Five ways to make Lisu smile Baimeisheng artificial dimples

Five ways to make Lisu smile Baimeisheng artificial dimples

Ivory smiles and smiles. The dimple has a great impact on the overall appearance of the face. It can increase a person’s charm, become more charming, and give a sweet and lovely feeling.

According to relevant statistics, only 15% of women are born with dimples, but with the continuous development of plastic and cosmetic technology, beauty lovers can create dimples through dimple shaping.

Do you know there are 5 ways of artificial dimples?

How is it made?

Let ‘s take a look!

  Principle of Dimple Surgery The determination of the dimple position is very important. Generally, a parallel line is drawn from the corners of the mouth, and then a vertical line is drawn downward from the outer corner of the eye, and the point where the two lines intersect or goes up to 0.

5 cm is the ideal dimple position.

  Five methods of dimple angioplasty: ● suture method The dimple method of dimple angioplasty, also known as suture method, directly on the retinal surface dimple position, using silk suture to connect muscles with the dermis to form a dimple.

The suture method is simple and easy, and does not overlap with the operation, but the effect is not certain, and the dimples after the formation are easy to disappear.

  ● Introduction method The introduction method is simpler and faster. A pair of dimples can usually be completed in a few minutes, but the long-term effect is not certain.

  ● Incision method The incision method is to make a vertical 2cm length on the vaginal mucosa in the mouth to separate the mucous membranes and muscles, cut out a small amount of muscles and light tissues, and wrap a portion of the muscles and dermis with a needle in the interior so thatA shallow depression is formed on the skin, and a mucous membrane is added.

This kind of surgical operation is complicated, but the effect is certain, it is the most commonly used method.

  ● Ligature method The subcutaneous ligature method is to draw 3 at fixed points on the face.
5mm short line, 3mm arc small cross-section is made at the intraoral mucosa corresponding to the fixed point, some long axis is parallel to the nasolabial sulcus.

Use absorbable threads to pierce the mucosa with a small amount of muscle bundles slightly above the fixed point, and then insert the needle from the original pinhole to replace the two needles as usual to form a dimple.

  Note: The subcutaneous ligation method is not suitable for patients with minor complications of the diabetic department. Such beauticians need to use the incision of the mouth.

  Intraoral incision is performed on the intramucosal mucosa at a position corresponding to the fixed point of the mouth.
10mm horizontal alignment, remove the appropriate amount of muscle fibers, and finally, the incision of the mucosa in the mouth is aligned with the subcutaneous dermal layer at a fixed point to reduce the appearance of the artificial dimple.

  Although the operation of artificial dimples is simple, it should not be sloppy. If the attendant doctor’s mistake is likely to cause the artificial dimples to fail, and it will affect the entire face, it is necessary to choose a distance hospital for surgery.

Good place for weekend exercise and fitness

Good place for weekend exercise and fitness

A week of intense work is about to pass, and white-collar workers are finally corrected on the weekend.

Where to go on weekends!


What fun and fitness to play!


  Below, I will give you a few white-collar weekend travel options, so that when you play, exercise and strengthen your physique!

Let white-collar workers get happier and happier, and play healthier.

  1. Suitable for riding people: The work pressure is very high, and there are certain risks, such as the company owner or company leader.

  Reason: The nerves are tight all day long and really tired.

Think about being a wrangler on the weekend and freely galloping under the blue sky and white clouds, isn’t it more satisfying to your heart that wants to fly than golf?

The world is big, after all, the circle of life of each of us is only a corner of the world. We are eager to get out of that small circle, eager for a wider world. Perhaps when we are riding, in the moment of speeding, our dreams in our hearts have been fulfilled.
  Fitness effect: Horse riding can exercise your agility and coordination, and can make your whole body muscles exercise, especially the leg muscles.

An hour of horse riding consumes 2,700 calories in a transient state, the same amount of exercise as a day of golf.

  2. Suitable for mountaineering: IT people working in dark computer rooms.

  Reason: IT people are in the airtight computer room all day long. The turbid gas and radiation emitted by the computer are leaking all day long. If you are still in the gym on weekends, your skin and body that have not breathed fresh air for a long time willYou protested strongly.

