[How to make large chunks of beef with sauce]_How to make_How to make

[How to make large chunks of beef with sauce]_How to make_How to make

Beef is a very common ingredient in normal times. There are many ways to eat beef and how to eat it. Different places have different ways of eating and eating beef. Beef can be braised and eaten, but beef can be eaten no matter what., The nutritional value is very high, beef sauce is usually a favorite food, but only a small number of people will make, the following details the practice of large chunks of beef sauce.

The practice of chunky beef beef Spice spiced beef material Main ingredients: tender beef auxiliary 1: star anise, ginger, white pipa, cumin, rock sugar, sky pepper, grass fruit, pepper auxiliary 2: old soy sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine practiceWash the beef with running water and put it in a bowl. Mix auxiliary material 1 with beef, add cooking wine, soy sauce, old soy sauce and raw soy sauce.

2. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator freezer for more than 24 hours (the longer the better, the more flavorful) 3. Cut the shallots and cook the eggs (three hulls) for use.

4. Put the marinated beef, the spices and juices of the marinated beef into the pot, add twice the water, and put the onion segments and eggs.

5. Cook over high heat, turn off low heat and cook slowly for an hour.

6. Don’t lift the shell after cooking, let the beef cool naturally in the pan.

Don’t take out the beef after it has cooled down, put it in the refrigerator with the marinade for 12 hours and slice it.

Authentic beef sauce 1, prepare the main ingredients, I choose the anterior tendon (the best money stress in the inside, the anterior stress tendons are many, the layers are very beautiful, and the taste is even better).

2. Wrap all the spices with gauze (if you can’t find so many spices, then aniseed, cinnamon, pepper, fragrant leaves, white peony, Shannai, Amomum villosum are best).

3. Throw the spice buns and beef in the pot and let it sit in the water until the amount of water can be as good as the beef. After the water is boiled, put the soy sauce. Slowly put the soy sauce and keep the water on. This will cook off the raw taste of the soy sauce.Then add rice wine, spring onions, thick slices of ginger, yellow sauce, salt and rock sugar, turn the water on again and simmer for 2 to 3 hours.

4, soaked beef in the soup and wait until the soup is cold, then fish out, the taste is better.

5, slice the plate can bear.

Old Beijing sauce beef 1, pour the dried yellow sauce into the clear water basin, crush the dry sauce by hand and stir well, and leave the stirred sauce basin to stand for four to five hours for use.

2. Slice the ginger for future use. Put all the dried spices into the cooking machine, then beat the spices into a powder and pour it out.

3, cut the fresh beef into about a pound of large pieces, and then soak with water for five to six hours for use.

4. Slowly pour the still soy sauce into the soup pot, and then do not shake the soy sauce basin. Use only two thirds of clear soy sauce floating in the soy sauce basin, and the residue and turbidity that settle at the bottomDo not use the miso soup, then pour in the old soup that was previously used, and finally add a certain ratio of water. Pour the right amount of wine in the pot, then add the rock sugar and ginger slices, and finally add the powdered spices and season with the appropriate amount of salt.Boil.

5. Pour the soaked beef away from the blood and add it to the boiled soup pot. Put the beef in the brine soup and cook until the meat is discolored and the flesh is firm.

Then set the fire to a small low heat. For example, use an induction cooker to adjust the fire to a little to make the soup bubbling. The lid of the pot should be supported by the spoon.

Don’t pan out the beef sauce, soak the cooked beef in the original soup for 4-5 hours.

Then take out the air and apply a thin layer of sesame oil with a brush to prevent the beef from drying out. Finally, put it in a fresh-keeping bag and keep it refrigerated.

Allow the used simmered soup to cool and remove the oil slick above it. Let stand for 3 hours, then scoop out the clearer simmered soup from above. Pour out the bottom slag from the pot.

