Internet addiction suicide survey: four pages of suicide notes left to game characters

Internet addiction suicide survey: four pages of suicide notes left to game characters

A 2002 survey showed that 88% played video games and 24% played online games. A 13-year-old boy who is obsessed with the virtual world of online games (a pseudonym) chose a special style to bid farewell to the real world:Standing on the top of a 24-storey building on the Bund of Haihe, Tanggu District, Tianjin City, parallel and flat, with your feet crossed into a flying posture, and leaping toward the sea in the southeast direction to “fly” to pursue those heroes in online gamesFriend: Grand Diane, Tyrande, Vengeful God and the Watcher . A cleaner who witnessed the tragedy at the time, sighed to reporters afterwards: “I have never seen such a strange suicide, well designed and soThe standard flying posture, with a smiley face, without pain!

“In the world of online games known as” electronic heroin “, how many understand how the flower season teenagers are obsessed with, can’t extricate themselves, or waste their studies, run away from home, or get out of their souls.

When some online game companies frequently toast for the accumulated wealth capital and share this rapidly expanding feast of the digital entertainment industry, we can’t help worrying: Who should pay for the social responsibility and public rationality left behind?

  The four pages of the testament are all left to the virtual hero. Despite the progress of Xiaoyi’s death, the family who has suffered great spiritual damage is still immersed in misery.

On May 16, this year, the reporter visited Xiaoyi’s family again on a kinky afternoon.

Their family has just moved away from the “sad place” on the Bund of Haihe and temporarily moved elsewhere.

  The father of a four-page testament holding a small artist and working in the tobacco department told reporters: “That day Xiaoyi finished breakfast as usual and carried his schoolbag out of the house, but he never returned!

“Father’s thoughts of his son always seem to freeze the back of Xiao Yi leaving the house that morning.

At 6:30 in the morning, Xiao Yi finished breakfast as usual. He carried his schoolbag and left the house. He stopped at the staircase on the 21st floor and entered the elevator downstairs. After descending to the 15th floor, he walked out of the elevator and returned.Enter the other upstairs elevator to the top, climb the iron ladder, open the skylight and climb to the top of the building, where he wrote a four-page testament, and then there was a scene that broke the heart of his loved ones and the world was shocked.

The video of the building’s elevator monitoring system confirms this process.

  The reporter glanced at Xiaoyi’s testament. Four pages of the testament wrote down the names of many characters in the game world.

The reporter selected part of the content: “I’m leaving this world. I believe there will be reincarnation, there will be heaven, hell, and the next life. If I am still a person, I will be the best child!

“” I’m a rubbish, a real rubbish, a rubbish that does nothing well.

I worship S.H.E, watchman, they let me enjoy a happy feeling.

I have three close friends–Da Di’an, Tyrande, and Vengeance, and I can be happier there.

“Master”, the little apprentice is gone, and no one can relieve you, I am really sorry.

In the future, you will be happy to live!

“” To the friends of the night group: protect nature, study well, have fun, and live well!

“According to the reporter’s understanding, Da Di, Tyrande, and Vengeance mentioned in Xiao Yi’s testament are all characters in the online game” Warcraft. ”

Dark Night is the name of a race in this famous online game. The Watcher is the hero of this race and also the virtual character of Xiaoyi in the game.

The dark night group is the name for Xiaoyi and four other students who like to play online games.

  The four notes merged all of them into the “god, demon” world. The second-year junior high school student, Yi Yi, was the only child in the family and grew up with his uncle.

When the young artist was three years old, he loved to read classic comic books such as The Romance of the Three Kingdoms and The Journey to the West. He could retell many stories and was the pearl of the family.

  The artist’s father introduced that the artist’s academic performance has always been good. After entering the key middle school, the homework of the first semester of the first semester is 80 or 90. The second semester has dropped significantly.After 98 points, Chinese, English, and physics all failed. Later, it was discovered that Xiaoyi became a fan of Internet cafes.

  小艺学校的老师对记者说:“我们也很无奈,一个老师面对50多名学生,如果班上有几名‘小网迷’,经常不上课、不完成作业,班里的成绩总体下降,The teacher’s psychological pressure is also great.

Sometimes I can’t even find the students and parents on the Internet.

