 yuan), the corresponding EPS is 1.

09, 1.


77 yuan.

With reference to the average PE level of 17 times for comparable companies in 2019, considering that the company’s performance growth is higher than that of comparable companies, the company will be given 18 in 2019?
19 times the target PE, corresponding to a target price of 19.


71 yuan, maintain “overweight” rating.

Risk warning: fluctuations in raw material prices and uncertainty in the foreign trade environment.

Drinking water before bed is good, but the key is to moderate

Drinking water before bed is good, but the key is to moderate

Core tip: Should you drink water before going to bed?

In fact, as long as the right amount is good for cardiovascular, diabetes, urinary and even kidney disease patients, especially in summer, when the body’s water loss is fast.

  Drinking water before bedtime can reduce blood viscosity and cardiovascular events.

But is it burdensome to suffer from hypertension?

In fact, we do not have to worry too much, because for some people, drinking water before bed is not bad, but the key is to moderate.

  Patients with severe renal failure and those who have undergone dialysis treatment, due to the kidney’s impaired regulation of water, drinking a large amount of water will cause an increase in the body’s water load and cause symptoms of edema. In severe cases, it may even cause heart failure.

Corresponding to people with poor heart function, drinking too much water before bedtime is also at risk of heart failure.

In addition, drinking plenty of water before going to bed will increase the number of nocturia, which will affect the quality of sleep.

  Those with poor heart and kidney function may only experience accidents if they drink plenty of water.

Drinking a moderate amount of water before going to bed does not increase the burden on the kidneys.

In summer, the weather is sweltering and the body’s water loss accelerates. It is important to get enough water.

For people with urinary tract infections, drinking plenty of water to urinate can also help wash away urethral bacteria.

  Sweating during deep sleep results in less water in the blood and higher blood viscosity, which puts cardiovascular patients at risk.

Drinking a glass of water before bed can reduce blood viscosity, reduce myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, cerebral thrombosis and other emergencies.

For people with diabetes, maintaining a certain amount of water is also good for controlling blood sugar.

  Drinking water before bed is not bad, it should be said to be good, but the key is the right amount.

If you are worried about excessive nocturia affecting the sleep process, you can try drinking a small amount of water repeatedly during the day, about 100 ml, to keep the body hydrated.

Drinking water at night requires moderation. Drink half a glass of water before bed to relieve dry mouth.

Finally, it is recommended that cardiovascular patients put a glass of water on the bedside and drink a glass of water after waking up at night or after getting up to reduce blood viscosity.

8 smart games in the kitchen

8 smart games in the kitchen

The game can be played anywhere. The following “parent-child puzzle games” to train children’s intelligence in the kitchen, so that your baby can happily participate in kitchen games from the age of two months, so that your baby’s brain can easily exercise.

  Tap the empty glass with a spoon to distinguish the sound, and it will make a crisp and pleasant tinkling sound, which will easily attract the baby’s attention.

  After a few taps, the mother told the baby, “This is the sound of the spoon tapping on the glass.

“The two pot lids collide with each other, and they will make a sound like 钹, after telling the baby,” This is the sound of touching the pot lid. ”

“Parents are free to use other kitchen utensils to make sounds, as long as the baby feels fun, he will listen attentively.

The child’s hearing was also trained.

  Color discrimination Any food with simple colors can be used as “teaching aids”.

The mother took the root carrot and placed it about thirty centimeters in front of the baby’s eyes, and let him stare for six seconds, telling him, “This is an orange carrot.

“Change the onion, let him watch for six seconds, and then tell him:” This is the green onion.

“Through training, your baby’s visual intelligence can be clearly stimulated.

  Touch training is tactile intelligence, the kitchen has unique “advantages”.

Wooden, metal, porcelain, cloth, sponge . Any kitchenware with a diameter larger than the baby’s mouth can be used as a toy, allowing the child to fully touch it. As long as these “toys” are cleaned in advance, even if he uses themIt’s okay to “taste” your mouth.

After he touched these “toys”, the mother could use the toys to make the baby happy, and also made him feel: “This is the mother who is rubbing your feet with a sponge”, “the belly is being rubbed with a bowl cloth”.

