[How to make gluten grains and gimmicks]_Home grain practice

[How to make gluten grains and gimmicks]_Home grain practice

The old saying goes from misfortune to misfortune, because the latest medical research found that all diseases that occur on the body are “eaten.”

So for health, we must eat healthy.

And to eat healthy, we had better be able to cook by ourselves.

Now, please ask me to learn how to make a good grain and grain stick.


Prepare materials.


Put the powdered sugar and salt together first.


The yeast is mixed with a small amount of warm water and left for 5 minutes.


Then pour into Method 2 and slowly add warm water and stir well with chopsticks to form a cotton wool.


Knead and knead into a soft and hard dough.


Cover cover wakes up to 2 times as large.


Exhaust then rub into shape.


Divided into several segments.


Take a dose and knead into long strips.


Fold it several times and knead it into a spiral shape.


Put enough water in the pot to bring it to a boil, turn off the heat, and place Method 10 on the oiled steaming rack.


Wake up for about 15 minutes.


Turn on the steam for 13-15 minutes and turn off the heat for 2 minutes.

Sometimes family gatherings are always rejected by their loved ones, they do n’t know how to cook, and everyone has no food.

Do n’t worry now, look at the steps above, and quickly learn to make a glutinous grain pole stick

[Baby can eat complementary food every month]_Complementary food_Baby and toddler_How to eat

[Baby can eat complementary food every month]_Complementary food_Baby and toddler_How to eat

As the baby grows up, the dietary needs increase, and the mother’s milk volume continues to decrease, so it is necessary to add complementary food to the baby, but when to give the baby complementary food is very particular, young parentsDon’t get it wrong.

First, why add supplementary food 1. After 6 months of breastfeeding, the breast milk secretion of the mother will gradually decrease, and the baby’s food intake has begun to increase. At this time, drinking breast milk is not enough to meet the baby’s nutrition for 1 day.

2, 6-12 months old baby is the key period to develop chewing and swallowing. For babies, chewing and swallowing ability need to learn. If there is no practice, after 1 year old, they will refuse to try, or evenIf the baby is willing to eat, sometimes it will be thrown up immediately, which will cause difficulty in feeding.

3, complementary food can provide more yuan, complete a variety of nutrients, including: transformation, iron and vitamins, and even trace elements such as zinc, copper and so on.

Giving different types of complementary foods one after another can help your baby get used to a variety of tastes and avoid the phenomenon of partial food in the future.

4. When the baby is 4-6 months old, gastrointestinal amylase and various digestive enzymes have begun to secrete, indicating that the digestive and absorption functions have gradually matured. At this time, you can start to practice complementary foods to increase gastrointestinal function. At the same time, the babyEnough nutrition can make you stronger.

Second, your baby can add food supplements every month. The World Health Organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the British Government Department of Health have recommended that pure breastmilk replacement should be carried out for at least 6 months, and food supplementation should only be started after 6 months.

Because breast milk can meet all nutritional requirements including water inside 6 months ago.

And the proportion of formula milk as a mimic and substitute of breast milk can also meet all the nutritional needs of the baby 6 months ago.

6 months is when the baby starts to adapt to different foods, and it is also the best time for different food structures and alternative methods.

Authoritative experts consider the baby’s digestive system and the nutritional issues of breast milk, so it is best for mothers with conditions to give the baby pure breast milk to reach 6 months of age, and then gradually add complementary food.

If some babies or mothers cannot continue to substitute pure breast milk for some reason, they can also start to add complementary foods at 4 months, but only earlier than 4 months and no later than 6 months.

Adding complementary foods to your baby also needs to be determined based on your baby’s growth and development.

Generally, there are the following standards: the baby’s head muscles have been developed, and it can straighten its neck on its own, making it easy to eat solid foods; the swallowing function is gradually coordinated and mature, and the food on the tongue is no longer spit;Already able to digest different kinds of food.

Third, the supplementary food supplement schedule for babies who are exclusively breastfed can wait to add supplementary food until the age of 6 months. For infants replaced by milk powder, it can be added at 4 months.

When starting to add complementary foods, you can start with the easy-to-digest rice paste, rice noodles, and rice soup. You must follow the principle of less to more and thinner to thicker. Parents should not take it too fast.

Fourth, note: 1, transfer source food: weaning food needs to start from rice porridge, you need to change the baby’s second month of age accumulation, you must let your baby eat snacks to supplement the insufficient part after the age of one.

2. Food sources of vitamins and minerals: Let your baby start eating vegetables that are easy to grind and have low astringency, eat a lot of yellow-green vegetables, and take a balanced intake of vegetables and fruits.

