Diet weight loss 10 coup

Diet weight loss 10 coup

1. Choose a vanilla yoghurt (120 calories) instead of a fruity yoghurt (140 calories) for breakfast.

  Calorie reduction: 20, even induce ulcers or even perforation, so fasting is not suitable for drinking slimming tea.

  2, pancakes with maple yoghurt (38 calories) instead of maple syrup (104 calories) smeared on pancakes.

  Calorie reduction: 66 3. Sandwiches Whether you are a homemade sandwich or a one in the subway, replace the mayonnaise (90 calories) with hummus (23 calories).

  Calorie reduction: 67 4. Lunch If your lunch is a delicious sandwich made with two whole-grain breads (220 calories), try replacing the whole-wheat bread with a rye-bread (170 calories).

  Calorie reduction: 506, drink 5, drink a pot of cola (143 calories) and drink a piece of lemon white water (0 calories).

  Calorie reduction: 143 6, take the bread basket back to the dusty bread before the meal is free. Calorie reduction: 112 7, soup choose a bowl of Italian vegetable soup (110 calories) instead of cream mushroom soup (370 calories).

  Calorie reduction: 260 8. Alcohol is more than a vodka (175 calories), and you should enjoy a glass of red wine or Chardonnay (120 calories).

  Calorie reduction: 55 9, desserts can choose two squares of dark chocolate (88 calories) instead of a chocolate cake (224 calories).

  Calorie reduction: 133

10 rules children should not follow

10 rules children should not follow

The “homework” that parents must do every day includes urging the little ones to go to bed on time, ensuring the nutrition of each meal is comprehensive, and educating the children with high morals . Everyone knows that there is no speculative way to help us raise a healthy baby.

  However, our question is: what exactly is a perfect child?

You know, sometimes it ‘s not a big deal to occasionally step on the line or violate the rules, just follow us to build a benign “anarchy” and break 10 old rules!

  Breakthrough Rule 1: Don’t mess up This seems to be a golden rule: children are equal to chaos.

The child is born of a housewife’s nightmare, looking at the empty cupboard, smelling the smell of the child, or when you see that he is painting on the mirror with your most expensive lipstick; or, let us imagine that in the childWhat can a neat white sofa be used for?

Ha, isn’t this a flat canvas waiting for graffiti?

So what do you use to “paint”? Bread crumbs and jam look good!

-At this point, you must start to crash?

  Wait until the little guy messes everything up before trying to clean up. Not only will it take a lot of time, but it will also drive you crazy. This is not a viable option for smart housewives.

  The good way is that you can pull a large piece of cheap cloth, and spread it on the sofa in advance when you need it, even if you can’t finish painting once, you can continue next time!

You can also appropriately limit the space for the little guy’s activities, some kind of room, if conditions permit, he can be restricted to his own garden.

But don’t give it a little freedom. Although mud, water, and paint will rearrange the furniture, it will also make children feel creative and happy.

  Breakthrough Rule 2: Do n’t eat “junk” food. If you ‘re not the kind of parent who is so busy every day, you must notice through television or newspapers that there have been more and more reports of overweight children in recent years, which has triggeredSocial discussion and attention on children’s food and child nutrition.

There is one point in this discussion that has not been discussed, and then the correct sugar, salt, and aunt’s “junk” food have a direct impact on children’s health.

  Ideally, children should eat three meals made by the family each day, with a recipe that includes at least fresh cereals and vegetables.

However, in reality, this requirement is mostly not met, and biscuits sometimes become a staple food on children’s tables.

  Young mothers often feel guilty about their inability to provide a better diet.

But please note: If your child can eat fresh vegetables and staple foods every day, and can guarantee the normal activity time, then occasionally eating a pizza or chocolate meal does not matter, and it will not be too much.Caused by static electricity.

  Breakthrough Rule 3: Don’t skip class “In my childhood, the happiest thing was a sunny morning, and my mother suddenly decided to take me out for business.

