Coarse grains are rich in low-fat nutrients

Coarse grains are rich in “low-fat nutrients”

With the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life, we take nutrients from various fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs and milk every day.
However, in addition to taste preferences, the first premise of choosing what to eat is nutrition.
But do you know what nutrients the human body consumes every day?
  The nutrients required by the human body can be briefly divided into seven categories: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, inorganic salts, water and dietary fiber.
  The dietary fiber called “low-fat nutrients” is the most deficient nutrient for the urban population.
Meat-based Western nations are now paying attention to dietary fiber intake.
Relevant international organizations also recommend that humans should eat some whole grain foods every day in order to consume a certain amount of dietary fiber: the American Cancer Society recommends 30-40 grams per person per day, and the European Community Food Science Committee recommends 30G.
  Compared with Europeans and Americans who gradually began to pay attention to the intake of coarse grains containing dietary fiber, the Chinese began to pay attention to the intake of dietary fiber as early as 3,000 years ago.
From the beginning, the Chinese nation has taken staple foods rich in dietary fiber as the staple food, and formed a very reasonable dietary nutrition structure, which has been maintained for thousands of years.
  After decades of experience in China, after decades of big fish, meat, and rice noodles, the growing health problems of obesity have forced the Chinese to return to the road of coarse grains.
Now, to obtain “weight-loss nutrients” through coarse grains-dietary fiber has become a new urban fashion, and whole grain healthy processed coarse grains are very popular.It is convenient to eat and has a variety of choices. As soon as it came out, it was well received by the majority of gold collars.
A new healthy wind of coarse grains is about to spread across the country.

10 diseases common to women with legal diet

10 diseases common to women with legal diet

1. Dysmenorrhea Dysmenorrhea refers to the occurrence of pain in the lower abdomen and lumbosacral region before or during the menstrual period. In severe cases, the onset of abdominal pain is pale, hands and feet are cold, and even fainting.

If you are suffering from painful menstrual pain, then try our dietary methods.

  ◎ Vegetarian treatment: flax seeds.

  Prostaglandins are not only related to migraine, but also one of the culprits causing dysmenorrhea in women.

During menstruation, the body releases a large amount of prostaglandins into the tissues, and the response triggered by the uterus is tension.

  Numerous studies have shown that flaxseed, like fatty fish, provides OMEGA-3 fatty acids to the body.

Inhibits prostaglandin secretion, thus exerting a therapeutic effect.

  ◎ Dose and usage: Take 1?
2 tablespoons of flaxseed can be sprinkled on oatmeal or mixed with salad. Use it for your choice.

  Tip: Beef and mutton and dairy products contain arachidonic acid, which can cause prostaglandin secretion.

Therefore, women with dysmenorrhea should use a certain food with caution.

  2. Bad breath Bad breath is a common physiological phenomenon. The oral cavity often smells after eating bean curd and garlic; women with habitual constipation and chronic rhinitis may also have an abnormal smell; in addition, when the mood is not good, special physiological periods may also occurBad breath, bad breath for women’s images are greatly discounted.

  ◎ Vegetarian treatment: tea.

  A professor at the University of Illinois pointed out that it is both black tea.

Green tea or oolong tea has the same effect on bad breath.

A recent study led by Professor Wu found that the ingredients contained in tea can prevent the growth of bad breath bacteria.

  ◎ Dosage and usage: Add a cup of tea after each meal.

  Tip: Do not eat onions and cabbage.

  3. Women with constipation due to special physiological reasons.

For example, during menstruation and pregnancy, constipation is more likely to occur. The treatment of constipation is generally not stated first, and it is easy to form a substitute. The method of diet is better.

  Fiber-rich fruits such as apples and pears help maintain the normal function of the digestive tract.

In addition, these also contain a large amount of water, which also causes the internal contents to flow.

  ◎ Dosage and dosage: Choose one or several foods according to your preferences, and consume 150?
250 grams is appropriate.

In addition, 2 glasses of water should be replenished daily.

This will help the cellulose run through the digestive tract.

  Tip: Processed foods such as frozen foods, high-fat meats, and coffee should be tempered.