  Grab the ball and take a rubber band, about fifteen centimeters. One end is attached to the edge of the kitchen table, and the other end is tightly adhered to a light object, such as a ball or a small bell.

Help him hold the small bell at the end of the rubber band. When he let go, the small bell will dance and swing under the rubber band. This will attract the baby to reach out and grab or pat the small toy at the end of the rubber band to practice hisSmart by hand.

  Dialogue “Do you think these chopsticks are long?

“After you ask, wait for your baby to answer with a voice. Regardless of whether the baby’s voice is correct, encourage him enthusiastically and make him feel happy to” talk “to you.

It won’t be long before his best self becomes more accurate.

“Would you like mom to show you peanuts with chopsticks?

“” Is it convenient to eat with chopsticks?

“Try to ask him some right and wrong questions, as long as he can respond with one or two voices, even if he has already answered.

  Exercise in the kitchen, the mother has to do something. At this time, you can put a crawling mat on one corner of the kitchen and put something in front of the baby. If he wants to catch it, he will move hands and feet and the idea will move forward.

This method can exercise your baby’s motor intelligence without knowing it.

  Smell the parsley is done, put some vegetables on a small plate to let the baby smell, and then ask him: “Is it fragrant?

“After eating and washing dishes, you can also let the baby smell the soap and tell him:” Soap is really fragrant.

“Through such training, you can stimulate your baby’s olfactory development.

  To taste, you can use a small straw to dip some sugar, soy sauce, and lemon juice to make your baby feel sweet, salty, and sour.

Through such training, the baby can quickly learn how to distinguish the basic taste of these things, and his taste will be fully stimulated.

  Taking advantage of the opportunity to cook, the above eight intelligent improvement activities are not only easy to implement, but also fun and fun, and the time required is not much, and it does not delay the mother’s housework., Can be described as doing more.

Anti-osteoporosis with calcium supplement for elderly friends

Anti-osteoporosis with calcium supplement for elderly friends

Introduction: In addition to the active treatment of osteoporosis patients, they can also be supplemented with medicated soup.

Carp soup 1 live carp, descaled, gills and offal, add minced shallot, ginger, cooking wine and salt, marinate for a while, add water to cook until the soup white fish rotten, and pile up in batches.

It is suitable for elderly osteoporosis, nephritis edema, jaundice hepatitis, cirrhosis ascites, elderly chronic bronchitis, hypertension, diabetes and so on.

Yam, lychee and turtle soup with yam 10?
15 grams, wolfberry 5?
10 grams, 1 turtle (about 500 grams).

Turtles are slaughtered in hot water, cut open, washed, removed the internal organs, and cooked with the ingredients, add ginger, salt, wine condiments, and eat.

It has the effects of nourishing yin and tonifying kidney, nourishing qi and spleen.

Applicable to patients with osteoporosis due to yin deficiency.

Mulberry beef bone soup, mulberry seeds 25g, beef bone 250?
500 g.

Wash the mulberry seeds, add wine, and steam the sugar.

Put the beef bones in a deep pan and boil them. After the pan is boiled, skim the surface and add ginger and spring onions to cook.

When the bone of the beef was pale, it showed that the calcium, phosphorus, and bone glue of the beef bone had been dissolved in the soup. Then the beef bone was removed, and the steamed mulberry seeds were added.

This formula has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, nourishing kidney and strengthening tendons, and is suitable for osteoporosis and menopausal syndrome.

It is also effective for insomnia, dizziness, deafness, and neurasthenia caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency.

Black bean black bean with black bean and pork bone soup?
30 grams, 200?
300 grams (pork ribs 150?
200 g).

Wash the black beans, soak them softly, place them in a deep saucepan with the pork bones, add water to boil, and then slowly cook until the flames are cooked. Add the seasoning.

It has the effects of nourishing kidney, promoting blood circulation, expelling wind, and dampness.

Suitable for elderly osteoporosis, rheumatism and pain.

Pig skin soup Pig skin, wash, cut into pieces, add water to boil to remove foam, add onions, ginger amount, cooked, seasoning.

Suitable for elderly osteoporosis, malnutrition, anemia, etc.