That feeling is really wonderful, much more fun than staying in a nursery for many years!

“Ms. Li, who lives in Beijing, recalls to us.

Ms. Li just turned 30 this year and has a 4-year-old daughter.

“At that time, my mother would take me to the beach and take a circle, quote the sound of the waves, breathe in the fresh air, and sometimes buy me an ice cream bar. That would be very happy.

I want to be that kind of mother too.

“Of course, you can’t take his son out for fun.

Neither the school nor the nursery wants you to happen instead.

But on some days that are special to you or your child, if you happen to be in good weather, why not try to take a day off?

You should know that walking into the embrace of nature is also an important lesson for children. It is no less important than ABC, 123.

In addition, if you have to give yourself a reason to “instruct” the little ones to miss school, maybe you can barely count the natural health of children when you feel outdoors.

A cupping expert at home to teach you

A cupping expert at home to teach you

A cupping cup is comfortable for people. “Cupping cupping” is a popular name for cupping therapy, also known as “pipe drawing” or “suction cup”.

It is a method of treating diseases by removing the air in the tank by heat, and using the negative pressure to absorb the skin and cause blood stasis.

This therapy can eliminate cold and dampness, dredge the meridians, eliminate stagnation, qi and blood circulation, swelling and pain relief, detoxification and fever, and has the function of adjusting the balance of yin and yang of the human body, relieve fatigue, and enhance physical fitness, so as to achieve righteousness and cure evil.The purpose of the disease.

Therefore, many diseases can be treated with cupping therapy.

For example, when people reach middle age, musculoskeletal pain is common. According to the explanation of traditional Chinese medicine, it is mostly rheumatism.

Covering the mouth of the affected area when cupping, you can slowly suck out the moisture at the lesion, and at the same time promote local blood circulation to achieve pain relief and restore function, so as to treat rheumatism, “pain”, ache and bones, and other discomfort.

  Because cupping can activate qi and blood circulation, dispel wind and dispel cold, reduce swelling and relieve pain, it has a certain therapeutic effect on back muscle strain and lumbar disc herniation.

Mr. Diao also introduced that cupping can also be used on acupoints of the human body to treat headaches, dizziness, eye swelling, cough, asthma, abdominal pain and other problems. Multiple cups can be used at the same time.

  At home, we must talk about methods. Experts remind: since it is a professional treatment method, cupping is definitely not easy. If you do it at home regardless of 3,721, it is easy to cause danger, and there are no shortage of accidents in cupping in life.

If the acupuncture points are applied randomly, it will sometimes be counterproductive.

  First of all, pay attention to the selection of materials. Traditional Chinese medicine uses bamboo tubes. If found, glass bottles and ceramic cups are fine, but the mouth must be thick and smooth, so that the mouth of the fire can’t hurt the skin, and the bottom should be wide and semi-circular.

  Before cupping, the can should be washed and dried, and then the patient should be placed or seated comfortably, exposing the part to be cupped, and then ignited into the can.

When igniting, generally use one hand to hold the canister and the other hand to hold the fired spy. The operation should be fast, shake the fired spy in the pot after a few shakes and withdraw, and place the pot on the place to be treated quickly; fireWhen the burner is still burning, you must cover the mouth of the canister to the affected area, and do not wait for the fire to go out, otherwise it will be too loose, which is not conducive to sucking out the moisture.

Be careful not to heat the edge of the can to prevent burns.

  Generally, the can can be removed after 15-20 minutes. Do not pull the can forcibly, do not pull it hard and turn it. The main action is to tilt the can to one side with one hand, and the skin with the other hand to let the air enter the tank through the gap., The jar will naturally detach from the skin.

  Can can also be used.

After the jar is covered, hold the jar with one or two hands, lift it slightly, and push and pull the jar to move on the patient’s skin.

Can move in one direction or back and forth.

This treated several areas.

When walking the tank, pay attention to apply some lubricants, such as glycerin, paraffin oil, scraping oil, etc. on the part or the mouth of the tank to prevent the skin from being damaged when the tank is walking.