The braised soup can be stored in a fresh-keeping box and sealed for refrigerated storage. The braised meat soup is the old soup. The aromatic substances and amino acids in the soup are rich and must not be dumped. The more the soup tastes, the better the sauce isIn this soup, only the brine soup blended with some old soup tastes good.

When you eat, slice and take as you like, and it can be stored in the refrigerator for about four days. If you ca n’t finish the food, steam the meat after four days in winter, and steam it every other day in summer.The color is not dark, but the taste is quite good.

[How to make chestnut buns]_ Common practice of chestnut buns _ How to make chestnut buns _ How to do chestnut buns

[How to make chestnut buns]_ Common practice of chestnut buns _ How to make chestnut buns _ How to do chestnut buns

According to reliable sources, many people have become entangled with “lazy” cancer.

The so-called “lazy” cancer actually refers to cancer caused by one’s laziness, the most obvious of which is gastric cancer.

The occurrence of gastric cancer is basically the cause of eating.

If you often cook and eat at home, you won’t get stomach cancer at all.

Now, let me tell you how to make Li Rong buns well.


First mix the flour and milk powder, melt the yeast in warm water, and knead into the flour.

Fermented to 2 times as large.

This is leavened dough.


Take out the air and knead thoroughly.


Cut into small pasta and proof for 15 minutes.

Take a dough, flatten it, roll out the garden, and wrap in the filling 4.

Close, close the mouth downwards.


Put it in a steamer, cover the shell, steam in cold water for 20 minutes, and remove the lid after 5 minutes.


Steamed buns.


Breakfast tomorrow.

Maybe some people in your family will make Li Rong steamed buns. Now you can prove to your family that you can actually cook and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

[Can pregnant women eat duck heads?

How do duck heads eat by pregnant women]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat duck heads?
How do duck heads eat by pregnant women]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

Many young friends now have the habit of eating duck heads. The taste of duck heads is gluten. Although there are many bones and less meat, they can be eaten as snacks. They are common snack foods. Although duck heads have no side effects, they are also pollution-freeHowever, for pregnant women during pregnancy, they cannot be used casually, because the food in these special parts may cause some elements to lead to physical health during pregnancy, lead to deterioration of development, lead to dysplasia, and may be abundant in duck heads.Vitamin b group and vitamin e also include niacin and other ingredients. Pregnant women can eat duck heads, but they should be eaten less. The duck heads eaten by pregnant women cannot be purchased directly from the outside, because now they are sold spicy and heavy taste., I use fresh duck heads at home, slightly lighter, easier to digest, and more nutritious.

The nutritional value of duck head contains B vitamins and vitamin E compared to other meats.

There are many duck meats, which can effectively resist beriberi, neuritis and many complications, and also anti-aging.

Duck’s head is rich in niacin, which is a component of two important coenzymes in the human body, and has a protective effect on patients with heart diseases such as myocardial infarction.

Duck’s head effect and role of dietetic effect: cure edema, Tongli urination.

The nutritional value of duck head The duck head contains B vitamins and vitamin E that overlap with other foods. In addition, duck head is rich in niacin, which is a component of two important coenzymes in the human body.Patients with the disease have a protective effect.
Efficacy and role of duck head Duck head has the effect of curing edema and urination.

Indications: irritability, redness, irritability, wheezing, and astringent urination.

Duck head practice Daquan 1, Dried bamboo shoots Duck head soup Ingredients: Duck head, appropriate amount of dried bamboo shoots, salad oil, ginger, fish sauce amount: (1) Soak the dried bamboo shoots in warm water, change water several times during the rinse, rinseUntil soft; (2) put the wok on the fire, reduce the fire to fragrant ginger, and add the washed duck head; (3) turn to a high fire, stir-fry the duck head and scent it out; (4) turnPut the fried duck head in the pot, add the appropriate amount of water to submerge the duck head, add the fish sauce seasoning, turn the heat over low heat and cook slowly until the duck head is cooked.