“Xiao Yiren’s father recalled his thoughts at the time:” The child can’t extricate himself like a drug addiction. We are very anxious, but neither of us knows computers and how to communicate to transfer the child’s obsession.

“One time Xiaoyi disappeared, and there were no people in sight for two days and one night. Xiaoyi’s father and mother went to the Internet cafes and Internet cafes to find them.

They found him home in an Internet cafe and criticized him for not going on like this.

Xiaoyi cried and said, “I was wrong, I must change!

“Although the small artist repeatedly promised not to enter the Internet cafe, the 13-year-old failed to control himself, and then disappeared for two days.

His parents searched for another Internet cafe, and finally found him in another Internet cafe.

  The artist’s father recalled to the reporter that day: “The child has not eaten for two days, his face is pale and his body is soft.

A 50 yuan membership card was found on him, and there were many students wearing school uniforms around him.

We were very angry at the time. I found the boss and said, ‘there is a law in the country that prohibits minors from entering Internet cafes. Why do you still develop children as members? Is n’t this pushing children into the fire pit?

‘The boss only said ‘I do n’t know he ‘s not yet a mature’, so he returned the membership card and left.


“” The four notebooks the reporter received in the hands of Xiaoyi’s family, tens of thousands of words, are online games stories copied by Xiaoyi, most of which are described in the first person, and the plot is full of the magical colors of the game.”The Watchman’s Biography” played by the small artist himself, the protagonist in the “Heroes” story, has fully integrated himself into the “god, demon” world.

The “Me” physical death and soul ascension experience are recorded many times in the article.

  ■ Countermeasures It is imperative to introduce more stringent and compulsory game grading standards. In the face of increasing social intervention in youth’s obsession with online games, the online game industry has already stood at the crossroads of development.

  The reporter learned that in the past two years, China has strengthened the review and supervision of online games.

Last year, the Ministry of Culture set up a review committee for the content of imported game products, and compiled ten reviews.

  However, some experts believe that while adhering to the censorship system, it is imperative to introduce stricter and more compulsory game grading standards.

Shen Qiyun said that long-term game players are characterized by aging, and the demand for online game classification is more urgent, otherwise the more problems are accumulated, the more difficult it is to solve.

  Liu Ye believes that grading is a very necessary job, and it has at least one level and three aspects: First, minors and parents are targeted when choosing game products.

The second is to facilitate developers and operators to conduct more refined R & D and marketing.

The United States has set up an independent agency “Entertainment Software Rating Committee” as a game rating organization. South Korea can show PK in games played by minors under 16.

The third is to regulate the behavior of sellers.

Today’s game distribution channels are mixed. There are software stores, Internet cafes, small supermarkets, etc. It is easy for young people to get information about games without their parents’ knowledge.

  As a cultural carrier, games contain a certain value orientation, and some imported games even have the color of cultural aggression.

Although government departments and industry management agencies are more cautious about the import of online game software, due to differences in cultural background and national character, the introduced online games still inevitably contain some unhealthy components. At least, it is difficult to find Chinese tradition in “imported products”Excellent genes of culture.

  ”As an emerging form of cultural industry, online games cannot and cannot be banned.

“In response to the current lack of independent domestic game software development capabilities, Shen Qiyun proposed that only the development of localized, excellent online game products with a certain cultural connotation is the fundamental way to solve the problem.

  The State Administration of Press and Publication officially launched the “Chinese Ethnic Online Game Publishing Project” at the end of last year. According to the plan, from 2004 to 2008, it will gradually invest 1 billion to 2 billion yuan to develop and publish 100 outstanding large-scale national online game publications.Thing.
  Some people generally believe that the shortage of talents in online games has become an important factor affecting the in-depth development of the national online game industry.

Some people assert that there are only about 3,000 people who really understand technology in this industry, with a gap of more than 100,000.

   ”The key now is to cultivate the sense of responsibility of game talents, let them spread their ideals through the characters of the virtual world, and promote truth, kindness and beauty.

Teacher Liu Weidong of Tianjin Academy of Games said that in response to the “love-hate” mentality of online games in the society, Tianjin Academy of Games asked the author of this book the national spirit and patriotism when studying the first course “Game Planning and Architecture”., Professional ethics and other ideas, encourage scholars to explore more of China’s excellent historical and cultural alternatives, so that this book recognizes its own cultural responsibility.

