Chinese medicine helps you to adjust the wry mouth

Chinese medicine helps you to adjust the “wry mouth”

Facial palsy, scientific name facial paralysis, also known as facial neuritis, Bell’s palsy, Hunter syndrome, commonly known as “crooked mouth”, “crooked mouth”, “hanging wind”, “hanging oblique wind”, “facial neuritis”, “crooked”Mouth wind”, etc., is a common disease mainly characterized by facial expression muscle group motor dysfunction, and the general symptom is skewed mouth and eyes.
It is a common and frequently-occurring disease, and it is not restricted by age and gender.
The patient’s face often cannot even perform the most basic eyebrow raising, closing eyes, drum cheeks, and nostrils.
  Most patients often find that their cheeks are not working properly and their mouths are skewed when they wash their faces and gargle in the morning.
Patients with facial paralysis muscles completely paralyzed, with forehead wrinkles disappearing, eye fissures enlarged, nasolabial sulcus flat, mouth corners drooping, mouth teeth skewed to the healthy side when teeth are exposed.
The affected side cannot do wrinkle forehead, frowning, closing eyes, gasping, and pursing.
When the gills and whistle are blown, the affected side’s lips cannot be closed and the air leaks.
When eating, food residues often stay in the tooth-cheek space on the diseased side, and saliva often drips from that side.
Due to the inversion of the puncta with the lower eyelid, the tears cannot overflow and drain as normal.
  With the acceleration of the pace of life in modern society, the increase in work pressure and the fierce competition, the incidence of this disease is getting higher and higher. It is now a very common disease, so once you have it, do n’t worry.Psychologically, we must let go a little, build confidence in treating diseases, and actively cooperate with doctors for treatment, and we will definitely recover.
The following introduces several common Chinese medicine treatment methods: acupuncture treatment of facial paralysis: ①, basic treatment treatment method: Qufeng Tongluo, dredge menstruation.
Hand-foot Yangming and Hand-foot Sun Meridian are the main points.
  主穴:攒竹 鱼腰 阳白 四白 颧髎 颊车 地仓 合谷 昆仑 承浆 翳风  配穴:风寒证加风池;风热证加曲池;恢复期加足三里;人中沟歪斜者, Add water ditch; those with shallow nasolabial sulcus, add Yingxiang.
  Operation: Facial acupoints are all treated with a method of flattening and reducing diarrhea, and moxibustion can be added during the recovery period.
In the acute stage, the facial acupoints should not be too heavy, the acupuncture should not be too deep, the acupoints should not be too much, the acupoints on the distal limbs should be treated with diarrhea and the techniques should be heavy; during the recovery period, the tonics on the distal limbs should be supplemented.Hegu and Kunlun performed the method of leveling up and reducing diarrhea.
The remaining points were treated with diarrhea.
  ②, other treatments electroacupuncture method select the sun, sun white, ground warehouse, cheek car, switch on the electro-acupuncture instrument, power on for 30 minutes, the intensity of the patient’s facial muscles beating slightly and can tolerate the degree.
If you see a person who bites the teeth after the power is turned on, the depth of the acupuncture should be adjusted because the acupuncture is too deep and the masseter muscle is punctured.
Adapted to the middle and late stages of facial paralysis.
  Note: 针 In different periods of facial paralysis, the method of acupuncture should also be different, as follows: ①, acute stage: within 1 week of onset.
This period is the progress of facial nerve inflammation and edema.
Acupuncture treatment in this period for facial paralysis is a small number of acupoints, should be shallow acupuncture, weak stimulation, or local acupoints instead of acupoints as the main treatment, is beneficial to control the progress of the disease.
Avoid strong stimulation during this period, and use electroacupuncture treatment with caution.
  ② Recovery period: within 1 week to 1 month after onset.
The acupuncture treatment at this stage is mainly based on local acupoints, combined with distal acupoints, which is the key period for treating facial paralysis.
  ③ Sequelae period: 3 months to more than half a year after onset (from 1 month to 3 months of recovery period, according to the specific conditions of the patient, it can be classified as the recovery period or the sequelae period.Division).
At this stage, deep puncture is given to severe and refractory conditions, and the stimulation amount is increased through acupoints or electroacupuncture. Symptomatic acupoints are selected according to the aftereffects. With a variety of treatments, it still has a certain recovery effect.
  Facial paralysis massage treatment: First, prepare to take a bed pillow, if the seated head against the wall.
The patient’s mind is concentrated to eliminate distractions.
Before massage, make a hot compress or Chinese herbal decoction (9 grams of cinnamon sticks, 9 grams of windproof, 9 grams of sage leaves) and soak in a towel.
Be careful not to get the liquid into your eyes.
  Second, the round eyelid with the ribbed surface of the index finger and middle finger of both hands as the surgical end, respectively, from the inner eye to the external shaving of the upper and lower eyelids 50 times, and then gently rub the eyelids 20-30 turns.
  三、指擦鼻翼  以两手食指罗纹面为术端,分别从鼻根两侧向下擦至鼻翼两旁迎香穴50次,在该穴处轻按揉1-2分钟(迎香穴在鼻翼旁On 0.
5 cm).
Compression of the fingertips is gradually increased from light to light, which can cure the symptoms of crooked mouth and nasal congestion.
  Fourth, twist the four white acupoints: This acupoint is in the depression of the infraorbital hole, and the pupil is straight down.
Twist the four white points with the index finger as the surgical end, gradually applying pressure while twisting.
Lasts 1-2 minutes.  Fifth, rub the stasis car with palm, Dicang acupoint with the same side of the big fish muscle close to the diseased side jaw car (chewing muscle), while rubbing, move to Dicang acupoint (open at the corner of the mouth 0.