2. Duck head material: appropriate amount of duck head, salt, ginger, green onion, star anise, pepper, cinnamon, cooking wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce, fennel, sweet hot sauce, old rock sugar, fermented bean curd. Moderate method: (1) Wash the duck headAfter cleaning, put in warm water and add wine to remove the fishy smell; (2) season the star anise, pepper, cinnamon, anise jam; (3) wash the duck head with warm water to remove the foam, and put it in the pot, Add the right amount of warm water, seasoning bag, cooking wine, soy sauce, sweet and spicy sauce, salt, yellow rock sugar, oyster sauce, fermented bean curd and boil over high heat; (4) turn to low heat and cook for about 20 minutes, then turn to high heat to collect juice.

[Can I eat watermelon after running]_fruit_taboo

澶忓ぉ涓€鍒帮紝浜轰滑灏辩壒鍒枩娆㈠悆瑗跨摐銆備絾鏄敱浜庤タ鐡滅殑绯栧垎杩囬珮锛岃繖璁╄澶氳偉鑳栫殑浜烘劅鍒板崄鍒嗘棤濂堛€傜敱浜庡仴搴锋槸鏈€閲嶈鐨勪竴浠朵簨鎯咃紝涓轰簡鍑忚偉锛岃澶氫汉浠細閫夋嫨鍦ㄦ櫄涓婃垨鑰呮櫄涓婅窇姝ャ€傝窇姝ヤ笉浠呬粎鏄彲浠ュ噺鑲ワ紝杩樺彲浠ュ己鍋ヤ綋榄勩€備絾鏄瘡褰撹窇瀹屾鍚庯紝灏辨兂瑕佸悆瑗跨摐锛岄偅涔堣窇瀹屾鍚庤兘澶熷悆瑗跨摐鍚楋紵棣栧厛瑗跨摐鐢滃害杈冮珮鍚屾椂姘村垎澶с€備笖鐢滃害闅忔垚鐔熷悗鏈熻敆绯栫殑澧炲姞鑰屽鍔犮€傝タ鐡滃叿鏈変竴瀹氱殑鍒╃殑浣滅敤锛屾墍浠ュ悆瑗跨摐鍚庢帓灏块噺浼氬鍔狅紝浠庤€屾湁鍒╀簬鎺掑嚭浣撳唴杩囧鐨勯挔鐩愶I am a good friend. I am a good person. I am a very serious person. I am in a state of affairs.瀛h繍鍔ㄩ殢姹楁按娴佸け鐨勯捑锛屽噺杞荤己閽捐€屽鑷寸殑鑲岃倝鏃犲姏鍜岀柌鍔虫劅锛屼粠杩欎釜鎰忎箟涓婅锛岃タ鐡滅敋鑷冲彲浠ョ湅鍋氱殑澶╃劧鐨勮繍鍔ㄩギ鏂欍€傚叾娆℃槸鎺у埗鎬荤儹閲忔憚鍏ヤ篃闇€瑕侀€傚綋鎺у埗姘存灉鐗瑰埆鏄惈绯栦赴瀵屾按鏋滅殑鎽勫叆銆傚綋鐒讹紝杩欏苟涓嶆剰鍛崇潃涓嶅悆姘存灉锛屾按The problem is that the board is not covered by the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the lake, the lake, the lake, the lake, the lake, the lake, the lake, the lake, the lake, the lake, the lake, the lake, the lake, the lake, the lake, the lake, the lake, the lake憚鍏ヨ搴﹁€岃█锛屽噺鑲ヤ篃闇€瑕侀€傚綋鎺у埗鍚硸杈冮珮姘存灉鐨勬憚鍏ャ€傚啀鑰呰タ鐡滃瘜鍚殑鐡滄皑閰告垚鍒嗗彲浠ヤ繚鎸佸唴閮ㄥ櫒瀹樺仴搴蜂互鍙婅倢鑲夋椿鍔涖€備笖杩愬姩鍚庝綋鍐呰绯栨按骞充細鏈夋墍涓嬮檷锛岃タ鐡滃惈绯栭噺杈冮珮锛岄€傚綋琛ュ厖鏈夊姪浜庢彁楂樺拰绋冲畾鏈轰綋琛€绯栨按骞炽€傝櫧鐒跺瀛e悆鍐拌タ鐡滆浜哄緢浜彈锛屼絾涓€娆″悆寰楀お澶氬お鎬ュ鑳冪殑鍒烘縺寰堝ぇ锛屽鏄撳紩璧疯偁鑳冪殑琛€绠℃敹缂╋紝鐢氳嚦鐥夋寷锛屾崯瀹宠偁鑳冨仴搴枫€傛渶鍚庤€屼笖鍚冭タ鐡滃彲鑳藉鑷村彂鑳栥€傝タ鐡滅殑绯栧垎绾﹀崰7%~8%锛屾寜7%鏉ヨ绠楋紝500 鍏 嬭 タ 鐡 滆 倝 钖  硸 35 鍏 嬶 麴 钖?鏂ょ摐鐡ょ浉褰撲簬鍚冧簡涓€纰楃背楗€備絾鍚冭タ鐡滃彲鑳戒細瀵艰嚧鍙戣儢锛岃繖骞朵笉鑳芥€タ鐡滄湰韬紝涓昏鏄澶╀汉浠悆瑗跨摐鍚冨緱澶浜嗐€傚鏋滄寜1涓嫻鏋滈偅鏍风殑閲忔潵鍚冭タ鐡滐紝鏄笉瀹规槗浜х敓鏄庢樉澧炶偉鏁堟灉鐨勩€?