3, protein source foods: No matter how much the baby wants to eat, you must follow the baseline amount to prevent the baby from eating too much.

In order to prevent allergies, adhere to the principle of giving your baby the right food at the right time.

Animal and plant proteins must be balanced.

[Can you eat garlic with rabies vaccine]_Garlic_Can you eat

[Can you eat garlic with rabies vaccine]_Garlic_Can you eat

After the rabies vaccine is given, people actually have a lot of contraindications. They should pay attention to it, otherwise they will cause more serious adverse reactions, especially in the diet to eat lighter, for spicy spicyFood can’t be eaten, don’t even eat more garlic, and can’t do this exercise, otherwise it will cause adverse reactions.

(1) Do not use the product if it is found that the product has unshakable agglomerates or discoloration, or has cracks, or the liquid vaccine has been frozen.

(2) The vaccine should be used in vitro.

(3) You can work as usual during the vaccination, but you should not eat food, wine, strong tea and other irritating food and work, which will cause reactions.

(4) People with severe bites must use anti-rabies serum in combination.

(5) Reserve 1: 1000 adrenaline.

Local reactions: A few have pain at the injection site, redness, induration, itchy ulcers, and even edema, and enlarged lymph nodes.

Systemic reactions: Refined VERO cell rabies vaccine and refined hamster kidney cell vaccine. Because the vaccine is purified and has minimal white impurities, side effects from vaccination are rare or mild.

(2) Contraindications for therapeutic transplantation: Since rabies is a fatal disease, any contraindications to save lives are secondary, so there is no contraindication for prevention after being bitten by an animal with rabies.

Prophylactic vaccination: Under the guarantee that there will be no recent exposure to the source of infection and rabies virus, during pregnancy and with acute diseases, allergies, steroids and immunosuppressants can be used instead.

Allergic to streptomycin and neomycin should be used with caution.

(1) Cleaning and disinfecting the wound in time (preferably within a few minutes after the bite) is very important to prevent rabies.

First use 3% -5% soapy water or 0.

After the 1% Xinjieer is destroyed, wash it thoroughly with water; for deeper wounds, use a syringe to stretch into the deep part of the wound for injection and cleaning, so as to be comprehensive and thorough.

Sterilize with 75% ethanol and rub with concentrated iodine.

The earlier the local wound treatment is, the better, until the continuous 1?
2 days or even 3?
4 days can also be partially overlapped. At this time, if the wound has crusted, the crust should be removed and treated as above.

(2) The wound should not be bandaged, and the slits and open wounds should be exposed.

If the wound must be less bandaged (such as invasion of large blood vessels), ensure that the wound is thoroughly cleansed and disinfected and that anti-rabies serum is used as described above.