At the same time, you should eat on time instead of picky eaters.

Because only regular eating at intervals can ensure that the gastric and colon reflexes are stimulated, so that the number of stools remains normal.

  4, easily fatigued modern women due to strong aggressiveness, fierce competition, work pressure and fear of age, coupled with anemia.

Constipation and other diseases, so easily feel tired and work.

Life is often powerless.

  ◎ Vegetarian treatment: Quino millet.

  Quino millet is a type of corn eaten by Syrians.

It contains 3 important nutrients: protein, B vitamins and iron, which can keep people healthy.

Unlike other beef and poultry, which mainly contain these nutrients, quinoa also contains complex carbohydrates, which are also the main source of energy for the human body.

  ◎ Dosage and dosage: Take one cup of semi-cooked quino millet daily.

In order to add a little flavor, it can be made into vegetable soup or chicken soup.
  Tips: Foods and coffees with high sugar content will cause people’s energy to rise transiently, and then decrease rapidly, resulting in physical fitness variation, so it should be used with caution.

  5. Heartburn Heartburn is also called “hyperacidity.”
The burning sensation can extend from the bottom of the sternum to the throat.

Acid in the stomach can also make the back of the throat feel a strong sour taste.

  ◎ Vegetarian treatment: ginger.

  Ginger helps to enhance the function of the lower esophageal sphincter (LES).

LES is a valve that prevents acid reflux into the esophagus and causes a burning sensation.

  ◎ Dosage and usage: Fresh ginger has a strong therapeutic effect.

You can put a spoonful of chopped ginger in a cup of hot water, soak it for ten minutes, and filter out the residue to absorb it.

  Tip: High stool foods, such as butter and pork, can prevent LES from functioning properly.

In addition, spicy and acidic foods, such as tomatoes, can also cause heartburn.

  6. Complications and complications caused by elevated blood pressure due to various reasons, accompanied by pain in the retina, if not handled in time, it may cause serious consequences.

  ◎ Vegetarian treatment: mint tea, cumin seeds.

  Both peppermint and cumin seeds have a detoxifying effect, which works and reduces the function of the drift track muscles, which helps the pain caused by the accumulation of gas in the injection track.

  ◎ Dosage and usage: After each meal, add about 5 grams of mint to the cup to brew tea or eat half a spoon of cumin seeds.

  Tip: Carbonated drinks and foods containing sorbitol are difficult to break down in the digestive tract.

The bacteria in the colon produce a lot of gas when they break down these undigested foods.

In addition, you should eat less beans.

Tofu and cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower and cauliflower.

  7, migraine is known as the shadowless, migraine to go without a trace tortured many women, in recent years it is often the young professional women who frequent the office.

  Migraine is mainly acute pulsatile headache, and most of them are acute headache.

It may also be a total headache. The most common pain points are the temples, occipital bones, and the top of the head.

Most patients have temporary recurrent episodes, and most are accompanied by nausea.

Autonomic symptoms such as vomiting are sudden onset and termination.

  ◎ Vegetarian treatment: whole wheat, rice, barley, oats and figs, broccoli, spinach.

  Preliminary research shows that magnesium can deal with migraines.

If you have a lot of magnesium in your diet, the chance of migraine headaches must be low.

One of the reasons that emotional stress can cause migraines is that it can restore magnesium in your body.

  Adding 200 mg of magnesium supplements to your daily intake of magnesium can help prevent migraines.

  ◎ Dose and dosage: Usually, 200 mg of magnesium supplement is taken with 50 to 100 mg of vitamin B6.

If you take this combination daily, it is very effective in treating premenstrual headaches, but you can also take it only five days before menstruation.

  We can also get magnesium from foods. Foods rich in magnesium include whole wheat (including cereals with natural whole fiber), rice, barley, and oats; non-citrus fruits such as figs; green vegetables, especially blue and whiteDish, spinach.

These are safe foods that do not cause pain.

  Tip: Studies show that 20% of migraine sufferers have allergic reactions to one or more of the following foods: processed meats, artificial flavors, red wine, chocolate, sour casein, and vitamins.