Mountain climbing on the weekend, let yourself be in the nature, fully breathe, sweat sweat, and throw away all the boredom and fatigue of the week.

  Effect: Mountain climbing is an excellent aerobic exercise, which can promote metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, increase endurance and leg strength, and enhance cardiopulmonary function.

  3, suitable for long-distance running: work has always been spent in sedentary, leaving a lot of such as back pain, cervical spondylosis, such as editors, freelance writers, etc.

  Reason: It is reasonable to say that long-distance running is more suitable for this kind of people, but * concentrated running on weekends for two days is not only ineffective, but also long-distance running is a more serious activity. It should not be carried out on weekends. Free and easy water jogging has become the latest foreign oneIt’s a fitness exercise and it’s an ideal exercise.

Because jogging in the water can evenly distribute the body load, it has a clear advantage over running on the land. In deep water, the runner’s lower limbs are not affected by shocks, so it is not easy to be injured. After exercise, you will feel comfortable and comfortable.

  Effect: The stress of water is 12 times the resistance of air. Running in water for 45 minutes is equivalent to running for two hours on land. Jogging in water is especially suitable for excess people.

Because the density and heat transfer of water is greater than that of air, jogging in water consumes more energy than land, which can gradually remove the unfortunate body.

  4, shopping convenience crowd: women who stay in the office from morning to night.

  Reason: This is one of the most popular leisure methods for women. It is also a good type of aerobic exercise. With the boring equipment training scores in the gym, shopping does not allow women to exercise unconsciously.Mood is the best of both worlds. If you can still find good things by the way, is it a fortune?

  Effect: Women go shopping for at least two or three hours, and at least one day. Non-stop exercise can increase leg strength, consume a lot of energy in the body, and achieve fitness effects.

  5, suitable for skating: people who usually have less activity and are too lazy to exercise even on weekends.

  Reason: Skating is a fitness program that integrates exercise and entertainment. It is the easiest for lazy people. Joking can achieve fitness effects. Skating mainly exercises the leg muscles and improves the flexibility and coordination of the limbs.Sex.

  Effect: The 175 calories consumed by roller skating every half hour can enhance the body posture and strength of all parts of the body.

  6, suitable for diving: 9 to 5 days a day, working step by step, there is no change in the crowd, such as government officials, secretaries and so on.

  Reason: Life is the same, you are annoyed, maybe you already long for change and excitement in your heart, but you dare not try.

Diving will satisfy your expectations for excitement and free life. From the bottom of the crowd, you seem to have come to a world completely different from reality. Here, you can ignore it, like a free fish.Feeling really happy like a fairy.

Returning to the real world from the bottom of the water, you will feel born and reborn, and those troubles that were bound to the bottom of your heart will become so insignificant.

  Effect: Diving is a whole body exercise, and its sports effect is comparable to swimming.

Also people who can’t swim can also.

  Tips: In the autumn, the weather is dry and the temperature is low. When you are exercising outdoors, wear more clothing. Wear light and soft clothing, not too tight. After warming up, take off some thick clothes.

After exercising, if you sweat more, prepare to dry your sweat in time, change to sweaty sports clothing, shoes and socks, and wear a hat to prevent colds.

Gloves do not protect the skin from erosion and dermatitis

Gloves do not protect the skin from erosion and dermatitis

Gloves are a very special thing. It was not made for practical use. It was only in modern times that it became a necessary insulation material for cold areas, or medical anti-bacteria, industrial protective equipment.

When doing housework, we wear latex gloves to protect our hands from skin erosion.

  However, a small number of people will have redness, itching, erythema, blisters, dryness and even urticaria in their hands after wearing latex gloves. Most people think that they are allergic to latex. In fact, most of them are not necessarily allergic.

According to our clinical observation, after wearing latex gloves, there are symptoms such as healing itching, and there are some different situations. The principle of complications is also different: 1.

Latex allergic reactions are extremely rare.

It usually takes a few minutes to a few minutes to wear gloves, itching, itching, symptoms can be seen in the body, often with castor measles, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, chest tightness, palpitations and so on.

In severe cases, dyspnea, tachycardia, decreased blood pressure, and even anaphylactic shock, sudden death may occur.

  Treatment principle: If there is a serious allergic reaction, you should quickly take off your gloves, rinse your hands repeatedly with saline, and go to the hospital for treatment.