[How to cut mango into small squares?】 _How to cut_How to cut

浼楁墍鍛ㄧ煡锛屼汉浣撶粡甯镐細鍥犱负涓€浜涚粏鑿岀殑鎰熸煋鑰屽嚭鐜扮値鐥囷紝姣斿澶ц偁鏉嗚弻浼氭劅鏌撲汉鐨勮偁閬擄紝浠庤€屽鑷村嚭鐜拌偁鐐庯紝鎮h€呬細鍑虹幇鑵规郴鑵圭棝绛夌棁鐘讹紝閽堝杩欐牱鐨勭梾鐥囷紝鎮h€呭钩鏃跺彲浠ュ悆涓€浜涜姃鏋滐紝鍥犱负鑺掓灉鍏锋湁鎶楄弻娑堢値鐨勪綔鐢紝瀵规姷鎶楀ぇ鑲犳潌鑿屾湁涓€瀹氱殑鏁堟灉锛屼笅闈㈡暀澶у鎶婅姃鏋滃垏鎴愬皬鏂规牸鐨勫鎷涖€傝姃鏋滄€庝箞鍒囨 垚 灏 忔 南 顙 硷 纻 1.鍏堟妸鑺掓灉娲楀共鍑€鐒跺悗绔嬬潃鏀惧湪妗堟澘涓婏紝鍗宠鏋滄牳涓庢鏉垮憟鍨傜洿鐘讹紝鐒跺悗浠ユ灉鏍镐负涓績锛屽湪鏋滄牳鍙宠竟鍒囦竴鍒€锛岃姃鏋滆鍒嗕负涓ら儴鍒嗐€?.鎸夌収鍚屾牱鐨勫垏娉曞湪鏋滄牳鐨勫乏杈瑰垏涓€鍒€锛岃姃鏋滆鍒嗕负涓夐儴鍒嗕簡銆?.What’s wrong with you? It’s really awkward: it’s awkward, it’s awful, it’s frying, it’s awkward, it’s awkward, what’s wrong with it?.鎶婂垝濂芥牸瀛愮殑鑺掓灉鎷垮湪鎵嬩笂锛屾墜鎸囨姷浣忚姃鏋滅毊寰€涓婇《锛岃繖鏍疯姃鏋滃氨琚炕鎴愪竴鏈佃姳鐨勬牱瀛愪簡锛岃鐩樼涓婃鍚с€傚悆鑺掓灉浼氫笂鐏悧锛熻繖瑕佹牴鎹姃鏋滅殑灞炴€у拰涓汉鐨勪綋璐ㄦ潵鍒ゆ柇銆備腑鍖昏涓猴紝椋熺墿鐨勫睘鎬т笉浣嗗垎涓虹儹銆佹箍銆佸瘨銆佸共鍥涘ぇ绫伙紝鑰屼笖澶у鏁颁负娣峰悎鎬э紝鍗筹細骞茬儹銆佹箍鐑€佹箍瀵掋€佸共瀵掞紝灞炴€у己寮辩▼搴︿篃鏈変笉鍚屻€傝€岃姃鏋滃湪涓尰鐪嬫潵鍛崇敇閰搞€佹€у噳鏃犳瘨锛屽叿鏈夋竻鐑敓娲ワ紝瑙f复鍒╁翱锛岀You are the only one who is in a state of affairs. You are in a state of affairs. You are in a state of affairs. You are in a state of affairs. You are in a state of affairs.﹀垯鐨偆鍙戦粍锛屽苟瀵硅偩鑴忚禐鎴愭崯瀹炽€傞鐢ㄨ姃鏋滄椂搴旈伩鍏嶅悓鏃堕鐢ㄥぇ钂滅瓑杈涜荆椋熺墿锛屼互鍏嶇毊鑲ゅ彂榛勩€傚悓鏃讹紝鑺掓灉鎬у甫婀挎瘨锛屽睘浜庢箍鐑綋璐I ‘m going to do a lot of work, and I ‘m going to squeeze the tweezers from the South Korea, and I ‘m going to go to the top of the list.I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I don’t know how to do it.眮鍜岃倝锛屼互鍏嶅彂鐢熻繃鏁忓弽搴斻€傝姃鏋滃悆澶氫簡浼氭€庢牱1銆佸紩鍙戠毊鐐庛€傝姃鏋滃悆澶氫簡鍙兘浼氬紩鍙戠毊鐐庛€傝姃鏋滃彾鎴栨眮瀵硅繃鏁忎綋璐ㄧ殑浜哄彲鑳藉紩璧风毊鐐庯紝鎵€浠ュ簲褰撴敞鎰忋€?銆佸紩鍙戣偁鑳冮棶棰樸€備腑鍖昏姘旇櫄銆佽劸铏氱殑浜轰笉瀹滃悆杩囧鐨勮姃鏋滐紝鍥犱负鑺掓灉鏄噳鎬х殑椋熺墿锛屽悆浜嗗悗浼氶檷浣庤偁鑳冪殑锠曞姩锛屽悆澶氫簡浼氭秷鍖栦笉鑹互鑷磋吂鑳€锛屾墍浠ヨ偁鑳冨姛鑳戒笉濂界殑浜轰篃搴旀敞鎰忓皯鍚冭姃鏋溿€?銆佸紩鍙戝枆鍜欓棶棰樸€備竴鑸槸鍚冩湭鐔熺殑鑺掓灉鎵嶄細鍑虹幇鍠夊挋闂锛屽洜涓烘病鏈夌啛鐨勮姃鏋滀細鍒嗘硨鏌愮鐗╄川锛岃€岃鐗╄川浼氬埡婵€鍠夊挋锛屽彲鑳戒細閫犳垚鍠夊挋娌欏搼銆?銆佹槗楗便€傝姃鏋滃瘜鍚泲鐧借川锛屾槸灏戞暟瀵岃泲鐧借川鐨勬按鏋滐紝鎵€浠ヨ姃鏋滃悆澶氫簡浼氬緢瀹What are the rules and regulations?

Li Yuanheng: High-growth lithium battery production equipment company raises money to expand industrial robot intelligent equipment business

Li Yuanheng: High-growth lithium battery production equipment company raises money to expand industrial robot intelligent equipment business

Key points of investment: The company is a fast-growing lithium battery equipment company, with the total controller holding 77 shares.


