Babies can hold each other vertically every month

Babies can hold each other vertically every month

Parents know that there is a disadvantage to horizontal hugs-it affects the child’s intellectual development. Children who hug them can only see the ceiling, and they cannot see changes in surrounding objects like children in vertical hugs, which stimulates nerve development in the brain.

However, prematurely holding the baby vertically is also not conducive to the development of the baby’s cervical spine.

  How old can a baby be in the arms?

  Generally, when children can take the initiative to stabilize their heads, adults should try to hold them vertically. This time is usually 80 days to 3 months.

The cervical spine of a baby within 3 months has not been fully developed, for example, the muscles are not very strong and cannot support his head well.

It is recommended that mothers hold the baby within 3 months, it is best to take a lying position and try not to hold it vertically.

If you have to hold your baby upright because of slaps after eating milk, etc., you must carefully support the baby’s head to give the baby a strong support.

In this way, the baby’s cervical spine will not be injured by holding it vertically.

  When the baby is three months old, the mother can hold the baby in a vertical hug.

  Several vertical postures: 1. The child’s hip is leaning on the adult’s abdomen, the adult holds one hand on the child’s abdomen, and the other hand holds forward, the child’s head rests on the adult’s tibia;The adult holds the child’s chest in one hand and the child’s head in the other hand. The child can look around from the front of the adult; 3. The child and the adult face to face, and the child on both hands of the adult is convenient for the child andEveryone communicate.
  Precautions for the baby to hold it vertically: Don’t take too long to avoid tens of thousands of spine deformities.

  0-3 months babies need to carry out vertical hug exercises. Newborn babies have the potential to exercise, but they must be exercised to stimulate their natural potential.

If lack of exercise or exercise lags, the direct consequences are stunting and slow action.

Parents can carry out science and carry out gradual vertical hug exercises for the baby at the age of 0-3 months, which can not only make the exercise gentle, but also ensure the effect of the exercise.

  1, prone exercises look up.

In some hospitals, the baby can practice raising his head on his stomach on the second day of birth. Babies usually can raise their head to a certain height because of instinct. If he is tired, he will naturally lie on his stomach and do not have to worry too much., But still has the ability to protect itself.

Head-up exercises can effectively exercise your baby’s large neck muscles and make his neck soften and harden slowly.

This will establish the foundation for a vertical hug.

  2, vertical hug exercises: After a month of lying down and head-up exercises, in the second month, we can hug vertically and let him continue to exercise the big neck muscles.

The mother can support the baby’s head and chest with two hands, hold the baby upright, take the child indoors or above to see the surroundings, and the father is also there to guide the baby to observe various things around him.And accompanied by gentle children’s language, the baby’s attention and interest in various things.

This exercise is mainly to help the baby exercise his child’s adaptive support. In addition, this activity can also help the baby understand his surroundings and open up the baby’s vision.

  Because 0-3 baby’s skeletal development is still relatively poor, whether it is lying on the head up exercises or vertical hug exercises, can not be repeated repeatedly, you can only practice for 1-2 minutes each time, observe the baby’s mental state to determine how much exercise every dayTimes.

After each exercise, let the baby rest on his back in bed for a while, and then gently touch the baby’s back with his hands to relax the hip muscles, while letting the baby feel the caress of the parents.

Does Ear Position Imply Renal Capacity?

Does Ear Position Imply Renal Capacity?

Ear-ear position implies human kidney ability. Ears are holes in the body’s surface.

Whether hearing is sensitive is closely related to the rise and fall of stored essence in the kidney.

Hearing is sensitive only if the kidneys have sufficient energy.

Hurry up with him, kidney capacity is an important indicator.

The upper edge of both ears is lower than both eyes: it means that kidney qi is insufficient.

Ears are thinner than normal: it means that the kidneys are deficient in qi and congenital deficiency.

Tinnitus: indicates excessive fatigue and weakness.

Sudden Deafness: It indicates that there is a problem with the mind, and there may be a mental illness.

Earlobe turns red: indicates fever or eye inflammation.

  Watching the stars: Fan Xiaoxuan did not perform a large-scale performance for two years. Last year, because of the pressure to do large-scale concerts and filming at the same time, he was overworked and physically weak, which caused dysfunction of the inner ear, ear, and throat, and suddenly left tinnitus.

The doctor gave her a prescription to quit coffee, green tea and other beverages. It is also reasonable for Chinese medicine to suffer from these beverages because these beverages will cause kidney damage.

  Nourishing kidney: tonic yam, scallops, sea bass, chestnuts, wolfberry, Polygonum multiflorum.

Don’t forget to shrink your pores after using a nose patch


Don’t forget to shrink your pores after using a nose patch

Core tip: Strawberry nose troubles are always lingering. I want to use the nasal mask to remove blackheads, and I am afraid that the pores will be enlarged.Became the top priority.

  Tips before using the nasal membrane: 1. First of all, please pay attention to the use of the site, there must be no redness, swelling, inflammation or wounds, skin peeling, otherwise it is easy to break the acne or make the wound inflammation.

  2, there will be a certain irritation when used, so thin skin or sensitive skin should not be used.

  3, at most twice a week, with an interval of more than 3 days and no more than 15 minutes.