All latex allergic reactions should avoid contact with latex gloves and other latex products.


Allergic contact dermatitis is characterized by 6 after exposure to latex gloves?
48 hours of hand itching, dry skin or chapped, often accompanied by erythema or blisters, generally no obvious systemic allergy symptoms.

May be a allergic reaction to certain chemicals in the manufacture of latex gloves or chemicals that adhere to the gloves, causing a delayed allergic reaction.

  Treatment principle: Generally, a different type of latex gloves can be used to prevent serious allergic reactions, preferably with little or no use.

Once allergic contact dermatitis occurs, oral antihistamines should be taken, and the symptoms can be quickly resolved with dermatitis.


Irritant contact dermatitis is the most common condition.

Usually only the skin of the hands is red, torn, dry or chapped. The reason is that the hands are washed repeatedly with soap and detergent, but not completely dried. After wearing the gloves, the inside is not breathable, resulting in irritation;Gloves are most likely caused by talcum powder in the gloves.

  Treatment principle: In this case, be sure to wash the soap or detergent before wearing gloves, and then dry or dry your hands before wearing gloves; if it is dry gloves, the internal talcum powder should not be too much.

These measures can prevent the occurrence of irritant dermatitis.

Once irritant dermatitis occurs, it should not be scratched, and the itch inhibitor such as calamine lotion will soon disappear quickly.

10 recipes to keep toxins out of your body

10 recipes to keep toxins out of your body

Walking quickly to help detoxification is actually one of the most important methods of detoxification. Running can quickly circulate blood, promote the elimination of toxins from the body, and also accelerate gastrointestinal motility.

The best way to do this is to walk fast for 45 minutes and stretch for 15 minutes every day, which can effectively let your body expel toxins and reduce fat effect.

  Overeating Detox The night before the first cup in the morning?

Even half an hour of exercise is not enough.

In the morning, use kiwi, chia seeds, cucumber, and celery to make fresh fruit and vegetable juice. The rich fiber can accelerate gastrointestinal motility.

  Detox for breakfast. Choose fresh fruits, cut into pieces, add raisins, oatmeal, and fresh oatmeal after yogurt, so that your breakfast can be nutritious and full of energy. Oatmeal, yogurt and other foods can stimulate

  Adding hot water to food is very easy to raise the stomach fire, but you should never drink ice water. Add some lemon slices, mint slices or shredded ginger to the hot water you usually drink. It can speed up the metabolism and accelerate the gastrointestinal motility.Improve the symptoms of rising stomach fire.

  Reducing sugar, salt, and small intakes of salty, spicy, and too sweet are always the theme of holiday food.

Excessive aunts, salt, sugar, and starch are the keys to getting you replaced.

So sticking to fresh vegetables and fruits as a major part of your food can reduce your desire for this type of highly transformative food.

  Eat more fruits and vegetables Fresh fruits and vegetables can make you detox. Dark green leafy fruits and vegetables, celery, spinach, beet and pomegranate are juiced. It is the perfect detox food. If you don’t have a juicer, it won’t prevent the whole wheat cakeFruit and vegetable rolls into vegetable rolls for lunch.

  Come to a cup of tea. When you are at work, you might as well give yourself a cup of green tea. Adding lemon slices to green tea can help improve the acidic body and expel toxins from the body.

  Doing stretching exercises and yoga can help you relax your body and mind, increase your heart rate, accelerate the discharge of toxins, and perform some abdominal stretching exercises to improve your belly.

  Don’t neglect the role of leftovers to cook a lot of big meals at home, leaving a pile of leftovers?

Or take out extra food and pack it back?

It’s better to give these foods some processing methods to make it a healthy food!

Packaged foods are usually meat, which is simply oiled in water, cut into shreds, and baked in whole wheat flour, which is a healthy and delicious whole wheat cake.

As long as you use your brain, there must be a good way.

  Reducing the amount of food A single diet can easily lead to an improvement in metabolism, so you can reduce the amount of food appropriately after overeating, which can help the stomach and stomach return to normal values, but at the same time cooperate with reducing exercise to prevent the metabolism from decreasing.