The company is one of the leading companies in the domestic lithium battery manufacturing equipment industry. Its main products are three serial port manufacturing equipment for cell assembly, battery testing and battery assembly in the lithium battery production process.

Before the issue, the actual controllers of the company, Zhou Junxiong and Lu Jiahong, held a total of 77 shares directly or indirectly.

09% (of which Zhou Junxiong indirectly held 66 through Li Yuanheng Investment, Hongbang Investment and Yirong Investment respectively.

84% / 4.

64% / 1.

67%, Lu Jiahong directly holds 3 shares.

93%), other institutions invested a total of 21 shares.

83%, the company’s director Gao Du Yixian, Gao Xuesong held a total of 1 shares.


The scale of revenue has expanded rapidly, and a number of financial indicators have taken the lead.

From 2016 to 2018, the company’s total revenue / net profit attributable 淡水桑拿网 to its mothers were respectively changed from 2.


1.3 billion to 6.


2.9 billion, CAGR reached 72% / 215%, lithium battery manufacturing equipment as the largest business (three consecutive years of revenue accounted for over 86%).

At the same time, it benefited from the increase in the main business gross profit margin (+11) brought about by the increase in the automation level of lithium battery manufacturing equipment in 2017.

10pct) and the period in which the cost of management dropped significantly in 2018 (-9.

67pct), the company’s net profit for two consecutive years far exceeded revenue growth.

Compared with previous comparable companies, the company’s R & D expense ratio, period expense ratio, accounts receivable turnover ratio and other financial indicators are at the leading level.

In 2018武汉夜网论坛, the company’s return to parent’s net interest rate / ROA was +8 over the same period last year.

61 / + 4.

40 marks.

The lithium battery business has developed rapidly, and funds have been raised to expand the manufacturing capabilities of industrial robots.

The core technology is relevant: the company has certain advantages in advanced motion control, sensing and measurement, modeling and simulation, industrial Internet and system reliability. Such key technologies are the company’s classified assembly, welding, forming, testing andCommon technology of measuring equipment.

The largest customer is strong: The company has achieved in-depth strategic cooperation with the global consumer lithium battery leader New Energy Technology (ATL). The company’s sales revenue from new energy technology in 2016-2018 was 1.



5.1 billion, accounting for 50% of revenue.

14% / 77.

29% / 66.

19%, according to the company’s prospectus, ATL consumer lithium battery replacement in 2017 reached 9.

300 million, with a global market share of 19%, ranking third.

The development of the field of power battery equipment: the company’s sales revenue to the Ningde era in 2018 was 64.38 million yuan, an increase of 99 from 32.27 million yuan in 2016.

5%; the company has entered the power supply system of Lishen and BYD, and has continuously developed its business in the field of power batteries.

Auto parts assembly and testing equipment continue to grow: The advantages of common technology are fully utilized, and the company’s auto parts production equipment maintains rapid growth. The 2016-2018 revenue CAGR was 47.

5%.Raising investment to expand industrial robot manufacturing capabilities: The company’s proposed investment project is the production of intelligent equipment for industrial robots (5.

670,000 yuan) and industrial robot intelligent equipment research and development center (1.

2.8 billion) project, the company uses its accumulated technical experience in the field of high-end special equipment to achieve horizontal expansion of general-purpose technology.

The company chooses to apply the listing rules with an estimated market value of not less than RMB 10 million and a net profit that is positive in the past two years and gradually does not exceed 50 million, and applies a valuation method combining comparable company PE estimation method and PEG estimation method.
The company’s existing business is still in a period of high-speed penetration. The lithium battery equipment business continues to increase its internal revenue in the core customer supply system and maintain better historical growth in other business ends. It can refer to the rapid development stage of comparable companies and combine PEG with the company’s future growth expectations The estimation method estimates existing businesses.

Risk reminder: The company’s proposed industrial robot intelligent equipment business is fiercely competitive, the company’s product expansion is blocked, and the company’s cooperation relationship with its largest customer ATL deteriorates.

Hisense Home Appliances (000921): Gross profit margin of Q2 air-conditioning domestic sales under pressure continued to increase

Hisense Home Appliances (000921): Gross profit margin of Q2 air-conditioning domestic sales under pressure continued to increase

This report reads: Q2 revenues are growing sequentially. It is expected that the main business revenue growth rate will improve in the second half of the year in a low base. Central air-conditioning will maintain steady growth, cost reductions, structural optimization and efficiency improvements will drive the 杭州桑拿 overall profitability steadily and increase.

Investment points: Maintain profit forecast, maintain target price and increase holdings.