[Apple’s cutting steps Daquan]_ production method _ home practice

[Apple’s cutting steps Daquan]_ production method _ home practice

Apples are the most common fruit in our lives. The nutritional value of this fruit is very high. Apples are actually divided into different varieties. The apples we often see are Red Fuji, Marshal Huang and so on. Eating apples often helpsIn order to improve our own resistance, many people choose to eat slices of apples when eating apples, which is more convenient to eat. So what are the steps to cut apples?

Tools / Raw Materials 1/7 The first step is to prepare the tools and materials.

Wash the fruit knife, cutting board and apples.

2/7 apple tower cut method: 1.

Open the apple in half, and then cut out a uniform V-shaped slice from left to right; 2.

Separate the slices by size and push them apart to turn them into apple towers.

Is it very simple, but it took me a long time to cut it evenly, and when I did n’t get it right, I cut it to another V shape, which wasted a lot of apples.

3/7 apple flower cutting method: stack the V-shaped sheet in the previous step according to the size, and use a toothpick to wear it to become a beautiful apple flower.

The above two methods are not good at eating. It is okay to greet friends. Do n’t waste it by eating by yourself.

4/7 Apple Butterfly Cut: You can take two similar apples separately, or you can take a whole piece in the center of the apple, then remove the core part, cut into two pieces of fruit with basically the same shape, and then take out the butterfly shape, And finally fix it with a toothpick.

5/7 apple semicircle cutting method: 1.

Apple split in half into two parts; 2.

Remove the middle nucleus; 3.

Carved small, evenly spaced grooves on the surface of the apple; 4.

Cut off the head and tail, and cut into thin slices of uniform thickness.

6/7 apple petal cutting: This is the simplest and most casual.

Divide an apple into 4 equal parts, and then cut off the middle nucleus flat.

7/7 Apple scattered flower cut: This is also very beautiful.

On the basis of apple petals, cut out uniform slices, stack them together, and spread them out in one move, and turn into beautiful apple flowers. You can also fix them with toothpicks or fruits.

Note 1.

Apples are prone to oxidation and discoloration. When cutting apple blossoms or towers, it is best to soak them in salt water and ice water.


The operations are relatively fine. Be careful not to cut your hands. Safety comes first.

