5 DIY whitening and freckle masks are simple and practical

5 DIY whitening and freckle masks are simple and practical

Many women will be troubled by the breeding of plaques on their faces. There are many factors that cause freckles. Sometimes they are exposed to sunlight or overcome the face of the computer. There is no thorough makeup removal.Safety.

  How to Simple DIY Whitening Freckle Mask?

  1. Take out 5 grams of pine flower chrysanthemum and corn flower pollen in a container. Then add 20 ml of lemon juice and fresh milk. Mix one egg and mix to make a paste. Wash your face thoroughly., Then apply on the skin for about 30 minutes and rinse with running water. It can even remove stains and moisturize and whiten the skin.

  2. Mung bean powder and rose mask 60 grams of white poria powder, white coix powder, green bean powder, angelica powder and peach kernel powder are mixed together in a bottle, then take out a small spoon and put it in a container, add an appropriate amount of rose water and 3 dropsThe rose essential oil is evenly mixed to make a paste, and then applied to the shell with a small brush, washed for 30 minutes, and done about three times a week. This mask has the functions of activating blood spots and whitening, and is suitable for almost all skin types.

  3. Black tea mask Put 2 scoops of brown sugar and black tea in the water and cook them. When cooling to 37 ° C, add an appropriate amount of flour and mix well. Then apply it on the top for 15 minutes. Rinse off with running water to help improveBrightens the complexion, makes the skin more fair, moisturizes the skin, and fades the spots.

  4. The grape mask cleans the proper amount of grapes, leaving only the grape flesh and the grape skin. They are put together in a juicer to squeeze the juice, and then put the compressed mask paper directly into it.However, grapes have anti-oxidant and anti-wrinkle effects, but also help to remove wrinkles, keep the skin hydrated and transparent, and help remove spots.

  5. Tremella astragalus face mask Put 5 grams of Poria, Atractylodes japonica Astragalus and Tremella powder and 5 grams of flour all in a container, mix with an appropriate amount of water and mix well to make a paste and apply it on the board. After 30 minutes, clean it.The effect of nourishing the skin, the medicine can directly enter the skin to relax and achieve the effect of freckle whitening.

  Please note that everyone’s skin texture is different, and the masks used are also very different. When applying the mask, you must be alert to skin allergies.

Wash the face thoroughly before applying the mask, and then apply it for three minutes with a hot towel. This will promote the opening of the pores and help absorb the nutrients in the mask.

When applying the mask, try to avoid around the eyes, upper and lower lips, and eyebrows.

Hypertensive people need to exercise caution when practicing yoga

Hypertensive people need to exercise caution when practicing yoga

Hypertensive patients need to be careful when learning yoga: Yoga has become one of the most popular fitness exercises, but there are not a few patients who suffer from strains or other injuries caused by practicing yoga.

Practicing yoga should be based on your actual situation. Don’t compete and win, so as not to be counterproductive.

  When choosing a fitness venue or other institution that learns yoga movements, first look at its teachers, choose a professional yoga professor venue, and consider your own health before choosing to practice yoga, such as cervical disease, intervertebral disc disease, kneePatients with diseases such as joint complications must not be rushed during practice. For some difficult movements, you must know how to avoid them and conditioners. For example, if you have poor spine literature, try not to do it or slightly do it when practicing some twisting movements.Professional yoga instructors will not force everyone to achieve the same standard for every movement. Because everyone’s own flexibility is different, professional instructors will tell students “Don’t cross contrast, as long as you improve, it is progress, yoga isA kind of fitness exercise is not a challenge item, even if it is done as a challenge item, then the goal to be challenged can only be yourself, not forcing yourself to meet other people’s standards or surpass others.

“High-temperature yoga is not suitable for everyone. High-temperature yoga will make people’s heart beat faster, a lot of water is lost in the body, and patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, as well as patients with hypertension, hypotension, cardiovascular and other diseases, try not to try yoga, especiallyFor high-temperature yoga, if you have to practice yoga moves, you should try to choose some simple movements of normal-temperature yoga. High-temperature yoga must not be tried easily to avoid danger.