5 cm), 50 round trips.

  The diet side of facial paralysis: 1. Longan meat porridge: 15g longan meat, red dates 3?
5 pieces, 100g of rice.

Hot porridge.

Efficacy nourish the heart and nourish the spleen, soothe the nerves and relieve annoyance.

Longan meat is a good product for nourishing the heart and nourishing the spleen. It contains a variety of vitamins and rich protein, and it is synergistic with red dates and porridge previously cooked with rice.

This meal is a delicious meal used by ordinary folks to nourish the heart, improve the spleen and blood.

It is suitable for patients who have more than one face palpitations, upset and insomnia, and food loss and body fatigue.

  2. Gastrodia stewed pigeon meat: Gastrodia 10g, 1 healthy pigeon.

A total of 1 stew per day.

Gong is beneficial to Qi and blood, quenches wind and relieves paralysis.

Fang Zhongge’s meat nourishes liver and kidney, nourishes qi and blood, Gastrodia quenches wind and quenches thirst, and is used in combination to treat facial dysfunction caused by blood deficiency and wind.

  3. Barley Chenpi porridge: Coix seed 50g, white peony 9g, Yun Poria 20g, Chenpi 6g, first boil the coix kernel for porridge, and then decoction with three flavors of water to remove the slag rice porridge.

1 dose daily for several days.

Efficacy: Spleen and dampness, expectorant and phlegm.

Applicable to spleen loss and healthy movement, dampness of the lungs, swollen abdomen, fullness of food and appetite.

  4. Barley lentil porridge: Coix seed 50g, stir-fried lentils 15g, hawthorn lg, brown sugar, all the right amount of rice.

Add water to make porridge.

Add brown sugar before eating for breakfast and dinner.

Effects of spleen and dampness, promoting blood circulation.

Ren, lentils for spleen deficiency and wetness, hawthorn for blood circulation and accumulation; brown sugar for blood circulation.

The whole prescription makes the spleen healthy, removes phlegm, removes dampness, and penetrates the facial veins.

Obvious evidence of spleen deficiency and dampness, meridian obstruction.

  5, windproof porridge: windproof 10-15 grams, light on white stems, the previous rice 30-60 grams, the first two flavors of water to fry the juice, remove the slag, cook rice congee, when the porridge is ready to participate in the medicinal sauce, cook into thinPorridge, warm serving.

This formula can dispel colds and relieve colds, and is used for facial paralysis caused by wind and cold invasion, and body muscles are sore.

  6, mint sugar: 30 grams of book powder, 500 grams of white sugar, add white sugar into the pot, add the most water, smelt thick, and then join the mint powder, adjust the spoon, and then continue to smelt non-stick hands, that is, the cost side hasThe function of evacuation and clearing away heat, refreshing and cooling the table, is useful for the symptoms of sudden mouth and eye distortion, closed eyelids, and dry throat.

  7, Chuanxiong white simmered fish head: 3-9 grams of chuanxiong, 3-9 grams of scallion, 500 grams of bonito head, green onion, pepper, ginger, salt.

Wuhuo boil, and then simmer for half an hour in the simmering fire, eat fish and soup in the morning and late.