  Cupping also speaks dialectically. Experts such as Mr. Diao and other experts have pointed out some of the taboos of cupping, such as full stomach, and fasting should not be operated; early rise should be defecation; the same place cannot be pulled out every day, and the cupping cannot be done until the spots on the cupping have subsided.

For some people, it is a contraindication for cupping. People with heart disease, blood disease, skin disease, skin damage, mental illness or neuroticism, tuberculosis and various infectious diseases, various fractures, extreme weakness, pregnant women, women’s menstruationPeriod, too full, too thirsty, too thirsty, drunk, etc., should be supplemented or used with caution cupping therapy.

People who are too thin should not use hot pots.

The head and heart should be used with caution. Do not use crucibles for any injuries, trauma, internal muscle tears, etc. Do not use crucibles, otherwise it will backfire.

  As a traditional Chinese medicine external treatment method, cupping must also be dialectical.

For example, headaches are usually treated with acupoints. At this time, the symptoms must be distinguished. Cupping on the forehead and temples is mainly applicable to exogenous wind and cold headaches; those with more severe headaches can choose points such as sun, sun white, and Zhongchong; hypertensionFor headaches, double sun and Yintang are optional; if the pain is forehead, it will be added to the drama plus double bamboo; for the pain, the top of the head will be added to Baihui; if the neck is inconvenient, double wind pools will be added; dizziness, dazzling, tinnitus and other symptoms are prominentThose who add double-headed Wei points.

At this time, it is not possible for ordinary people to operate. Under the guidance of a doctor, it is necessary to operate according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine meridian.

Drinking water is very stressful, do you know?

Taking a drink when water is not desirable

Drinking water is very stressful, do you know?

Taking a drink when water is not desirable

鈼廡he highest quality of natural mineral water 鈼廇 variety of water can be alternately used 鈼廈ottling water should be cleaned and disinfected 鈼廔t is best to boil and burn for 5 minutes 鈼廌rinking water is not acceptable 鈼廎unction water can not be water is lifesource.

The important condition for human survival depends on oxygen, which is probably water.

Water is closely related to health: water is the most abundant substance in the human body, accounting for about 70% of body weight; among the six major nutrients required by the human body, water ranks first; human metabolism, joint lubrication, food dissolution and other physiological functionsThe realization of water depends on water.

Studies have shown that when the body loses more than 10% to 20% of its body weight, people die. Because everyone can’t live without water, drinking water is the most basic and necessary part of people’s lives.

銆€銆€However, the concentration of water source water is degraded by environmental pollution. There are many kinds of barrels or bottled water on the market, and various kinds of beverages are emerging one after another. It is more healthy to drink which kind of water, and how to drink water is more and more concerned.
With these questions, the reporter recently interviewed the director of the Environmental Health and Sanitation Engineering Research Office of the Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine of the PLA Academy of Military Medical Sciences and Professor Li Junwen of the International Water Quality Association.

銆€銆€Li Junwen said that in principle, water that meets national standards can be safely dormant and meet the basic needs of people.

However, due to the different manufacturing processes, the various physical and chemical properties currently on the market are slightly different, and the functions are also different. Scientific drinking water is actually very particular.

銆€銆€The water that is mistakenly drinking is not as pure as possible. Li Junwen said that the main goals in life are: natural mineral water, mineral water, tap water and pure water. The profit scores in the water are successively decreased.

Among them, the natural mineral water is taken from the spring water of nature. The water contains certain minerals and trace elements beneficial to the human body such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and strontium. The water source needs to be dynamically monitored after one year of water quality to be mined.Natural mineral water products are also filtered, disinfected, etc., and generally filled with bottled water.

Pure water refers to water that has been treated or distilled by tap water or lake water through reverse osmosis membranes, including direct drinking water, distilled water, and the like.