  Proper use of nasal membranes: 1. Before use, wash your face with warm water, and properly steam your face in hot water steam to allow the facial pores to open properly and soften the keratin, which will help cleanse and expel toxins, making the effect more effective.ideal.

  2. Nasal stickers can only be applied stably under wet conditions, so you don’t need to dry the water after steaming the noodles, just stick the nose stickers.

If some parts are still not tight after applying the nose patch, you can use cotton with a small amount of water or a lotion to pat the nose patch to help stabilize the patch.

  3. When removing the nose patch, you must pull from the bottom to the top. The action must be fast to achieve the desired effect.

Then clean the local residue with warm water.

  Pore shrinking step: After removing the blackheads, it is best to use a cotton pad to apply frozen, refreshing, unscented toner or pure water to the nose and T-shaped part. In addition to calming the skin, it can also shrink the pores.

If you want anti-inflammation, you can use cotton swab moistened with alcohol.

  If you want to use a more natural method, you can apply a layer of firming egg white to the nose after the nasal membrane, wash it off after drying, and then apply a layer of astringent water to suppress the pores from becoming bigger.

Do some anaerobic exercise to lose weight more effectively


Do some anaerobic exercise to lose weight more effectively

Anaerobic exercise refers to the movement of muscles at high speeds in an “anoxic” state.

Most of the anaerobic exercise is a high-intensity, momentary exercise, so it is difficult to continue, and the time for fatigue elimination is slow.

The biggest feature of anaerobic exercise is that oxygen intake during exercise is very low.

Because the speed is too fast and the explosive power is too strong, the sugar in the human body can’t be decomposed by oxygen, and has to bear the “oxygen-free energy supply.”

銆€銆€Common anaerobic exercise programs include: running, weightlifting, throwing, high jump, long jump, tug-of-war, muscle strength training, etc.

For a long time, about aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise, which is more beneficial to weight loss, everyone called it different.

Both sides have their own opinions and have their own theoretical support.

銆€銆€The author believes that: effective weight loss, starting from doing anaerobic exercise.

Although the number of people supporting aerobic exercise is relatively large, there are several reasons for the author to stick to his own point of view.

銆€銆€Anaerobic exercise is generally done by doing some weightlifting exercises to train muscles.

During this process, the protein stored in the muscle is broken down, because the human body needs to provide energy to the body by consuming a small amount. Once the body’s storage is decomposed and decomposed, the body’s slightness begins to be consumed.

If you insist on stopping anaerobic exercise, you will find that there are more cockroaches burning during exercise.

If you do aerobic exercise, the body burns directly, it may be easier to get started at first, but if you want to keep this small result, you can’t be lazy for a moment, otherwise the excess residue will continue to be converted into sputum and stored in the body.It is.

Weeding still needs to remove the roots. If you want to eliminate cockroaches, you have to eliminate the source of cockroaches.

銆€銆€At the same time, anaerobic exercise can resuscitate the muscle mass in the body.

Some people may not be aware of this difference, but sports like weightlifting require muscles to have enough energy to store.

After doing aerobic exercise, the body is exhausted, there is no energy and no anaerobic exercise such as weightlifting.

You will know if you try it yourself.

Even a fitness instructor, after doing aerobic exercise, does not have enough physical strength to do weightlifting.

銆€銆€Finally, if you have exercised your muscles before doing aerobic exercise, your body’s metabolic rate will be higher.

For aerobic exercise, once the exercise stops, the newly activated metabolism will slow down.

If you have already exercised your muscles, your metabolism will remain as active even if you stop exercising, because even if your body is still, your body’s muscles will burn a lot of calories.

銆€銆€So, before jogging, try lifting weights and lifting the dumbbells.

While you are physically fit, you will feel that the body is very easy, but the final effect is better than you think.

Four types of substitutions that are not suitable for MSG


Four types of substitutions that are not suitable for MSG

Cold salad should not be placed in MSC at a temperature of 80 掳 C?
At 100 掳C, the effect of refreshing can be fully exerted. The temperature of cold vegetables is low, and MSG is difficult to function. If MSG is to be placed, it is advisable to dissolve the MSG with a small amount of hot water and then mix it into the cold dish.

銆€銆€The vinegar can’t put the MSG vinegar and add more selectivity.

Because MSG is not easily soluble in an acidic environment, and the acid concentration, the lower the solubility, the worse the umami effect.

Therefore, vinegar, cabbage, and other sour flavors can not put MSG.

銆€銆€MSG is salty and not sweet. Under the proper sodium ion concentration, the umami taste of MSG can be more prominent.

Therefore, the umami taste of MSG can be more prominent in the salty taste. However, if MSG is added to the sweet dish, it will not only increase the freshness, but will inhibit the sweet taste and produce an odor.

銆€銆€It is not advisable to add the MSG to the stuffing. Many people are making dumplings. When spring rolls are stuffed, they will put some MSG, which is very unsafe.

After the MSG is mixed into the filling, it needs to be steamed, boiled, fried and other high temperature processes.

However, as long as the temperature exceeds 100 掳 C, MSG will be denatured.

Not only will it lose its umami taste, it will form a poisonous sodium pyroglutamate, which will endanger human health.

In addition to not being able to mix stuffing, when making hot dishes, you should also add MSG when you are about to leave the fire.