Is your mind open?

Is your mind open?

Judge the following issues.

If you answer “yes”, add 0 points to yourself; if you answer “don’t know or is possible”, add 1 point; if you answer “no”, add 2 points.

Finally sum up your plays and explain them by score.


Is it easy for someone or something to upset you?


Have you ever been grieving about your grievances?


Have you ever been annoyed by someone in such a subway who disrespectfully notices you or has small things like soup on your sleeve?


Are you often reluctant to talk to people?


Does your personality or noise distract you when you are doing important work?


Do you analyze your feelings and behaviors over the long term?


Are you often influenced by your emotions when making decisions?


Are you upset by mosquitoes at night?


Have you been tortured by inferiority complexes?


Do you often feel down?


Are you unable to control your voice when arguing with others, causing your voice to be too high or too low?


Do you get angry easily?


Doesn’t even delicious meals or comedies make your mood down?


Do you get angry if you do n’t understand what you mean when you are with other people?

  Analysis of results: 23 to 28 points: You must be an open-minded person.

Your mental state is quite stable, and you can manage every situation in your life.

Your impression is likely to be independent, strong, and even a little “thick-skinned.”

But you don’t need to care, everyone is envious of you!

  17 to 22 points: You are not open-minded.

You may be more likely to get angry and say something that should not be said to the person who aggrieved you. This will lead to contradictions in the unit and family, and you may regret it later, because your person is not bad and your heart is not hard.

You have to learn to control yourself, try to think about it in advance, think about it, and then fight back against the person who wronged you.
  0 to 16 points: You have a broken heart and chest!

Doubtful, carefree, unwilling to report, the response to others’ attitudes is pathological.

This is a serious shortcoming that is not good for your life in the first place.
You need to educate yourself as soon as possible.

4 myths of daily cupping

4 myths of daily cupping

[Introduction]Everyone can cupping, but many people are not sure about the main points and improper application, resulting in serious physical injury.

Today we will tell you briefly that there are some misunderstandings in daily cupping.

  Misunderstanding 1 Take a bath after cupping. Many people like to take a bath after cupping. They think it is very comfortable, but it is very incorrect.

Because the skin is in a very fragile state at this time, taking a bath at this time can easily cause skin rupture and inflammation.

Especially when taking a cold shower, the skin’s pores are now open, so it is easy to catch cold.

  Recommendation: The correct bathing time is 1 after cupping?
2 hours.

Keep warm after cupping. The temperature of the bath water should be slightly higher.

  Misunderstanding 2 The longer the cupping time, the better. Many people think that the longer the cupping time, the better the effect, and even think that it is wrong to pull out the blister to play the cupping effect.

Because the cup is pulled for too long, blisters may appear, which not only hurts the skin, but also may cause skin infections.

  Recommendation: The correct cupping time should be at 10?
15 minutes.

If you are an elderly or a child who is not in good health, the time should be halved.

  Misunderstanding 3 Repeated pull once at the same position does not work twice, and repeated pulls at the same position.

In fact, it causes damage to the skin, some redness, and breakage . then it is worth the loss.

  Recommendation: When cupping, you can pull at multiple locations to increase the effect of treatment.

  Misunderstanding 4: Pulling the chest, many people think that: I pull out wherever I feel uncomfortable.

If my stomach hurts or my chest is uncomfortable, I will pull my stomach and chest.

In fact, this is also wrong.

Generally, it is best not to pull the chest and stomach when cupping, because there is no scientific basis for this.

  Suggestion: We usually cupping mainly at the waist, tail and front.

30 rules for effective cancer prevention

30 rules for effective cancer prevention


10 days a day?
minutes to the sun.

As long as a few days a week, accept 10?
15 minutes of sunlight can achieve the effect of obtaining vitamin D.


Eat an orange every day.

Oranges help kill H pylori strains that cause peptic ulcer disease and stomach cancer.


Have a colonoscopy.

Don’t assume that everything will be fine with a digital fecal occult blood test, which will miss 95% of cancers.