Under the low base, it is expected that the growth rate of main business income will improve month-on-month in the second half of the year. Central air-conditioning will maintain steady growth, cost reduction, structural optimization and efficiency improvement will drive the overall profitability steadily.

Maintain 2019-2021 EPS forecast1.



59 yuan, maintaining a target price of 16.

7 yuan, corresponding to 19 years 14xPE, increase holdings.

Q2 revenue performance was basically in line with expectations.

Revenue for the first half of 2019 was 189.

50 billion (-6.

97%), net profit attributable to mother 9.

60 billion (+21).

24%), gross margin of 20.

37% (+1杭州夜网.

98pct), net interest rate 5.

06% (+1.


Q2 revenue was 102.

600 million (-9.

94%), net profit attributable to mother 5.

38 billion (+5.

83%), gross margin of 20.

85% (+2.

07pct), net interest rate 5.

24% (+0.


Under the pressure of domestic sales of air conditioners in Q2, the gross profit margin of its main business continued to increase, Hisense’s revenue increased, but its profitability continued to improve.

In the first half of the year, ice washing / home empty income decreased by 3 respectively.

32% / 7.

6%, domestic / export are -11 respectively.

47% / + 5.

23%, Hisense Hitachi +11.


The decline in raw material prices in the first half of the year complemented the optimization of the product mix and drove gross margin +1.

98 points, of which ice washing +4.

At 19pct, the home sales slightly decreased by the influence of the increase in the proportion of low-margin export sales.

04 points.Q2 The domestic sales of air conditioners were under pressure, and the double-digit growth in export sales increased.

In the second quarter, Hisense Hitachi’s revenue growth rate increased to single digits, and its performance maintained a growth rate of more than 20%.

With a low base, it is expected that the pressure on revenue growth will ease in the second half of the year, and Hisense Hitachi’s good growth momentum will contribute to a steady increase in performance.

Under the low base, it is expected that the growth rate of main business income will improve month-on-month in the second half of the year. Central air-conditioning will maintain steady growth, cost reduction, structural optimization and efficiency improvement will drive the overall profitability steadily.

Core risks: The domestic air conditioner’s price war fell short of expectations, and Hisense Hitachi increased the expressway.

5 wrong marriage ideas affect women’s happiness in life

5 wrong marriage ideas affect women’s happiness in life

5 wrong marriage ideas affect a woman’s happiness in life, and love leads to marriage.

Often, the more people love, the more confused, it is not that the emotion itself is wrong, but that the woman’s wrong feelings make love not last, or that the marriage and the distance with him are getting farther and farther . Today, we need to clear these emotionWrong dead ends must not allow wrong ideas to affect the happiness of sisters for life.

1. The birth of children will destroy marriage Many years ago, it was proposed that transitioning from a “two-person world” to a “three-person (or more) world” is the biggest challenge for couples.

Some scholars use a U-shaped curve to describe marriage satisfaction, thinking that the U-shaped bottom is the stage after the first child is born.

However, these studies only compare couples at different stages.

If you follow the continuous changes of the same couple, you will find that many new dads and new moms feel that their intimacy has improved.

It turned out that after the child was born, the wife felt that both parties could share the housework more equally.

Sometimes, who does the dishes at home is directly related to marriage satisfaction.

2. It is best to live together before marriage. It is found that cohabitation before marriage is more likely to divorce.

Cohabiting men and women who decide to get married may be “inertia” and not a strong attraction to each other.

After cohabitation, it is easy for the two to enter the marriage, but it is also easy to get out of the marriage.

According to a 2009 study, men and women are more likely to be unhappy when living together.

Of course, this is not to say that each pair of men and women living together has not achieved good results, but that there is a possibility that men and women who “commit first and live together later” will be happy.

3, the two sides are very different, the same happiness attracts each other, or different people attract each other?

In the beginning, people may be attracted to people who are completely different from themselves, but a lot of research on intimacy has found that identity is the “adhesive” for maintaining the relationship.

In the long run, people with similar outlooks on life are more likely to recognize deep love and help them overcome the challenges of living in their lives.

After their passions burned out, the rest of the like-mindedness was the comfort of cuddling each other.

4, sad don’t let the other party know that many people mistakenly believe that when there is a problem in the relationship, it is best to hide their discomfort.

However, facing the problem is the correct solution.

Both husbands and wives avoid depression and feel repressed and unhappy, which will inevitably affect daily behaviors and reduce the quality of intimacy.

Once they can’t help the outbreak, they will inevitably use unhealthy methods of communication, such as quarrels and abuse.