  In addition, if people who choose high temperature yoga suffer from diseases, they should properly consult the physician if they can try high temperature yoga before planning next steps. Literatures with poor vertebrae health and patients with intervening joints should also consult first when choosing room temperature yoga.Physician.

  The purpose of practicing yoga is to adjust the body’s endocrine system and immune system to achieve fitness by doing yoga movements and meditation, etc. Yoga helps the practitioners to beautify their body shape, cultivate their own body, and even add weight through other methods.The role, but not all of a sudden, the principle is to adjust the external environment of the body by improving its internal environment, this is a long-term process, and some yoga venues now promote its effects such as fast-acting weight loss, which has no scientific basisPractitioners should not be blindly convinced. One of the reasons why yoga is important is to be calm and not to practice yoga movements with any destination to achieve the desired effect. Practicing yoga movements just to lose weight is also the essence of yoga.Deviate from.

Don’t eat your child’s breakfast like this

Don’t eat your child’s breakfast like this

Breakfast is the beginning of a day’s energy, so preparing a nutritious breakfast for children is a must-do homework for every parent.

Children’s breakfast can be varied, but the following multiple breakfasts are not recommended for children.


Snack breakfast Parents usually stock a lot of snacks at home, so sometimes they also use snacks for breakfast, such as biscuits, chocolates, etc., but some kind of snack breakfast is very bad for children’s health.

Most snacks are dry foods, which are not conducive to digestion and absorption for humans who are in a semi-dehydrated state in the morning. The main raw material of snacks such as biscuits is cereals. Although they can provide energy in a short time, they will be hungry quickly;Snacks for breakfast are prone to malnutrition.

  Breakfast suggestions: Don’t replace snacks with breakfast, especially don’t eat too much dry food, breakfast food should contain enough water.


Leftovers. Some parents like to use leftovers. Leftovers are processed for breakfast. Some use leftovers to make fried rice and leftovers to make noodles.

But overnight vegetables may produce nitrous acid (a carcinogen), which is harmful to human health.

  Breakfast suggestions: Try not to eat leftover vegetables. Make the rest of the food for breakfast, and be sure to save it to prevent spoilage. The food taken from the refrigerator should be heated thoroughly before it is eaten by children.


Fast food breakfast burgers, fried chicken wings and other western-style fast foods have been welcomed by many parents. Children also like to eat them, but the cost of breakfast is very high, which can easily lead to obesity. Long-term use of fried foods can also be harmful to the body, and it is easy to have uneven nutrition.

  Breakfast suggestions: Do not use this type of fast food for breakfast for a long time, and occasionally, you should add vegetables and fruits to maintain a balanced nutrition.


“Traditional” breakfast traditional cakes such as fried cakes, fried dough sticks, and fried dumplings are the breakfast forms that many families will choose. However, fried foods are still too high in fat and prone to excess energy, and high-temperature fried foods tend to produce substances harmful to the body.

  Breakfast suggestion: Be sure to have vegetables or fruits for breakfast, and try to give your children less fried food.

5 of health care, you know how much


5 of health care, you know how much

Health, the first is to raise morality.

Ancient scholars have proposed the theory of health care for the benevolent life.

In terms of the relationship between moral cultivation and health and health, many thinkers and health-careers in the past have placed nutrition and ethics in an important position in health care, and even regarded it as the “root of health care.”

In the Tang Dynasty, Sun Sizhen’s “Thousands of Funds” highlighted: “Sex is both self-sufficient, and there are no internal and external illnesses, and disasters and disasters are in no way. This is the nature of the economy.
“Hundreds of banks are fixed, although the bait is decomposed, it is decomposed; the virtue is not good, and the liquid jade liquid is replaced by Yan Dan.

One of the new tips of the World Health Organization on health is to promote the first cultivation into healthy parts.