  ■ Investigate who sued a child from reality into a virtual virtual son’s suicide may mimic the scenario in an online game!

“Little artist’s father speculated.

  ”Teenages like new, strange, and eager to understand the unknown world, and the currently popular large role-playing online games can just meet their mentality.

“On May 17, in Beijing Saidi Building, Liu Ye, Secretary General of the Game Software Branch of the China Software Industry Association, said in an exclusive interview that under the current education model, students are generally burdened with schoolwork and many children are gone.””Ego”, living very tired and depressing, and lacking the necessary venting methods. Only in the game, no one forced them to do their homework. This environment is easy for children.

  ■ In online games, children can experience a lot of extreme feelings. Liu Ye’s analysis. There are two major factors for online games to be attractive: one is interaction, and the other is plot-grabbing.

In online games, children can experience many extreme feelings, such as being able to witness the bloody killing scenes and venting unhappiness; passing the level and feeling the admiration of admirers; being able to chat with thousands of people at the same time and hand in someFriends of heaven and earth.

  Liu Ye conducted a survey of students of different ages. “Which do you think is more important than success in the game?

“As a result, 70% to 80% of students consider it as important.

Due to the operation of young people on online games, exploration is better than that of adults. It is easy to find the lost self-confidence in real life in online games and the satisfaction and fulfillment of others who have come to live in it.

  According to the reporter’s understanding, many online games now use the words “knight”, “hero” and save the world to attract young people.

“The illusory plot and chivalry of online games can easily arouse the interest of young people.

“Zhan Qishengsheng, director of the Institute of Psychology of Tianjin University, lamented that for young people who lack discrimination, it is easier than gaining respect through their studies, but also fun and addictive.

  ■ 95% of online games currently sold in the Chinese market are mainly stimulated, violent and fighting. Various materials show that approximately 95% of online games currently sold in the Chinese market are stimulated, violent and fighting.

Professor Shen Qiyun of Beijing Normal University has been investigating the impact of the Internet on young people since 2001. She told reporters that more than 80% of online games are imported, including magic in games and more than half of martial artsThe violence content is more prominent, and PK (player killing) accounts for almost 80%.

For example, in combat fighting games, two or more parties confront each other, with the goal of eliminating each other, bloody and violent pictures frequently appear, and the pictures and music are also rendered vigorously.

  ”In the very relaxed virtual world created by online games, you can kill, set fire, marry, and fall in love at will, without all bearing any consequences and responsibilities.

The young people’s outlook on life, values and morals can easily be distorted here.

Guan Ying, associate professor of the Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences, expressed his concerns to reporters.

The magic colors created by some online games can even control the will and thinking of young people, allowing them to wander between reality and virtuality.  During interviews by reporters in Beijing and Tianjin, some educators worriedly pointed out that young people are prone to make a great substitution on the Internet, and that addiction to online games is as hard to cure as drug addiction.

They chat in the virtual world of the Internet, play games handily, but have no interest in things and interpersonal relationships in the real world, which easily lead to psychological problems such as loneliness, weirdness, and irritability.

  ■ Gamers are chasing the biggest economic benefits?

  Zhang Jiao, the secretary general of the China National Construction Association, reappeared. In recent years, online game players have grown from the original tens of thousands to 23 million today. Last year, the online game industry’s annual output value reached 24.

700 million, is expected to reach 109 by 2009.

600 million yuan.

The online game industry is expected to become the second new growth point after SMS.

Zhang Jiao predicted that online games will remain 34 in the next 5 years.

The annual compound intensity of 7%. In 2009, the contribution to the national economy will reach more than 400 billion US dollars.

  Although the online game has only started for 10 years in the past ten years, it has formed a strong new industry, created legends of “rich people”, and produced powerful enterprises such as Shanda, Jiucheng, and NetEase.

The grand start of the Korean game “Legend” has also staged a “legend” in the Chinese Internet industry: in just 5 years, starting from 500,000, paid games, Shanda has become the “new favorite” of Nasdaq.

  Faced with such a tempting “profit cake”, many game developers rushed forward, waving their forks and forks to distribute food.

Many green labels are violent. Bloody online games are popular in some Internet cafes, and many young people are throwing their hard-earned money into the bottomless pit of online games.

  The reporter recently made an unannounced visit to some small shops selling game software, and found that many young people are regular customers here.