The efficacy of this prescription is to remove wind and dispel cold, promote blood circulation, and be used for facial paralysis caused by exogenous wind evil.

  8. Ginger sugar leaf drink: 3-6 grams of basil leaves, 3 grams of ginger, 15 grams of brown sugar, soak in boiling water for 5-10 minutes.

This side has the effect of flowing wind and cold, often leaching the table.

It is the symptoms caused by exogenous wind evil.

  9, jujube porridge: jujube 30 grams, the previous rice 100 grams, the right amount of rock sugar, cooked until rotten into porridge, the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, is actually used for qi and weak eyes and eyes, and shortness of breath.

  10, ginseng and lotus lotus soup: white ginseng, wolfberry, raisins 2 grams each, lotus seed meat, yam 2 grams each, cistanche, hemp seeds 12 grams each, orange red 3 grams, jujube, walnut meat each 2 pieces, Jiantang take medicinal juice, orally 2-3 times.

This prescription has the effect of nourishing zhongqi and nourishing liver and kidney yin.

  11, raw ground scorpion soup: 20 grams of raw rehmannia, 10 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 3 to 5 whole scorpions, 10 grams of Gastrodia, 100 grams of pork and Chenpi, ginger ginger soup.

The whole scorpion is an antipyretic medicine and a well-known worm-eaten food. It is matched with various medicinal materials and can nourish yin and blood and expel wind and collaterals. It is appropriate for patients in the middle and rehabilitation stages, especially the liver and kidney yin deficiency, with dizziness, tinnitus and limb numbness, External wind, internal wind are both included.

Called with caution.

  12, Shenqi Wuji Decoction: Prepare 15 grams of Codonopsis, 15 grams of Beiqi, 10 grams of Tianqi, one quarter of bamboo chicken remove sebum, 2 slices of ginger, soup diet.
This decoction can be used to replenish deficiency, correct phlegm, correct TCM MMS, and be suitable for patients with weak qi and blood during the recovery period.
  Nursing and health care of facial paralysis: 1. Let go a little psychologically, build confidence in treating diseases, and actively cooperate with doctors for treatment, and you will definitely recover.

  2. Keep your face and ears warm to prevent continuous wind.

Keep your head warm during wind, rain and cold.

  3. Hot compress with a towel, 3-4 times a night, do not wash your face with cold water, brush your teeth, gargle, eat less or not eat frozen drinks or food.

  4, diet talk, eat more fruits and vegetables, coarse grains such as soy products, pumpkin, corn, onion, lean meat, hawthorn, kelp, jujube, bitter gourd, loofah, winter melon, cucumber, melon, banana, lean meat, jujube and so on.

Avoid cold and greasy, spicy and irritating food, not easy to digest, hot tonic, hot food, smoke, lamb, dog meat, belt fish, white wine, garlic, shallots, seafood, spicy hot pot, strong tea coffee, etc.

  5. Stay mentally happy and avoid overwork.

I often listen to brisk music, feel calm and happy, and ensure adequate sleep.

  6, appropriate participation in physical exercise to enhance physical fitness.

Initially perform functional exercises such as raising eyebrows, closing eyes tightly, inflating breath, opening mouth, mouth, showing teeth, etc.

  7, frequently brush your teeth and gargle to prevent food residues.

  8. If the affected eye cannot be closed, you can wear glasses.

  9, insist on treatment, do not stop the medicine casually, in order to completely cure.

Fitness tips for men

Fitness tips for men

Exercise time should be suitable for beginners and normal laborers. It is advisable to do it three times a week, 1-1 each time.

5 hours, but each exercise should include all muscle groups of muscles.

Those who insist on exercising every day can divide the muscle group into two parts and practice the next day to ensure that the muscles can effectively recover.

For example: practice shoulder, abdomen, chest today, practice back, arms, legs and other parts tomorrow.

  Master the right breathing method The right breathing method can help you focus your mind, make your movements coordinated and rhythmic, and lift more weight during exercise.

General movements and small weight trials are forced, inhale when the muscles contract, and exhale when you relax.

When lifting a heavy weight or the last time you try to lift, exhale deeply, hold your breath, and then take a deep lift, then breathe deeply.

Mouth breathing during exercise, strenuous exercise before exercise to prevent muscle ligament strain, relaxation exercise after training to help eliminate muscle tension and restore fatigue.