[Cooking method of air-dried fish]_How to_How to do

椋庡共楸兼槸浠庢捣杈瑰湴鍖哄彂灞曡€屾潵鐨勪竴閬撶編椋燂紝瀹冪殑鍙f劅鏃㈠捀鍙堥矞銆傜浉瀵逛簬鏂伴矞鐨勯奔鑰岃█锛岄骞查奔淇濆瓨鏃堕棿杈冮暱锛岄鐢ㄨ捣鏉ヤ篃鏇村姞鍔查亾銆傚叧浜庨骞查奔鐨勭児楗柟娉曚篃鏈夊緢澶氾紝姣忎竴绉嶉兘鍚勬湁鐗硅壊锛屼絾姣忎竴绉嶉兘鑳戒繚鐣欑潃椋庡共楸肩嫭鐗圭殑鍛抽亾銆備笅闈㈠氨鏉ョ畝鍗曠殑浠嬬粛涓€涓嬪叧浜庨骞查奔鐨勫埗浣滄柟寮忋€傞鍏堣閫夌敤鏂伴矞鐨勯奔銆傝繖寰堝叧閿紝鍙湁鏂伴矞鐨勯奔鍒朵綔鍑烘潵鐨勯骞查奔鍛抽亾鎵嶇粷浣?鏂伴矞楸煎幓槌炪€侀硟銆佸唴鑴忥紝娲楀噣锛岀墖寮€锛屾暣鏉″姞鐩愩€佹枡閰掋€佽懕濮滆姳妞掔瓑鑵屽埗鍏 ュ 懗 Adopted?2灏忔椂鍚庢寕璧烽骞层€傛俯搴︿竴鑸帉鎻″湪15搴︿互鍐咃紝骞叉箍搴﹀湪40%浠ュ唴杈冨ソ銆傝閫夋嫨 和 ° 湁 鑻 屎 卄 勫 儫 Empty effect!For example,  鏄 ュ  銆 佺  鍐  銆 傝  缁 嗘 Nan?绗竴姝ャ€佹寫閫夋柊椴滅殑楸笺€傛寫閫夋柊椴滈奔鐨勬爣鍑嗘槸:楸艰韩瀹屾暣銆佹棤鐮磋倸銆侀奔鑲夊潥鎸恒€侀奔韬敤鎵嬪帇鏈夊脊鎬с€傜浜屾銆佸姞宸ャ€傚皢楸兼礂骞插噣锛岃儗闈㈠紑鍒€椤洪暱鐗囧紑锛岄櫎鍘诲唴鑴忋€佽叜锛岀敤娴锋按鍐叉礂骞插噣鎺у共姘村垎銆傜涓夋銆佽厡鍒躲€傝厡鍒舵椂鐩愬害瑕It ‘s a 2% error message. It ‘s a must-have problem. It ‘s not so good. It ‘s a new one. It ‘s a new one. It ‘s a new one.The wind and the wind and the wind and the fan are very rugged and sloppy. It’s so rough! You can’t do it!鑵岄奔鐨勪富瑕佸師鏂欐槸鐩愶紝杈呮枡鏄枡閰掋€佽懕濮滆姳妞掔瓑銆傜鍥涙銆?椋庡共”銆傚張鍙敎鏅掋€傞骞茬殑鎶€宸ф槸:鍦ㄩ€氶濂界殑鏉′欢涓嬮伩寮€闃冲厜鐩村皠蹇€熼骞?闃村共)璁╅奔杩呴€熻劚姘达紝楸艰倝铔嬬櫧璐ㄦ墠鑳藉緢濂藉湴淇濆瓨锛岃€屼笖铔嬬櫧璐ㄦ洿瀵岄泦娴撶缉I ‘m sorry, it ‘s so cold, it ‘s just a bit hard to get it right, it ‘s just a new one, it ‘s just a little bit new, it ‘s just a little bit new, it ‘s hard to get around, it ‘s hard to get around.勫彛鎰熴€傞骞?-4澶╁嵆鍙紝鐒跺悗鍐峰喕淇濆瓨銆傛捣杈逛汉鍋氶骞查奔鏈変釜璇€绐?Suo Cui Kettle Cylinders 娗 娲 奲 楩 曩 囩 ▼ 鐢 ㄦ プ 姘 达 溴 橩 樿  鍦 ㄦ 餦 姘 姘 參 “阃?涓€閬嶃€傝繖鏍峰仛鐨勯骞查奔浼樼偣:涓€鏄笉鎷涜媿铦囷紝浜屾槸娴烽奔鐢ㄦ捣姘存礂锛屽懗閬撳ソ銆傚綋鐒朵篃鏈変汉鍠滄鎶圭偣閰辨补浠ヨ揪鍒颁笉鎷涜媿铦囩殑鐩殑锛屼絾鏄彛鍛冲氨姣斾笂鐢ㄦ捣姘翠簡銆?鍙﹀鏅掗奔鏃惰灏嗛奔鎸傚湪鑳岄槾闈紝涓嶈兘璁╁お闃崇洿灏勶紝楸兼檼濂藉悗鏍煎鏈夊懗閬撱€?