Mineral water, also known as “artificial mineral water”, is based on pure water and is chemically added in a certain proportion to form a product containing certain minerals, constants and trace elements.

Today, mineral water and pure water are used as bottled water for daily replacement.

銆€銆€鈥淓ven pure water is very ‘clean’, but it may have a long-term effect on human health.

Li Junwen explained that 鈥渢here is no fish in the water to the clear鈥?
. Pure water removes harmful substances from the human body and also removes trace elements, minerals and other beneficial substances to the human body. Trace elements are indispensable in the normal life activities of the body.In particular, the lack of elements such as selenium, iron, copper, zinc and manganese will affect the activity of some enzymes, thus affecting the body’s ability to fight free radicals and anti-aging.

According to the “Water Quality Index” published by the World Health Organization, the amount of minerals necessary for the intake of calcium and magnesium from water is 5% to 20%. If the absorption in food is reduced, the intake ratio in water can be as high as 50.%.

And animal experiments have shown that long-standing pure water has adverse effects on the cardiovascular and skeletal systems.

Therefore, infants and adolescents, elderly and chronically ill patients do not advocate long-term replacement of pure water.

銆€銆€In addition, some people have suggested that “the lack of ions and trace elements in pure water, which can be supplemented by diet”, some merchants also took the opportunity to speculate.

Li Junwen said that this statement is not entirely correct.

In terms of the current overall expected structure, many trace elements are difficult to take from food, but mainly from water, and trace elements such as fluorine can only be obtained from water (the right amount of fluoride can prevent dental caries).

Moreover, it is generally easier to absorb mineral elements from absorption than from food. This is because minerals dissolved in water are in a free state, and although these trace elements are also contained in food, they often combine with other substances to fightThe body absorbs.

銆€銆€It is not advisable to take a drink as a drink. “Many people now drink beverages as water. In their opinion, drinking a drink is equal to drinking water. Some young people don’t even drink boiled water and only drink drinks or some milk-containing drinks.

This is completely wrong. In the long run, it will lead to too much, internal repetitive distortion, and affect the serious consequences of physiological functions.

Zhang Shulan, a former technician who has served as an expert in water-related health-related product evaluation in this city, said that many beverages contain too much sugar. Long-term intake can cause obesity, affect normal nutrient absorption, and even increase blood sugar and increase diabetes.Risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; some beverages contain ingredients such as flavors, pigments and preservatives. Studies have shown that these elements can affect brain development in children and may be one of the causes of ADHD in children.

In addition, long-term carbonated beverages cause calcium deficiency, causing osteoporosis, which will damage the protective layer of children’s teeth – enamel, light brown pigmentation on the surface of the teeth, causing dental caries.

Other studies have found that the incidence of esophageal cancer is significantly related to the increase in the replacement of carbonated beverages.

Therefore, beverages must not be added as water.

In addition, some merchants have 鈥渂ig fuss鈥?on the water, claiming 鈥渢empting water, drinking healthy鈥?and other tempting slogans to attract consumers, and these waters are not worth the price because of the 鈥渇unction鈥?of anti-cancer, beauty and so on.Philippine, the bottle of “functional water” of the same capacity maximizes several times or even dozens of times of ordinary water.

In progress, Li Junwen said that there is currently no scientific evidence that can be called “functional water” can promote health.

“Drinking functional water can prevent cancer and fight cancer” and “water is the best medicine” is just a concept of commercial operation. There is no need for clinical basis. The public should not blindly follow the trend to deceive.

銆€銆€Drinking water for a lifetime to ensure safe bottled water. Cleaning and directing tap water is the main source of consumption for most people.

In daily life, it is often heard that some ordinary people reflect that the tap water in their homes is 鈥測ellow and smelly鈥?

Then can we still drink tap water?

Li Junwen said that the answer is yes.