  8. Increasing irritable and irritable work rhythms and complicated interpersonal relationships. Many white-collar workers are already in a sub-health state. When they encounter a little discomfort, they become irritable and irritable, and others seem to have taken it for granted.

  ◎ Vegetarian treatment: millet, walnut, sunflower seeds, banana, fig, jujube, longan, grapefruit, apple, pear.

  These vegetarians L-tryptophan because L-tryptophan can promote the secretion of serotonin.

Serotonin has a mood regulating effect as a brain chemical.

Studies have found that serotonin levels are usually low in patients with depression.

  ◎ Dose and Dosage: The quantity is not fixed. You can eat it according to your preference.
  Tip: You should be modest with alcoholic beverages, because alcohol starts to get a little relaxed for the first time, but then it makes you look depressed.

  9. Stress / Worry Women over 30 are often more stressed, because women of this age have to face a lot of work.
The pressure from the family, various problems need to be solved by oneself, and worry also arises at the historic moment.

  ◎ Vegetarian treatment: popcorn, honey, whole flour biscuits, whole wheat pretzels.

  All of these substances are a rich source of low-polysaccharides.

Such substances can promote the secretion of serotonin, a chemical substance in the brain, and make people relax physically and mentally.

  ◎ Dosage and usage: when eating whole flour bread or oat food.

Add a spoonful of honey; you can also have a cup of popcorn or five whole-batter cookies.

  Tip: Add coffee because caffeine in it is a stimulant that gradually makes people more restless.

  10. Joint pain When the weather becomes cold and tide, many women will feel joint pain and recurrent attacks, making them miserable.

  ◎ Vegetarian therapy: drone.

  Tips (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) are rich in vitamin C, which delays joint wear and tear.

  A study by Boston University Medical Center showed that for joint disease supplemented with the highest normal dose of vitamin C, the chance of joint deformation and damage is reduced by one pair compared with the lowest and lowest. The main reason is that the antioxidant effect of this vitamin prevents freedomKi is violent in the body.

  In addition, vitamin C also plays an important role in the formation of glia (an important component of the spine and bone).

  ◎ Dosage and dosage: At least 120 mg of vitamin C should be taken daily. This dose can be satisfied by consuming only 2 oranges.

Other foods rich in vitamin C are: cucumbers, cauliflower and tomatoes.

  Tip: So far no food has been found to cause joint pain.

The shape reveals the character to cut female sexual habits from physical features


The shape reveals the character to cut female sexual habits from physical features

From the characteristics of the body wear women’s sexuality, mouth movements should be frequent, please find a woman who loves mouth movement (smoke does not leave hands, often drink water, bite nails, addicted to eat as a life) to kiss opponents, these are generally highly skilled in this areaIt’s all about practicing them and stimulating their mouths.

If you are a woman who loves innocence alone, fear of prevention can only be as addictive as coffin.

Eyes are the most tempting eye contact is a confident expression, especially to the sex, shameful answer may not come in handy.

If she loves to catch your little brother to sleep, this is definitely good news – she is willing to make any new attempts, then don’t give up the opportunity to play tricks with her.

Short hair is the most surprising long-haired woman who expresses her willingness and patience to take care of troubles; but naughty short-haired women are more likely to surprise you.

A woman who is full of chaos must avoid it; if you ask someone who doesn’t pay attention to his own dashboard, what else can you expect from her?

The enthusiasm of dark brown and red hair, the blonde can best improve the fun of the bed.

And a beautiful girl with curly hair, can’t guess, they are popular characters who love to collect leather goods.

The woman who shows her best to show her ass shows that she has a strong interest in sex, but she may also be a warning sign that she has no confidence in her appearance, so if you really fall in love with this type of woman, beware of her.Whether the makeup is too perfect, it covers everything in the flaws.

The real hip is the most resistant to the strong buttocks of the ass. It is a good indication – she can definitely play with you all night.

On the contrary, if her ass flat front, it shows that she is a lazy worm, I don’t expect it to be sexually demanding, and there will be many traditional sex activists under the men’s and women’s, she may not even be able toGo to the doctor to do some difficult sex skills!