Depth-Company-Tuobang Co., Ltd. (002139): The company’s performance is growing steadily and the intelligent IoT is connected to the 5G era

Depth * Company * Topbond (002139): The company’s performance grows steadily, and the intelligent IoT is connected to the 5G era

The company released the first quarter report of 2019: the first quarter realized operating income8.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 17 years.

19%; net profit attributable to mother, 5,202.

07 million yuan, an annual increase of 22.


The main points of the support level are that revenue and 重庆耍耍网 profits increase simultaneously, focusing on research and development to lay the foundation for growth.

The company achieved the same increase in revenue and profits in the first quarter, especially the relief of profit pressure, and the rapid return to development reached 52.02 million yuan, an annual increase of 22.

30%, gross profit margin also rose to 22 last year.


The first is that the prices of upstream resistors and capacitors that fluctuated last year fell. At the same time, Sino-US trade relations have eased, and exchange rates have improved, and the company’s profitability has been restored.

R & D costs increase by 45 per year.

1%, first of all, the company increased research and development and promotion of new intelligent solutions and customized services.

Continuous R & D investment will build the 杭州夜网论坛 foundation for the company’s rapid growth in the future.

One-stop customized solutions to promote market expansion.

The company uses system sales, from providing a single part to a so-called one-stop intelligent IoT solution, expanding the service chain to expand the scale of operations, enriching the product variety, promoting technology integration and using technology overlap to generate scale benefits.

At the same time, customized services for high-end customers from research and development to mass production can improve the company’s reputation and industry influence, and actively adapt to market changes to meet market demand.

The company’s layout based on smart IoT solutions will further strengthen the company’s industry competitiveness.

Connect with 5G IoT and actively grasp the possibility of the times.

In the context of the global 5G commercial sprint period, the company’s existing core technologies such as automatic R & D perception detection, control processing, and communication cloud services, and intelligent controller technology are leading the industry.

With the popularization of commercial 5G technology and company perception detection technology, intelligent controllers can replace low-latency smart devices with high sensitivity and high accuracy.

The “Smart Controller + Communication Module + Cloud Service + APP” solution provided by the company can realize large-capacity and high-bandwidth access to equipment, design a wider range of application scenarios, and cooperate with equipment to provide more flexible customer service to drive profit growth.

It is estimated that we maintain the company’s EPS forecast for 2019-2021 to 0.

30, 0.

39, 0.

49 yuan, the corresponding price-earnings ratio is 22.

6 times, 17.

1x, 13.

6x, maintain BUY rating.

The main risks faced by the rating are industry development risks or failure to meet expectations, market competition risks, and technological innovation risks.