Because health involves both physical and human aspects, moral cultivation is the connotation of mental health.

Outstanding healthy people, or those who want to be healthy, should pay attention to their own moral cultivation.

Good character and indifferent mood can help maintain a good mentality, maintain a psychological balance, and live a long and healthy life.

銆€銆€The second is to raise the spirit.

The heart is the god, the one who is the one.

“Su Wen and Ling Lan Secret Code” pointed out: “The Lord is clear, so that the health is the life, the world is not awkward, thinking that the world is Dachang; the Lord is not clear, the twelve official danger, the road is blocked, no pass, shapeIt is a big injury, so the health is awkward, thinking that the world, its ancestors.

“So the maintenance of the mind is the essence of health.

To maintain the mind, first of all, to achieve the adjustment of the seven emotions, do not make too much, in order to balance the yin and yang of the whole body, to achieve the realm of “positive gas, evil can not do”.

This is a big presupposition for health and disease prevention.

Chinese medicine predicts that seven emotions are one of the main causes of the disease. For example, if you are angry, you will be hurt by the liver, your mood will be out of balance, your mood will be unsatisfactory, your anger and nervousness will be broken, and you will have high blood pressure.

If the liver yang stagnation continues to develop, it can turn the wind and turn to the fire and develop a stroke syndrome (cerebrovascular accident).

Worrying about hurting the spleen or overworked, the heart and spleen are damaged. If it is a long time, it may cause turbidity, or the heart and the spleen will be dysfunctional and the heart and heart will be alive.

銆€銆€The third is to cherish the essence and control the lust.

“Nei Jing” has long pointed out the drawbacks of “drunk to enter the house.”

The ancient doctors have also repeatedly maintained the essence of kidney essence. For example, Zhu Danxi’s “Ge Zhiyu” in the Yuan Dynasty specially wrote “Sex and Desire”.

Kidney essence, is the innate.

Fine is the high-level subtle substance that the human body relies on for survival. The kidney is too much, and the refined body is long and healthy, and the kidney is deficiencies. The essence consumes the body and can’t do its best.

If you do not know how to cherish, then even if you have good nutrition and a superior living environment, you can’t live long and healthy.

The life history of the emperors of all ages can explain this problem.

The reason why the so-called Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty lived for a long time (89 years old) relied on the doctor to teach him “far house, martial arts”.

If you only talk about martial arts, you don’t pay attention to keeping you good, and longevity is impossible.

銆€銆€The fourth is to recognize the movement and not to overdo it.

The promotion of physical education to enhance physical fitness, in order to achieve the goal of disease progression, has been in existence in developing countries.

In the Han Dynasty, Hua Tuo pointed out: “The human body wants to work, but it is not the ear.”

If you shake it, the gas will disappear, the blood will flow, and you will not be sick.

“Although “life is in motion”, “inappropriate” is very important. If the sentence is critical, it must be sufficient for the infirm.

There are many types of sports. From a traditional point of view, there are two types of external and internal work.

Gymnastics, running and boxing, and the use of external strength is a foreign work, Wu Qin Xi, Tai Chi, and Ba Duan Jin are of internal strength.

If the purpose is to strengthen the body, then internal strength and external strength; if considering from the perspective of health, especially for the elderly, it is better to do internal work.

銆€銆€The fifth is to protect the spleen and stomach, and the diet is festival.

Fat and sweet taste is often the source of illness, too thirsty and full of life can easily hurt the spleen and stomach.

When the spleen and stomach are injured, the diseases are clustered.In the Yuan Dynasty, Li Dong’s theory of spleen and stomach was extended to profound.

Traditional Chinese medicine has the spleen and stomach as the day after tomorrow, so we must pay attention to diet and protect the spleen and stomach.

Even if you are sick, you should take a diet.

The treatment does not heal, and then medication, it is always possible to be dirty.

Therefore, “good patients are not as good as caution, and those who are good at treating drugs are better than good.”