According to the boss who sold the software, “World of Warcraft”, “Hero City”, “King of Kings”, “Legend”, “Dragon” and other online games are selling well, and they can sell more than 100 copies a day.

  In some Internet cafes, reporters found that few people actually browse the Internet. Some young people are playing various online games full of killing and fighting plots.

An Internet cafe owner bluntly told reporters: “Internet cafes can’t live without game support.

“The designer of a game company in Tianjin said,” A game that cannot be addictive is not a good game. The game company must chase the greatest economic benefits. The goal is naturally to make more people want to stop playing.

“Although online games have gradually become the new” darlings “of China’s Internet economy, they are, after all, double-edged swords.

According to the statistics of the General Administration of Press and Publication, current online game users aged 16 to 30 account for 87% of all online game users.


Shen Qiyun’s survey of 593 middle school students in Beijing found that the proportion of middle school students suffering from Internet addiction syndrome was 14.


  ■ If the future of millions of teenagers is to be foolish and irresponsible for the prosperity of the online game industry, it is foolish and irresponsible to remember that Xiaoyi is the first life swallowed up by an online game “black hole”: March 29, 2004, becauseA dispute occurred while playing games online. A 15-year-old boy was stabbed to death by a 17-year-old boy in Yongchuan City, Chongqing. On March 31, three students in Huilong Town, Shapingba District, Chongqing went online to sleep on the rails overnight, and the transfer wasThe train rolled to death; On July 8, Xiangfan City, Hubei Province changed to a young man imitating the “killing scene” of an online game to kill a street child . Teenagers indulged in online games can find many reasons, such as lack of home education, education modeToo dull, not fun, not humane enough, the internet cafes are poorly managed, etc., but online game development companies can hardly blame them.

Although these letters swear that these online games are healthy and green, in fact, these beautiful explanations are shattered in the mouse and keyboard of young players.

  In this regard, Wang Laihua, an expert on social issues at the Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out sternly, to a certain extent, it is tens of thousands of families who have been fragmented by online games, which has helped the online game development company to “accumulate capital” and “expand wealth”It is the feast of thousands of young people who are deeply trapped in online games and cannot extricate themselves.

  ”No one wants to demonize online games.

However, it is foolish and irresponsible to pay the future of 23 million online gamers and millions of teenagers for the prosperity of this industry.

“Zhan Qisheng, director of the Institute of Psychology of Tianjin University, is sharp.

  ■ Link: 82% of the 90 million netizens are teenagers. The Beijing Normal University School of Information Science survey of more than 600 middle school students in nine districts of Beijing in 2002 showed that 88% played video games and 24% played online games every day.Playing 3 to 6 hours accounts for 23.

3%, more than 6 hours accounted for 2.


Playing games for a maximum duration of 7 to 10 hours accounted for 13.

3%, and 7% of students who have played online games day and night continuously (more than 20 hours).

Patients who are identified as “Internet Addiction (IAD)” patients are mainly out of control of the network operation time, and with the increase of fun, they can’t stop it, and it is difficult to extricate themselves.

  The reporter learned that as of July 2004, there had been 620,000 registered websites and more than 90 million Internet users, of which 82% were young people under 35 and 17 were minors.

3%, but so far there is no national IAD statistics.

According to research statistics reported by the American Psychological Annual Conference, the proportion of IAD in the Internet population is about 6%.

Following this standard, the number of adolescents with Internet addiction in developing countries is at least 4.4 million.
  Link 2 Yunnan’s first internet addiction quitting psychology hotline in Yunnan is the first adolescent conduct disorder intervention agency in Yunnan—the Psychiatric Psychotherapy Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical College has recently opened a “Internet addiction quitting national public welfare psychological hotline” with ChangshaProfessor Shi Tieer of the Department of Social Work of the School of Civil Affairs and his colleagues worked together to implement cross-regional cooperation to jointly provide psychological help for Internet-obsessed “networm” detoxification.
  It is understood that in this cross-regional cooperation, the mild “small networm” was intervened by Shi Tieer and his team, while the moderate to deep intervention was conducted by Liang Zhizhong and his team. The expert in Hong Kong is Ye JinchengDr. Working Group.

According to Liang Zhizhong, a psychotherapist, this is the first large-scale team in the country to conduct research and services in the fields of biology, psychology, and society from mental health, psychotherapy, and social workers.