銆€銆€He said that the current tap water has reached the national standard of living when it leaves the factory. The taste and chromaticity may sometimes be poor for two reasons: one is due to the high turbidity of the effluent in the special case of tap water treatment; the second is from the water plant.The water coming out is transported through the pipe network. Due to the long service time of the pipe network, some pipes are aged and corroded, which may also cause the water turbidity to increase.銆€銆€In addition, in order to kill pathogenic microorganisms in the water, bleaching powder should be added to the tap water treatment for disinfection, especially in the summer, so that the bleaching powder taste is left in the water.

銆€銆€”The annual water quality standard setting principle is to ensure long-term safety, that is, based on the life expectancy of 70 years old, the water is calculated twice per person per day. Lifetime tap water does not directly and indirectly harm health.
鈥?鈥淟i Junwen said that the current implementation of the tap water is the newly revised 鈥淪anitation Standard for Living鈥? The water quality requirements are more stringent and can be directly replaced after boiling.
鈥?Of course, although the current treatment process of the water plant can eliminate most of the impurities in the water, it is impossible to achieve a natural degree.

Therefore, those who have the condition can install a household water purifier to re-purify the tap water or alternate with the bottled water such as pure water.

When you burn tap water, you may want to wait for the water to boil and then burn it for 5 minutes, then turn off the fire and keep it safer.

銆€銆€It should be noted that no matter the installation of the primary water purifier, if the filter is not cleaned regularly, disinfected and replaced, the water purification effect will be counterproductive.

This also applies to the bottled water and its water dispenser that are commonly used in the home or office environment. If it is not used or used for a long time, it will not be cleaned and disinfected, and it is easy to make the bacteria out of the water exceed the standard.

In addition, the bottled water should not be placed in high temperature or sunlight. It is best to drink it within 1 to 2 weeks after opening, so as to avoid the formation of algae on the long barrel wall and pollute the water.

銆€銆€The four principles of drinking water attention Li Junwen reminded that scientific drinking water should pay attention to the following principles: drinking water on time, do not wait for thirst to drink.

The appearance of thirst has indicated that the body is seriously deficient in water, so it is necessary to develop a habit of drinking water even if the mouth is not thirsty.

Studies have shown that adults drink 2 to 3 liters a day.

Individuals may increase or decrease according to their own environment (temperature, humidity), health status and food intake. For example, patients with colds may drink more water, but some patients with kidney disease and edema need to drink less water.Summer or military high temperature workers should be more hydrated due to sweating and sweating.

銆€銆€Drinking water on an empty stomach.

This water will directly contact the mucosa of the digestive tract and be more easily absorbed by the body.

銆€銆€You can’t drink plenty of water at a time.

If the picture is so happy, drink a lot of water at a time, and inject it into the body to suddenly accumulate in the drinking water. The volume increases sharply and makes the stomach heavy and swell, which also hinders the diaphragmatic activity and affects normal breathing. The rapid increase of blood volume makes the heartSudden increase in burden, affecting the heart, lung function, people with underlying diseases can cause palpitation, fatigue, suffocation and other symptoms.

Therefore, drinking water is preferably small, many times.

銆€銆€Drink a glass of water in the morning.

After getting up, drink a cup of warm water, light tea or light honey water, which is good for changing blood, improving blood circulation, and promoting the discharge of metabolites in the body.

This method is especially beneficial for the elderly and constipation of hypertension, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease.

Office yoga health exercise adjustment sedentary constipation


Office yoga health exercise adjustment sedentary constipation

Office yoga exercises are beneficial to the functional recovery and physical training of the sedentary family, allowing people to eliminate fatigue while exercising the body and relieve pain in the neck and back.


Sitting on the office chair, the legs are close together and the ground is flat. The back is straight, the head is raised, the hands are straight on the chest, the fingers are buckled, and the palm is extended.


Continue to the last action, lift your hands over your head and zoom out.

At this point, the chest opens and breathes deeply.

Note: Do not include a chest hunch, to feel an extension from the arm to the main shaft dry, paste close to the ear.


Hold the position, turn your head to the left and go to the limit.

Note: The head, hands, and body are all in a straight line.