  The amount of load depends on your physical strength. Generally speaking, the number of effective muscles developed is 8 times 12 times, at least not less than 8 times, this amount should be the best effort.

At present, the load should be controlled at 70% -80% of the individual’s maximum power, that is, the most effective number of times to use this load is to do with a large load, not more than 5 times.

The most effective times to develop endurance and reduce misfortune are to do 20 times with a small load, and slightly reduce the waist and abdomen until you can’t move.

  Exercise time is best fixed at the same time each exercise is scheduled, so that you can develop good exercise habits, help the internal organs of the body to form conditioned reflexes.

Do not exercise one hour after meals and one hour before bedtime, otherwise it will affect digestion and sleep.

The best time for physical strength is generally between 15: 00-20: 00, which can be considered as the main exercise time.

  Each movement needs to be practiced in several groups. Each exercise movement needs to be practiced in several groups so that the stimulated muscles can enter the state and the muscle volume can be exerted.

In general, the number of large muscle groups can be more, and the number of small muscle groups can be less.

It is advisable for beginners to have three sets of each action, more than the above. After having a certain foundation, they can be added to three to five sets according to the degree of strength increase.

  Do not take long breaks. The rest time between each practice group should not be too long. Generally it is between 40 seconds and 50 seconds. For heavy loads, the rest time for high-intensity exercises should not exceed 15 minutes.

Excessive rest periods can affect exercise results.

Don’t let your ass get bigger and bigger.


Don’t let your ass get bigger and bigger.

I often hear people say that the buttocks will get bigger and bigger. In fact, it should be the habit of sedentary exercise in the body, resulting in poor blood circulation and slight accumulation.

Therefore, the cure for the beautiful buttocks, of course, is to start from time to time!


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€鐬х灖浣犵殑灞佸眮鍙婃牸鍚?銆€銆€The chest that is sexy represents, of course, it must be both curled and round, and it is also elastic and fleshy.


You must not pass?

Think about whether you can sit without standing, the mineral-type crush that can sit without sitting, the butt sticking the chair all day long?

It is no wonder that the flesh will be soft and flat and not elastic.

If you want to be in line with the sexy buttocks, let the butt can have a day of exuberance, get up and join the ranks of beautiful buttocks!

銆€銆€Move your beautiful buttocks off the excess meat between the buttocks and the lower back. Lift the legs and lift the hips. 1. Hold the back of the chair in both hands. The left foot is pointed forward and the right foot is pointed outward., so that the feet are ninety degrees open.

銆€銆€2. Raise the right leg backwards at a speed of five to five. After reaching the highest point, pause for five seconds in the air, and then lower the right leg at a speed of five to five.

銆€銆€3, after the right leg is lifted at least eight times, then change the left leg.

When lifting the leg, the body must maintain a straight posture, not tilting, bending or kneeling, and avoid leaning the center of gravity on the back of the chair.

Health Qigong has a good health care function


Health Qigong has a good health care function

First, modern medical research believes that Health Qigong mainly has the following functions: Enhancing brain function: Experimental studies have shown that when exercise is relaxed and calm, the alpha wave amplitude of the electroencephalogram is increased, and the occipital lobe gradually spreads toward the blade.

Oxygen consumption per unit time decreased significantly, about 16% lower than that of normal people in awake state, while normal people were 10% lower in oxygen consumption per unit time than when they were asleep, indicating that health Qigong exercise is better than sleep.
Since the alpha wave is a wave pattern reflecting the inhibition of the cerebral cortex, the amplitude of the a wave is increased and there is a tendency to spread, indicating that the qigong exercise can replace or eliminate various adverse stimuli of the cerebral cortex, regulate the central nervous system, and promote the cerebral cortex and the whole body organs to be nursed back to health.Improve memory and develop intelligence.

銆€銆€Adjust the function of each system: Practice has proved that Health Qigong exercise has certain effects on hypertension or hypotension, tachycardia or bradycardia, hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, etc.Exercise has a two-way adjustment effect on various human systems.

銆€銆€Promote blood circulation: Experimental studies have shown that long-term exercise Qigong exercise can not only enhance the function of the heart, but also promote the blood circulation of large circulation, small circulation and microcirculation, and also reduce the number of tube defects of abnormal blood vessels, indicating the health Qigong heartThe vascular system has a big impact.

Practice has also proved that after practicing qigong, the limbs and body are very warm, slightly sweating, and the symptoms of soreness are obviously improved. It shows that Health Qigong can promote blood circulation, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as coronary artery disease and cerebral arteriosclerosis and other blood.Cyclic disorders often have a good effect.