At that time, the resentment caused by the quarrel further intensified the contradictions and formed a vicious circle.

After conflicts occur, it is best to communicate with each other before the outbreak so that the voices of both parties can be heard and understood by the other party.

5. It is good if the children do not grow up. The relationship between brothers and sisters is generally a long-lasting relationship in life, but it is not always harmonious. There are also many people who have discord from childhood and the struggle continues into adulthood.

The situation is even worse if the parents are biased toward or impressed by their children.

Studies have found that parents’ eccentricity can cause resentment among the deserted children for decades.

Old people in their 60s will still be suffocated like children, and even this looks silly.


15 signs for mature men

15 signs for mature men

Although men cannot tolerate women saying they are “not handsome enough”, “not humorous”, “not smart” or even “not sexy”, they are even more annoyed that women think they are out of: “Hey, you are too immature.

The men felt no less than the women said, “Your time on your bed is really bad!”

“To be a mature man is the dream of every man.

  If you want to be a mature man, please read “Five Stories of Mature Men Must See” and see what can be inspired each man thinks he is mature in his heart.

Faced with women’s claims that they like “mature middle-aged men”, especially many young girls who are physically chasing middle-aged men who have “stand up” or even “don’t be confused” for many years, young men are somewhat sloppy: you just likePick up and drop off your car and pay for your meal tickets, and when men are really struggling to be part of the “car” and “meal tickets”, women will sit in your car, I think “mature” in my mindthe man.

  Although men cannot tolerate women saying they are “not handsome enough”, “not humorous”, “not smart” or even “not sexy”, they are even more annoyed that women think they are out of: “Hey, you are too immature.

The men felt no less than the women said, “Your time on your bed is really bad!”
“To be a mature man is the dream of every man.
  If you want to be a mature man, please read “Five Stories of Mature Men Must See” and see what can be inspired each man thinks he is mature in his heart.

Faced with women’s claims that they like “mature middle-aged men”, especially many young girls who are physically chasing middle-aged men who have “stand up” or even “don’t be confused” for many years, young men are somewhat sloppy: you just likePick up and drop off your car and pay for your meal tickets, and when men are really struggling to be part of the “car” and “meal tickets”, women will sit in your car, I think “mature” in my mindthe man.

  A “mature” man is a huge illusion that a woman has imitated since she was a child. It is the ultimate development of a woman’s love affair with you. The richness of its content exceeds all men’s imagination: a mature man is the top of a woman.), Arms (to give a woman a strong hug), chests (to rely on when you are tired), legs (to take a woman to the ends of the earth)-a man may not have much hope in his lifetime if he wants to reach all his goals.

  Maybe you are already confused. Women are so demanding and so few men can meet them. Why are there so many women getting married?

Are they trying everything?

  However, most things like indicators can be discounted.

Fortunately, women do not always demand every man in accordance with the image of a mature husband in their hearts, so the standard of maturity has a 30% discount, a 20% discount, which gives the man a little hope.

In the eyes of women, the criteria for mature men are like this: 1. A mature man should have an economic foundation, especially if you are mature enough to want to be her husband. Since some people use gold to describe harvest, women take it for grantedUse money to judge a man’s maturity; 2. A mature man should have a career foundation.

Maybe getting rich is still something that every man can do, but how can you stand up in the minds of women if you feel that nothing has happened?

  3. Mature men know what they want, not everything.

4, mature men have the courage to take responsibility, although some faults are not all caused by him; 5, mature men are tolerant, too much care is the most unforgivable mistake of men; 6, mature men have great wisdom rather thanLittle clever; 7. Mature man talks to the woman and learns a lot, and the little boy can only let the woman teach him; 8. Mature man knows to cherish and take care of the woman and go out for an outing.People at the front; 9, Mature men won’t quarrel with women on the street; 10, Mature men won’t force women to wear clothes he likes but she doesn’t like; 11, Mature men won’t casually fight with womenMake jokes; 12. Mature men let women know that she is wrong, but they wo n’t let her lose face; 13. Mature men let women relax without making women nervous; 14. Mature men do bothThe father will also be a son; 15, a mature man will train his son into a real man; In the end, men find that a mature man in the eyes of a woman is still a saint.
In fact, in the final analysis, maturity is a sense of incomprehension in men’s hearts.

However, with “woman as a mirror”, you can know the charm gains and losses, even if only one or two points can be achieved.

10 accidents to watch out for in your first year of love

10 accidents to watch out for in your first year of love

Love is a happy thing. The big house is no longer alone. When you wake up at night, you find that there is a person around you, whether it is a happy thing or a painful oneShare with yourself . But at the same time, after a woman is in love, there will be many new and different feelings coming.