Guiyan Platinum (600459): The company’s performance is multi-flowered, platinum and palladium have broad application prospects

Guiyan Platinum (600459): The company’s performance is multi-flowered, platinum and palladium have broad application prospects
The company has a complete precious metal industry chain, mainly a catalytic purifier for profit growth.The company’s main gross profit is contributed in part by precious metal products and renewable resource materials.The responsible metal products contributed 65% of the total gross profit, mainly due to the special functional materials of precious metals and doped catalysts, which contributed most of the profits.From the perspective of gross profit margin, the gradual catalyst business has always been the company’s highest gross profit margin, and the gross profit margin has remained above 10 points. The demand gap for palladium continues to widen.As the South African region was dragged down by the price of a basket of platinum group metals, the supply growth rate was basically flat in 2018. The largest gold producer in Russia, Nornickel, only expected a growth rate of 0-5% in 2019.Flat, so the overall growth of the supply side is limited.However, due to the increasingly strict emission standards on the demand side, the demand in the catalyst field has increased, and the demand in other fields such as jewelry, industrial applications is basically stable. We expect the disciplinary gold demand gap to be 25.2 tons, the previous year has increased, the price will increase more room. The platinum group catalyst has a bright future application.Countries are currently developing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.At present, the smallest amount of platinum group metals in the catalyst is Honda’s clarity, and the amount of bicycles is 12.9g 佛山桑拿网 platinum group metal, about 100% increase in the current consumption of diesel vehicles.According to the forecasts of overseas consulting agencies, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be the first to exceed 1 million by 2026, which will greatly promote the application of platinum group metal catalysts. The company’s performance has blossomed, and it continues to benefit from the promotion of the new six national standards and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.A large number of the company’s business continued to benefit from the new national six standards and the promotion of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles: 1. The price of gold in the past six months has hit record highs. The company is responsible for the inclusion of metal recycling projects.5 tons of discipline, 1.4 tons of hooks, the company’s performance is expected to be boosted; 2, 深圳桑拿网 the new emission standards will increase the use of bicycle platinum group metals, the company’s production capacity unchanged, can bring the company’s revenue increase, longGrowth drives performance growth.3. The future of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is promising. The company’s layout of fuel cell catalysts is expected to benefit in the future. Profit forecast and investment responsibility suggestions: It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its mother in 2019-2021 will be 1.97, 2.37, 2.8.7 billion yuan; EPS are 0.45, 0.54, 0.66 yuan, with the corresponding P / E of 43 on June 25, 2019.9x, 36.5X, 30.1x, giving an overweight rating. Risk reminder: Gasoline vehicle sales significantly expand, platinum group metal prices fall sharply

Liuyao shares (603368) quarterly report comments: continued high growth results in line with expectations

Liuyao shares (603368) quarterly report comments: continued high growth results in line with expectations

The 3Q19 results were in line with expectations on October 29. The company released the third quarter report for 2019 and realized operating income / net profit attributable to mothers / net profit attributable to non-mothers 111.



41 trillion, an increase of 27 each year.

53% / 40.

10% / 38.

62%, of which in the third quarter of 19 realized operating income / net profit attributable to mothers / net profit attributable to non-mothers 39.



91 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.

46% / 41.

51% / 41.

27%, performance is in line with expectations.

We maintain our profit forecast and expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 2.



19 yuan, maintaining a target price of 40.


46 yuan unchanged, maintain “Buy” rating.

In the first three quarters of 2019, the net interest rate increased, and operating cash flow improved to improve the company.

37%, an increase of 2 per year.

09 points.

The company’s sales / management (including R & D) / financial expenses in the first three quarters of 20192.

45% / 2.

07% / 0.

93%, an increase of 0 every year.



49pct, the sales expense ratio, management expense ratio and gross profit margin increase every year because of higher gross profit and higher expense of the proportion of pharmaceutical retail and industrial business.

The company’s net profit for the first three quarters of 2019 was 5.

45%, an increase of 0 every year.


Due to the natural mismatch of the upstream and downstream accounting periods of the industry, the faster the revenue growth of pharmaceutical distribution companies will result in increased operating cash flow pressure.