Eat cauliflower.

Numerous studies have proven that cauliflower can help fight royal ovarian, stomach, lung, bladder, and prostate cancer.


Have an experienced doctor check the mammogram.


Drink more non-refreshing coffee.

2 cups or more of decaffeinated coffee per day can reduce the risk of rectal cancer by 52%.


Lose 10 pounds.

Of all cancer patients, 20
% are women and 14% are men.


Eat bananas.

Women consume 4 a week?
Six bananas with anti-oxidant function can now reduce the risk of kidney cancer by 54% compared with those who do not consume it.


Examine the skin naked.

Because of mole size, scars, and freckles, changes in color can all signal a precursor to some type of skin cancer.


Detect future cancer risk.

: Disease risk website that assesses the risk of 12
common cancers.

  11. Pay attention to pain.

If you have abdominal swelling, pelvic pain, and urgency, you should go to the hospital.

These symptoms may be signaling ovarian cancer.

Daily intake of calcium.

One of the great things about milk is that it helps protect the colon.


30 minutes of exercise every day.

The best way to fight cancer is to exercise for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week.  14.

Exposure to smoke can also cause lung cancer and help increase the risk of developing uterine cancer by 40%.

Eat low sugar index foods.

It is best to eat less refined white flour bread.


Put genes on a fluorescent screen.

If you have a family history of cancer, you should consult a doctor.


Carefully examine the breast.

X-ray films or MRI examinations alone, the accuracy rate is 40% and 77%; combined use of these two methods, the accuracy of tumor detection is as high as 94%.

  18 years old

Scientific cooking.

High-temperature roasting can form carcinogenic compounds “rare earth amines”.


Clean the room for physical activity.

Post-menopausal women gain access to sports while doing housework, which can reduce the incidence of diabetes by 30%.

Eat some garlic.

Garlic can fight cancer. In order to preserve the potential anti-cancer effect of garlic, garlic should be chopped and placed-eat again later.

  twenty one

Prevent contact with radon.

It is the second general cause of high blood pressure, which often lurks in metal hardware.

  twenty two

Lycopene is consumed after heating.

Red fruits such as watermelon, tomatoes, and pale red grapes contain lycopene, a substance that has been shown to have strong anti-cancer effects.

It is easier for the body to absorb after heating.

  twenty three.

Reject smoked sausage.

Daily consumption of smoked sausage can increase the risk of bladder cancer by 67%.

  twenty four

Serve with the perfect anti-cancer salad.

Fruit salad has anti-cancer function.

  25 years old

Eat leafy vegetables.

Leafy vegetables contain a large amount of B vitamins folic acid, which has the effect of reducing the risk of colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer and diabetes.


Eat tomatoes regularly.

Those with the lowest lycopene content in the blood have the highest risk of diabetes and colon cancer.

Lycopene is a chemical that adds red to tomatoes and has anti-cancer effects.

Eat more beans.

Women who eat legumes at least twice a week are 24% less likely to develop diabetes than those who rarely consume them.


Eat wild fish often.

Sardines contain vitamin B6, which, taken with dark green leafy vegetables rich in folic acid, helps reduce the incidence of colon cancer by 39%.


Add some vinegared oil sauce when cooking.

Mix vinegar with olive oil and prevent it from happening. Oleic acid in olive oil can greatly reduce the amount of genes that cause cancer.
  30 years old

Add some citrus peels when cooking.

The limonene contained in it reduces the incidence of skin cancer by 34%.

Chinese medicine medicinal wine for treating gout


Chinese medicine medicinal wine for treating gout

Disease Overview Gout is caused by excessive production of uric acid or poor uric acid excretion in the body, causing the accumulation of uric acid, causing excessive accumulation of uric acid in the secretions, soft tissues, kidneys and joints, resulting in painful pain. The cause of gout is caused by the body.The urinary urinary metabolism is disordered.

Usually the clinical manifestations are acute arthritis, combined with gout stones, increased blood uric acid concentration, joint deformity and complications of hypertension.