Life has changed from one person to two people, and naturally many new situations arise.

Come and see what happens in the first year of love.

  You’ll gain weight. You’ve been losing weight until he officially opened a relationship with you.

You want to go out shopping with him or attend a party with friends in the lightest form, and hope that the graceful figure can attract the envy of countless men or women.

However, once your relationship is open, this ascetic practice ends immediately.

  Female friends will think that since the boyfriend is already with himself, he also recognizes himself, including appearance, character or figure, etc.

You will think that if a man really loves himself, he will not mind if his body is too thin or fat, and he will not mind whether he is wearing makeup or facing the sky.

Therefore, female friends will relax their vigilance, start overeating or not pay attention to external modification.

  In the first year of love, weight gain is normal, but don’t overindulge, or you will continue to gain weight.

  Sex life frequency drops Many female friends will find that after one year of love, the frequency of sex life between the two has dropped significantly.

In the early days of love, you in love will have a one-time life in a day or two, or even a night.

However, after one year, both sides seem to be familiar with each other, and the frequency starts to decline. It is normal once every two or three days, and it is not surprising that once a week.

Maybe one night, you just want to do laundry and don’t want to do anything else.

The other night you became hooked on the TV series.

When you return to God, you realize that the two have not been close for a long time.

  Actually this is nothing.

As time goes on, people who have been in love for a longer time will have better and better sex life.

What you are pursuing is no longer the so-called passion, not the expectation and harmony of sex life.

  When my girlfriend disappeared and she was single, the dead parties around her caught a lot of activities, and there were activities every day.

When you are sad, you will hide in your girlfriend’s house and cried for a night, listening to the comfort of your girlfriend . Once you have been in love for a year, some people may disappear mysteriously from your life, unless you treat them to “bribe” them.

  Falling in love for one year has changed the focus of your life, most of them are on your boyfriend. There is no time to pay attention to the friends around you. Naturally, they will disappear from your side.

Of course, you don’t have to worry too much.

Your closest friends will not leave you, especially if you have put a lot of effort into this relationship.

When you need them most, they will still be there for you.

  In the early days of love, you will clean up the house for your boyfriend, give him a comfortable environment, and let him find a home after work.

Many girls have such a longing in their hearts: the kitchen shelves are filled with shiny porcelain, and the tall utensils are arranged according to color, size and style.

However, after a year of love, the two live together, but the reality is: the unpacked boxes are full of ground, working overtime, paying bills, and taking care of pets will keep women busy.

No way, women can only remind themselves to be less lazy.

  In the early days of a better world, the relationship is still uncertain and there are many variables.

But after a year of love, both parties have become familiar with each other’s temper and living habits, and their love has become more stable.

Therefore, a sense of security, a sense of belonging, and a feeling of love followed.

You will feel a better world. You two work together for a common goal, and run your own love in the nest of the two of you.

  Men who don’t do housework say that when men are pursuing women, they will try their best to do everything they can, because at that time, he hasn’t got you.

When a man has got you, he won’t be so concerned.

  In the early days of love, he may often go into the kitchen and share the housework with you.

Many times will give you a lot of small surprises, such as cooking a few side dishes for you, or silently hugging you from behind you and kissing your earwax while you are cooking.

But after a year of love, you will find that the man goes into the kitchen less and less, and you will find that he has hardly done any housework.Hurry up and find a way to share the housework with him and share the responsibilities in a way you think is fair.

If you work hard, you will find that doing housework is also a very romantic thing.

  If the salary is not enough, you always think that if you fall in love for a long time, you can interfere with his finances, you can control his income and become his finance minister.

But you find out that in the early days of a man’s promise that everything will turn into a bubble, he will not leave the wallet at your disposal without complaint.

When his salary is given to you, you naively thought that there would be double income. Stop dreaming.

Although it saves rent compared to sleeping alone, it also costs more.

You will find that the salary of the two of you is not enough to spend together . Of course, there is no need to fret, the future of today’s pay will definitely be compensated in various material forms, and there are already furniture and houses.

  Don’t want to stick with him. Of course your boyfriend is your good friend, but not the only one.

When you’re on vacation, you don’t want to stick with him all day. You seem to be tired of spending time with him all day.

You will go on a date with your girlfriend, your boyfriend and buddies will go chic, and exchange stories each time you return, and your love will be full of fun.

  This does not mean that there is a problem with your relationship, in fact, a short separation is very useful for the relationship.