In the third quarter of 1919, the company’s net income from operating cash flow was -2, while its revenue increased rapidly.

Instead, 2.8 billion has improved previously (-2 in the same period last year.

5.6 billion).

The three main businesses go hand in hand, and the well-developed company’s main business is successfully completed: 1) Distribution: We expect the company’s distribution revenue to increase 20-25% from January to September 2019, and we expect to maintain that growth rate; 2) Retail: WeIt is predicted that the retail revenue of the company will increase by 45-50% from January to September 2019. It is expected that the number of stores will reach 600 by the end of the year. 3) Industry: Chinese herbal medicines continue to increase in volume. We expect revenue to reach 200 million. The sales 厦门夜网 of Metrohm Pharmaceuticals are affected by the expansionAnnual revenue is expected to increase by 15-20%.

The performance continued to grow at a high level. Maintaining the “Buy” rating for the company ‘s January-September 2019 results were in line with expectations. We maintain our profit forecast and expect the company to return to its parent net profit for 2019-2021.08/8.


86 ppm, an increase of 34% / 25% / 22% per year, the current expected corresponding PE for 2019-2021 is estimated to be 13x / 11x / 9x respectively.

Considering that the company’s performance growth rate far exceeds that of most comparable companies, we give the company a PE estimate of 15x-17x in 2019 and maintain a target price of 40.


46 yuan unchanged, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: The drug collection promotion is beyond expectations; the growth of M & A targets is lower than expected.

8 small actions before getting up to help you stay fit

8 small actions before getting up to help you stay fit

Before getting up every morning, stick to a few simple and easy movements to reduce the high temperature throughout the day, which is conducive to physical fitness and health.

  Rub your face After getting up in the morning, rub the “Yingxiang Acupoint” next to both nostrils with your middle fingers at the same time several times.

Then rub it up and up to the forehead, and then separate in both directions, and rub it down to the condylar tip for two seconds.

Repeatedly rubbing the face 20 times in this way can promote facial blood circulation, enhance the ability of the facial skin to resist cold, refresh the brain, and prevent colds.

Over time, it can reduce skin wrinkles and improve appearance.

  Rotate your eyes and turn your eyes, it should be done in a hurry, right and left, then up and down, 10 times each, can improve the displacement of the optic nerve and enhance vision.

  Gently close the lips with the teeth, and hit the upper and lower teeth with each other 36 times.

It can promote blood circulation in the mouth, teeth, teeth, gums and gums, enhance saliva secretion, thereby removing dirt, improve the anti-caries ability and chewing function of teeth.

  Lie flat with your abdomen, straighten your legs, and breathe deeply.

When inhaling, the abdomen is lifted up strongly, and it is released when exhaling.

Repeating the abdomen for more than ten times can enhance the elasticity and strength of the abdominal muscles, prevent the abdominal muscles from slackening, slightly accumulate, and can be digested and digested.

  Lifting the anus and tightening the anus more than ten times will enhance the strength of the anal sphincter, improve the perianal blood circulation, prevent anal prolapse, hemorrhoids, and constipation.

  Sitting on the bed with her hair combed, her ten fingers replaced the comb.

Comb from the forehead to the pillow, from the dual coaxial comb to the top of the head, and repeat several times.

Can improve the nutritional supply of hair roots.

Reduce hair loss, white hair, promote hair bright, and can refresh the brain and reduce blood pressure.

  Lay the brain on the bed, press the palms of both hands tightly on the ears, and gently bounce the back of the head with the index finger, middle finger and ring finger, repeated 3-4 times, can relieve fatigue, prevent dizziness, strong hearing, and treat tinnitus.

  The cat was lying on the bed, spreading its hands, straightening its legs together, raising its hips, arching its waist like a cat arching its spine, and lowering its tibia.

Repeated dozens of times in this way can exercise the muscles and joints of the lower back, limbs, promote the smooth flow of qi and blood throughout the body, and implant back pain.