The sexiest is the sexiest. I don’t know if the size of the woman’s feet is directly proportional to her bones, and the bones are the best revelation of the big and small vagina.

So before going to bed with a big-legged woman, please double check to see if the size of your little brother can match the British Channel, otherwise I am afraid that it will end up in an end.

The thighs should have strong thighs and strong energy, indicating that she is energetic. She is not only a bold woman who will light you up, and her performance under the light will not disappoint you.

If you want to be fashionable, please be careful. If her name is “Black Man”, when the clothes are untied, she may have a series of tears besides being fat.

On the contrary, a woman dressed in fashion said she was willing to work hard in bed.

Four big breast points, fast sexy breasts


Four big breast points, fast sexy breasts

Many girls want their chests to look bigger, quite a bit, and they work hard to sculpt their chest shape, but they don’t always work.

I will teach you four big breasts today and have a sexy breast.


Praying posture breast enhancement?
Up UP: Pre-action?
Hands clasped together, close to the chest (similar to the praying position), the back arm is parallel to the ground, the forearms and hind legs are ninety degrees, and the elbows must be tight.
Next, pull the folded hands as far as possible, and then return to the preparatory position. Remember that the elbows must be tight during the process.

This time, it is also a beautiful chest exercise that can be practiced at any time while sitting and standing. It can pull and concentrate the chest shape.


Cross posture breast enhancement?
Circle: Pre-action?
The pair unfolds to the left and right and tries to straighten outwards, at which point the upper body is cross-shaped.

Then, the whole arm moves slowly in a circular motion, remembering that it must be very slow to be effective.

This exercise, standing and sitting can do, not only can eliminate the vice milk, make the chest shape, and can also tighten the butterfly sleeves.


Secret weapon?
Must lose underwear: people can not rebel against gravity, the cost of youth alone can not support too long!

Therefore, in addition to the beauty of the chest to do, it is also important for girls to choose underwear.

If there is no steel ring support, only the American underwear of the cloth, the chest is easy to dissipate.

Therefore, it is necessary to pick a steel rim, a low collar on the chest, and a half-breast style with a wide side cut.

Straight direction plus lateral sintering, in order to completely fix the chest shape, and at the same time the corrosion of the by-milk or crease!

Moreover, the female students of the coaxial cable often have a feeling of “good and strong” visually. Choosing the bra can make the upper body have an immediate slimming effect.


Six perfect nourishing and delicious perfect breast enhancement exercises, combined with diet is very necessary to maximize the effect!

銆€銆€Walnut and pine nuts: rich in vitamin E and zinc, especially linolenic acid, can delay RF aging, protein, minerals, B vitamins are also very rich, is the best hairdressing emollient.

Corn vitamin E is also a breast food that diet experts admire.

銆€銆€Soy beans, arm beans and black beans: they are all famous breast foods, proteins, lecithin and other substances.

Chicken wings (especially in the wings and wing tips) usually have a large amount of collagen, which is good for breast enhancement.

銆€銆€Wine and simmer: It is a very traditional breast food, in which the enzymes produced by fermentation, active substances and B vitamins are beneficial to the development of the mammary gland.

Quail eggs are rich in protein, B vitamins and vitamins A, E, etc. Plasma in egg yolk is more favorable for RF development.

Scorpion is a good nourishing liver and kidney, and is also a common raw material in beauty medicinal diet.

銆€銆€Lettuce: It is a traditional breast-fed vegetable. It is eaten with yam and chicken liver. It can nourish blood and promote the supply of nutrients in the RF area. It can also improve the moisturizing and color of the skin.

銆€銆€Papaya: Most of this MM should know it!

It has different effects on it, but it is indeed the first choice for breast enhancement foods. It is sweet and flat. It is eaten together with red blood jujube and nourishing skin food. It has digestion and stomach, nourishing and prolacing, regulating menstruation and nourishing the body, and nourishing the body.Poor people also have therapeutic effects.

銆€銆€Peanuts and black sesame: Improve vitamin E, can make the ovary develop and improve, promote the growth of the mammary gland, and increase RF.