According to the survey data, the average age of gout patients is 44 years old. Because there is no aura before the onset of acute gouty arthritis, it occurs several times a year. If patients do not effectively prevent it, it will cause chronic arthritis and may cause permanentDestructive joint deformity.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine medicinal liquor treatment gout Pan uncle is 55 years old, recently suffering from acute gout arthritis, suffering from local swelling of the joints and knee joints, and complications of pain, so that he really could not stand, quickly went to the hospital to seek a prescription from the doctor: Angelica, white peony, licorice 60 grams each, 30 grams of white flower snake, 20 grams of peony, asarum, 2000 ml of white wine, the medicinal materials are ground into fine, then wrapped in cloth and soaked in white wine for 10 days, daily service 30ML, 25 days for a course of treatment.

After a course of treatment, it will produce good results.

Canadian Grape Wine Night Light Cup


Canadian Grape Wine Night Light Cup

Canada is one of the countries in the world that produces wine, and Thompson Okanagan has earned this reputation.

But until I set foot on this mysterious land, I realized why there are countless wineries in this area.

銆€銆€The winery suffered a wine treat in Kelowna, our first stop, known as the “British Columbia Fruit Basket.”

This city on the shores of Lake Okanagan has fertile soil, a mild climate, numerous orchards and is one of the many concentrated wineries.

銆€銆€Kelowna is also Canada’s main wine growing region, with 66 vineyards in the Okanagan Valley, 13 of which are in Kelowna, ranging from small shop-style orchards to large modern orchards.

銆€銆€Our group arrived in Kelowna at noon.

After a short break at the stay at the Kelowna Sandman Hotel, head to the most prestigious Mission Hill Family Estate in the area.

銆€銆€The car drove to the Mission Hill road, far from being attracted by a large and vivid yellow-brown, large “arch” of European church architecture. The blue sky and white clouds, the lake and the mountains, the “arch” was spectacular.

It was only recently that this is the Buddhist Mountain Winery we are going to visit.

銆€銆€The Buddhism Mountain Winery has 5 vineyards totaling 400 microns.

Although the winery was built by Mandela in 1981, the ice wine produced here has won numerous awards and has been widely praised by international professionals.

銆€銆€Walking through the arch, it is a spectacular courtyard with a 12-story clock tower on the front and towering into the sky.

Surrounded by terraces, gazebos, wine tasting centres and breweries.

銆€銆€Close to the terrace is an exquisite tasting room with double vaulted ceilings.

The tasting room also houses the Mandela family’s art collection, including the huge ear-skinned oval-necked earthen jar, which dates back to the 4th century BC Olympic Games;The 17th-century wine bottles were found, and a pair of Baroque wooden pillars and a Roman glass in the mid-18th century were also displayed in the hall.

銆€銆€Accompanied by a passionate master, we tasted the award-winning wines of the Buddhism Mountain Winery.

The owner said that different wine varieties have different aromatic odors and need to use special matching wine glasses, otherwise the taste effect of the wine will not be optimal.

Looking at the wide and small bottles and glasses on the table, people feel that this must be a profound knowledge.

The owner told us that S. in 2005.



Chardonnay won the gold medal in this year’s new World Cup International Wine Competition.

This wine is the representative of the ultimate wine, representing the superb winemaking process of Buddhism Mountain Winery.

銆€銆€Gently shake the glass, sip a bite, savor the taste, the bitterness and bitterness fills the whole taste buds, which is memorable. The owner introduces us to several red wines, Pinot Noir is a very popular red wine.
One of the Pinot Noir wines of 2005 is lighter than ordinary wines, with fresh cherries and a substitute flavor.

Fresh red and black fruit are well mixed together with the wonderful taste of cinnamon.

If you are lucky enough to taste this wine, it is recommended to pair it with a cream-based meal, a shellfish, salmon, turkey, appetizer or a fine Asian spice dish.