Continue to turn your head to the right, the farther the better.

Note: The feeling of stretching of the left chest and arms is felt when turning, and the head is always perpendicular to the body.


In a sitting position, keep facing forward and the upper body bent to the left.

Keep your hips and feet in a relaxed position so that your muscles can relax.

Note: The body should bend to the left as much as possible, do not bow, do not leave the chair behind.


Continue to maintain the sitting position and hands clasped, the arms are straight and the upper body is bent to the right.

Note: bend as much as possible and keep it facing forward.


Release your hands and slowly lower them to the shoulders. The fingertips are up and the palms are over.

Note: Even a stiff spindle will not be too painful until it is straightened. You can also put your finger slightly inward to increase strength and achieve better stretching.


Then the wrist is alternately twisted from the inside.

Note: When doing this action, the face is always facing forward. If the action is correct, you will feel the comfort of the arm and the arm muscles being stretched.

銆€銆€Dietary conditioning to keep up with sedentary will cause internal vibrations to be inadequate, causing constipation.

Therefore, the old Chinese medicine doctors reminded that the “stalwart family” does not hinder the eating of the following foods to help the body improve: the spinach spinach is rich in cellulose and hemicellulose, glue, pectin and other edible cellulose, and has therapeutic constipation.The role of blood in the stool.

銆€銆€Amaranth leeks are known as “saline grass” and contain a large amount of crude fiber, which is relatively tough, not easily absorbed and absorbed, and promotes peristalsis of the large intestine.

銆€銆€Sweet potato sweet potato cool blood and blood circulation, wide stomach, constipation, chronic constipation food is particularly suitable.

銆€銆€White radish white radish can promote digestion, and its spicy ingredients can promote the secretion of gastric juice and regulate the regeneration function.

In addition, the containing crude fiber can promote gastrointestinal motility and keep the stool smooth.



According to the nature of obesity, it can be divided into simple obesity and pathological obesity. According to the location of obesity, it can be divided into subcutaneous obesity and visceral obesity.

銆€銆€The cause of hereditary obesity.

(The whole family is fat, not necessarily all genetic reasons, it may also be related to your family’s eating habits.

When I was young, I didn’t pay attention to losing weight, causing the body to produce too many cells. The aunt will not increase after the adult will only increase. It can be said that you have laid too many foundations since childhood.

銆€銆€Eat too much and not consume it.

That is, the change from the food exceeds the extent of consumption, and the excess transition turns into unfortunate, accumulating in unfortunate cells to form obesity.

銆€銆€Reduced metabolism.

When people reach middle age, they tend to gain weight due to lower metabolic rate; uneven nutrition, only eating meat and junk food (no nutritious food), not eating fruits and vegetables will also make the metabolic rate lower and easy to gain weight.

銆€銆€Pathological obesity Cushing syndrome causes: Adrenal hyperfunction, excessive secretion of cortisol: face, neck and body hypertrophy, but the limbs are unfortunately not much.

銆€銆€Vitamin-derived causes: excessive insulin secretion, decreased metabolic rate, reduced micro-decomposition and increased synthesis: Causes of decreased systemic dysfunction: cerebral obesity, loss of sexual function, or loss of libido.

Phenomenon: breast, lower abdomen, obesity near the genitals.

銆€銆€Pituitary causes: Pituitary development leads to excessive secretion of growth hormone in the anterior pituitary: body bone, soft tissue, visceral hyperplasia and hypertrophy.

銆€銆€Causes of hypothyroidism: hypothyroidism: excessive and mucinous edema drug-induced causes: caused by drug replacement, such as by adrenocortical hormone drugs.

Phenomenon: Obesity that occurs after stopping medication, to some extent, allergic diseases, rheumatoid diseases, and patients with illness.

銆€銆€Subcutaneous obesity characteristics: slight distribution mainly in the abdomen, humerus and thigh subcutaneous tissue visceral obesity characteristics: slightly distributed in the peritoneal peritoneum