Xiaobie wins a wedding, sticking together all day, both sides will easily get bored, and there will be visual fatigue.

  You will experience insomnia in your first year of love.

You will have a lot of quarrels, and petty issues are commonplace, and many times will surround the Cold War.

As a result, you shed tears or insomnia more than once.

  In the first year of love, the two are still in the running-in phase. It takes time for the two to run in, even if they are arguing.

Research shows that the indicator of a stable marriage is the ability of two people to fight well.

The ultimate destination of love is marriage, so noisy and noisy is not a problem. Once the two people’s problem is solved, good sleep naturally comes.

  The boyfriend put on an apron and wanted to keep cooking, which was the idea of many actress friends in love.

The love vow is unforgettable, but there is no cooking instruction in it.

I used to make ugliness for you, but for a year in love, he will not be keen anymore, and cooking will become a great stress for men.

  At one time, you wanted to make a variety of dishes to change the pattern to please him.

Nowadays, you are no longer keen, and cooking now means opening a bottle of salad or ordering takeaway.

It won’t be long before you find your husband wearing an apron.

Men don’t have the heart to call takeaway every day, which is obviously reducing the quality of life.

Do housework to make you a lady

Do housework to make you a lady

Washing clothes and cleaning the floor . These small chores are simple to say and tiring to do, but do n’t ignore the effects of these small actions on your body muscles.

Housework will basically not increase the heart rate.

  Here is a diet method developed by Korean housewives.

  Let’s first take a look at the actual measurement results of Korean households on the “housework exercise” weight loss method: ordinary housework consumes 80 calories in half an hour, and sports housework consumes 200 calories in half an hour.

  According to some sources, a Korean housewife spends an average of housework time every day8.

5 hours, 3 unmarried women.

8 hours.

Some people have counted the workload of the eldest wife of “The Men in the Bathhouse” for one year: cooking nearly 200,000 person-times.

In the TV series “Mermaid”, the heroine Ya Liying is considered to be married to a wealthy family, but the first thing that can be done is to escape the housework!

Fortunately, they are enjoying themselves and improving the use of housework and fitness . It is not difficult to turn yellow-faced women into wives.

  It is reported that the housework weight loss exercise originates from a professional “self-weight weight loss method”. This set of weight loss methods is a freehand exercise created by a fitness institution in the United States. The basis is to naturally load your weight and achieve weight loss while counteracting the load.purpose.


Trimming the calf while blowing hair: Action instructions: When using a hair dryer to shape the hair, separate your feet forward and backward and lift your heels off the ground.

Main point: keep balance.


Farewell to the butterfly sleeves when watching advertisements: Action description: Once again in advertising time, then we will cross our straight legs, support our arms, and bend the elbows lightly, the deeper the elbows will be bent to bear the load.

Key points: Stick to your own tolerance.


Vacuuming the lower limbs: Action description: When using a vacuum cleaner, bending over the back of the bow will increase the burden on the waist.

Taking a step forward with your feet can avoid bending over the back of the bow. When recovering, use the pedals to hold the body of the vacuum cleaner and do a tilting movement forward and backward.

Important: The upper body should be perpendicular to the ground.


Washing exercise around the waist: Action description: Face the sink side of the body, twist the waist to tilt the body slightly towards the sink, this exercise can be exercised to the abdominal muscles, back, flank.

Important: Take care to prevent slipping.


Hanging clothes to stretch out the waist: Description of action: Put the clothes on the ground, back to the clothes pole, bend the waist and elbow joints to get clothes on, twist the body in place, and dry the clothes.

It is also possible to lean back slightly when twisting, increasing exercise load.

Important: Straighten your waist when bending over.


Wipe the floor and tighten the jaw: Action description: Lie on the ground with the method of aiming at the ground, hold the rag straight with your hand, and drag the rag up while arching your back.

This action is similar to push-ups, which can be performed up and down, beautifying the back and upper arm muscles.

Important: Don’t stretch your hand forward too much, otherwise the burden on the shoulder joint will be too heavy.


Dishwashing exercise front of thighs: Action instructions: When washing dishes, do not bend over and order yourself to squat as if sitting on an air bench.

Keep your upper body upright and bend your knees slightly. The deeper your knees bend, the higher your thighs will be.

Key points: Keep your chest tight to prevent a load on your waist. Take a break every 3-5 minutes.

  The best time for housework exercise: 1-2 hours after a meal, the body is most relaxed.

For example, 9:00 am, 15:00 pm, and 21:00 pm.
Especially after dinner, after doing housework, you can take a hot bath to relax your muscles.