銆€銆€There may be nothing more than a panoramic view of the Piedmont Hill winery, while overlooking Pinot Noir, Chardonnay vines and Lake Okanagan, slowly absorbing the wine, fine food and more pleasant things.Now!

銆€銆€At 7:00 pm from the winery, the wine estate has always been exceptionally quiet and beautiful against the backdrop of the setting sun.

The light breeze blew, I feel the coolness.

In the evening, we enjoyed the special special treatment of wine, wine and food in the vicinity of a restaurant called Dragon King.

銆€銆€Ice wine, God’s joke to Thompson Okanagan travel, if you don’t taste ice wine, absolutely regret.

銆€銆€After leaving Kelowna, we headed to Osoyos and passed through Oliver.

It is rich in the most popular high-end ice wine brand in China – Yunling Icewine.

銆€銆€Strolling in the Yunling vineyard, the owner of the winery introduced us to the history of ice wine.

It turned out that the birth of ice wine, there is another story: in 1794, when the farmers of the German town of Franconia were immersed in the joy of harvest, a sudden frost drop made them stupid – the grapes were frozen”Some people accepted the facts of the disaster year, and another part of the optimists tried to continue the winemaking with the frozen grapes, and they succeeded. (375ml) ice wine prices will be much higher than other table wines.

A small bottle of ice wine combines the cold and the cold and the warmth of the world. The most precious wine should be given to the most precious people.

銆€銆€In terms of taste, I prefer the Riesling premium white wine produced in 2006.The so-called grape for this wine was picked and picked on December 7 of that year.

The juice is pressed by frozen grapes in minus nine months, and then cold fermented with special baking powder. The taste is mixed with the aroma of pear, peach and apricot jam, fresh and refreshing.

銆€銆€Each season, Yunling Winery will launch a new menu and its wine.

I also learned a little trick to freeze the wine and the glass slightly, but it is not frozen, it can’t be iced, the temperature is below eight seconds, the wine is accompanied by fresh fruit and fruit-based dessert, and the goose.Liver, or a piece of quality cheese.

However, be aware that desserts can’t be sweeter than wine, otherwise the taste of the wine will be greatly discounted.

銆€銆€The British Columbia Ice Wine Festival is the perfect time to sample a variety of ice wines, with the Sun Peak Resort in January each year.

Another wine festival that cannot be missed is the Okanagan Autumn Wine Festival, which is an antique from September 28th to October 7th this year.

銆€銆€North American Aboriginal First Winery The last stop of our winery tour is Osoyoos, the southernmost city of Thompson Okanagan.

There is the famous winery Nk’Mip.

銆€銆€Nk’Mip is the largest winery owned by Native Americans. The winery is located on a terraced field overlooking the shores of Lake Osoyoos.

Surprisingly, it is possible to see the traces of the natural desert.

銆€銆€Every October, Nk’Mip’s spacious pavilion offers exquisite lunches from 11am to 3pm, and of course wine tasting is indispensable.

The menu is designed by Chef Jeff Miller for both local game and wild salmon, as well as traditional ingredients for Aboriginal cooking.

It is probably the only winery that can taste the representativeness of Aboriginal people.

Specialties include smoked squid, white sand beef, wild sausage, and grilled corn.

The chef also specially prepared a wide selection of appetizers and other main dishes to complement the various wines of Nk’Mip.

銆€銆€The travel guide to the Thompson Okanagan area is vast and basically necessary.

You can fly, drive, rent a car or even take an old train.

You can also consult with local travel agencies.

It takes about 4 hours from Vancouver to Kelowna, which can be reached in about an hour by plane.

Air Canada and WestJet air routes fly to Kelowna.

銆€銆€In areas with higher temperatures, summer sunshine hours are shortened and winters are longer and colder.

Summer and autumn are the best seasons to visit.

銆€銆€Hotel hotels are well known, one is the Kelowna Sandman Hotel, located at 2130 Harvey Street, Kelowna; the other is the Spirit Ridge Vineyard and Spa Resort, located in Rancher Creek, Osoyoos, British Columbia.1200 Street.