銆€銆€Reducing energy consumption: Experimental studies have shown that exercise can reduce energy metabolism to varying degrees, and transform the human body from the “energy-consuming” state to the “storage energy” state.

The study found that the ATP content of human blood after exercise was significantly higher than that before exercise, with an average increase of zero.

54脳10-4M, indicating that there is energy storage in the practice.

Therefore, often practice the exercise gas function to reduce energy consumption, increase energy storage, is conducive to health care, anti-aging and anti-aging, longevity.

銆€銆€Second, Chinese traditional medical research believes that the role of Health Qigong is mainly reflected in the following aspects: dredge meridians: meridians are the passage of blood and blood, the meridians are not able to pass, the organs and organs of the organs are not able to nourish and warm the blood.Lead to various consequences.

Health Qigong exercise can promote meridian dredge, eliminate or eliminate various faults.

Many comrades have this feeling, and many uncomfortable symptoms have improved after practicing.

銆€銆€Reconcile qi and blood: qi and blood are the nutrients of the human body. If the blood is insufficient, it can lead to anemia or malnutrition, and the immune function will decline, resulting in many deficiency syndromes: if qi stagnation and blood stasis will lead to dysfunction of blood and blood, many diseases will occur.

Health Qigong exercise can not only replenish qi and blood, but also qi and blood circulation, suffering from many deficiency and real symptoms.

銆€銆€Balance yin and yang: Many diseases of the human body are caused by yin and yang imbalance, and yin and yang must maintain relative balance.

If the balance of yin and yang is out of balance, there will be yin deficiency and impotence, yang deficiency and yin, or yin and yang deficiency, Yang Sheng yin and other events.

Health Qigong exercise can balance yin and yang, and can improve and eliminate various deformations of yin and yang disorders.

銆€銆€Supporting the righteousness and evils: Supporting means that it can help the righteousness, and most of the diseases are related to the real evil.

Zhengxu refers to the lack of blood and the function of the organs. The evil means the wind and cold, the heat and the dryness of the six evils.

Health Qigong exercise can not only help the righteousness, but also eliminate evil spirits, so it can implant a variety of diseases of deficiency or illness.

銆€銆€Third, Chinese Qigong studies believe that Health Qigong has a health care function.

銆€銆€Health Qigong exercise can promote the body’s fine, gas, and the three treasures of the gods continue to fill, gradually reaching the fullness, qi and foot, and Shenwang.

When concentrated, the organs and organs of the organs are well-functioned, and Shenwang has a strong brain and immune function.

Health Qigong exercise, no disease can strengthen the body, disease can be treated and recovered, and ultimately achieve the purpose of health care, anti-aging and anti-aging.

銆€銆€From the practice of participating in Health Qigong exercise, the main purpose of people participating in Health Qigong exercise is to enhance physical fitness, prevent disease, prolong life, develop intelligence, and cultivate sentiment.

In summary, the ultimate goal is to achieve health care and anti-aging.

Therefore, Health Qigong is one of the people’s favorite sports, has a broad mass base, and is increasingly valued by the state and society.

Body thin waist food specializes in belly fat


Body thin waist food specializes in belly fat

Want to reduce belly fat, “picking pick” is very important.

銆€銆€Orange fruits and vegetables, in addition to cellulose, can prolong the feeling of fullness, and the vitamin C and beta-carotene supplemented can also avoid a small amount of residue.

Carrots, squash and peaches all provide a lot of beta-carotene, while citrus, cherries and kiwifruit are the outstanding leaders of vitamin C.

銆€銆€Obtaining more selenium and selenium not only can fight cancer, but also reduce the incidence of excessive elderly.

Many foods contain selenium, but it is difficult to know if the recommended amount is 55 micrograms/day. Therefore, you should develop the habit of taking supplements or eating different foods.

銆€銆€Eat more fish and eggs. The results of the University Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark, show that eating high-quality protein such as fish and eggs allows you to feel full and increase energy, helping to lose weight, especially those over 40 years old can also reduce diabetes.

銆€銆€Eating the right 濮?Spanish study shows that eating more olive oil, fish, linseed oil, walnut oil and tofu is easier to maintain a slim figure.

The omega-6 fatty acids contained in corn oil and barbecue foods can cause slight accumulation of the abdomen.

Trans fatty acids also increase abdominal cramps and try not to eat.