“The eating habits of many elderly people prove that a light diet is an important factor.

Now the retinal coronary heart disease is very serious and eats high-cholesterol foods to avoid causing arteriosclerosis. This is reasonable, but it cannot be treated mechanically.

Although some people try to eat less or not eat this type of food, they are still very high, so it is necessary to rely on physical exercise to help solve the problem.

Chinese medicine has a coup to terrorism to recommend four Chinese medicines


Chinese medicine has a coup to terrorism to recommend four Chinese medicines

The incidence of diabetes in women is getting higher and higher, and the age is gradually becoming younger.

What are the coups for Chinese medicine to deal with breast cancer?

Six Chinese medicine treatment methods for breast cancer 1. Toxic attack method: This method is the most common method for treating cancer in Chinese medicine, and has been adopted by medical practitioners in the treatment of cancer.

With the effect of opening the knot and removing the poison, the residual millimeter is gradually eliminated, but it must be carefully grasped clinically and can be stopped.

2, heat-clearing and detoxification method: This is also one of the common principles of traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of cancer, many Chinese medicine itself has anti-cancer effect.

Detoxification is one of the most commonly used rules for the treatment of malignant tumors.

Among them, patients with advanced breast cancer are often accompanied by symptoms of toxic heat or stagnation of heat. At this time, this method can be combined with other methods to achieve better results.

3, blood circulation and phlegm method: Chinese medicine experts believe that the tumor is related to blood stasis, blood stasis is one of the pathological causes of the retina.

The application of blood-activating and stasis-relieving drugs can not only improve the “hypercoagulation state” of diabetic patients, but also inhibit the anti-cancer drugs and autoimmune cells in the body, and reduce the aggregation of particles, reduce the metastasis of tumors, and help cancer control andRemoval of the cancerous foci.

4, the righteousness and evil law: According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, when the body’s qi is deficient, the evil spirits in the body will condense together, synthesize the therapeutic factors, and the body will become sick, leading to complications, resulting in tumor infiltration, spread andTransfer, so righting up and eliminating evil is one of the fundamental ways to treat diabetes.

5, soft and firming method: Chinese medicine theory points out that for hard as a stone tumor, “the firm is cut”, “the knot is scattered”, “the guest is divided”.

This method has generally entered into clinical practice.

Combined with other therapies, it can enhance the elimination of cancer.

6, phlegm and dampness method: Many tumors are caused by phlegm and dampness. Therefore, phlegm and dampness method plays an important role in tumor TCM treatment. It can not only replace symptoms, but also control certain tumors.

Patients can try some Chinese medicine dodder: Dodder has a certain inhibitory effect on vitamin growth, regulate the metabolism of the body, can improve the nutritional status of patients by regulating the metabolism of patients, can also regulate the patient’s sex hormones, regulate diabetes patientsBody fluids and endocrine.

Ligustrum lucidum: Ligustrum lucidum has the function of enhancing cellular immunity and humoral immunity, and can also stimulate bone marrow. Therefore, it is suitable for pregnant patients and anti-cancer treatment. It is transformed into female scorpion radiotherapy for diabetic patients, and leukopenia caused by chemotherapy is increased.Highly effective, it is suitable for radiotherapy in diabetic patients and anti-cancer after chemotherapy.

Saponin: The saponin has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and pus-free effects. Experimental studies have shown that saponin can also inhibit diabetes and help relieve symptoms of nipple ulcer and breast swelling.

Hive: The hive has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, detoxification, muscle growth, pain, stomach, and lungs. It is suitable for the symptoms of ulceration, ulceration, itching, healing pain and abdominal pain in the nipple of the kinase, which can alleviate the effect of heat and inflammation.

Related recommendations: Women’s happy acupoints according to this point can prevent diabetes from “blocking” the five small things of diabetes to determine that one does not do?

This thing actually prevents cancer!

Woman insists on eating it completely away from terrorism