15 signs for mature men

15 signs for mature men

Although men cannot tolerate women saying they are “not handsome enough”, “not humorous”, “not smart” or even “not sexy”, they are even more annoyed that women think they are out of: “Hey, you are too immature.

The men felt no less than the women said, “Your time on your bed is really bad!”

“To be a mature man is the dream of every man.

  If you want to be a mature man, please read “Five Stories of Mature Men Must See” and see what can be inspired each man thinks he is mature in his heart.

Faced with women’s claims that they like “mature middle-aged men”, especially many young girls who are physically chasing middle-aged men who have “stand up” or even “don’t be confused” for many years, young men are somewhat sloppy: you just likePick up and drop off your car and pay for your meal tickets, and when men are really struggling to be part of the “car” and “meal tickets”, women will sit in your car, I think “mature” in my mindthe man.

  Although men cannot tolerate women saying they are “not handsome enough”, “not humorous”, “not smart” or even “not sexy”, they are even more annoyed that women think they are out of: “Hey, you are too immature.

The men felt no less than the women said, “Your time on your bed is really bad!”
“To be a mature man is the dream of every man.
  If you want to be a mature man, please read “Five Stories of Mature Men Must See” and see what can be inspired each man thinks he is mature in his heart.

Faced with women’s claims that they like “mature middle-aged men”, especially many young girls who are physically chasing middle-aged men who have “stand up” or even “don’t be confused” for many years, young men are somewhat sloppy: you just likePick up and drop off your car and pay for your meal tickets, and when men are really struggling to be part of the “car” and “meal tickets”, women will sit in your car, I think “mature” in my mindthe man.

  A “mature” man is a huge illusion that a woman has imitated since she was a child. It is the ultimate development of a woman’s love affair with you. The richness of its content exceeds all men’s imagination: a mature man is the top of a woman.), Arms (to give a woman a strong hug), chests (to rely on when you are tired), legs (to take a woman to the ends of the earth)-a man may not have much hope in his lifetime if he wants to reach all his goals.

  Maybe you are already confused. Women are so demanding and so few men can meet them. Why are there so many women getting married?

Are they trying everything?

  However, most things like indicators can be discounted.

Fortunately, women do not always demand every man in accordance with the image of a mature husband in their hearts, so the standard of maturity has a 30% discount, a 20% discount, which gives the man a little hope.

In the eyes of women, the criteria for mature men are like this: 1. A mature man should have an economic foundation, especially if you are mature enough to want to be her husband. Since some people use gold to describe harvest, women take it for grantedUse money to judge a man’s maturity; 2. A mature man should have a career foundation.

Maybe getting rich is still something that every man can do, but how can you stand up in the minds of women if you feel that nothing has happened?

  3. Mature men know what they want, not everything.

4, mature men have the courage to take responsibility, although some faults are not all caused by him; 5, mature men are tolerant, too much care is the most unforgivable mistake of men; 6, mature men have great wisdom rather thanLittle clever; 7. Mature man talks to the woman and learns a lot, and the little boy can only let the woman teach him; 8. Mature man knows to cherish and take care of the woman and go out for an outing.People at the front; 9, Mature men won’t quarrel with women on the street; 10, Mature men won’t force women to wear clothes he likes but she doesn’t like; 11, Mature men won’t casually fight with womenMake jokes; 12. Mature men let women know that she is wrong, but they wo n’t let her lose face; 13. Mature men let women relax without making women nervous; 14. Mature men do bothThe father will also be a son; 15, a mature man will train his son into a real man; In the end, men find that a mature man in the eyes of a woman is still a saint.
In fact, in the final analysis, maturity is a sense of incomprehension in men’s hearts.

However, with “woman as a mirror”, you can know the charm gains and losses, even if only one or two points can be achieved.

4 skincare sunscreen nirvana techniques to make skin find spring in summer

4 skincare sunscreen nirvana techniques to make skin find spring in summer

In the hot summer, facing the unbridled scorching sun above our heads, the top priority of summer skin care is undoubtedly sun protection. Only by successfully resisting UV rays can we make our skin young, supple and fair.

Don’t feel the extreme tension of summer skin care. In fact, you can do it in just four sentences. Remember it now!

  Rejecting UV rays can produce melanin and age the skin.

So be sure to apply appropriate sunscreen when going out.

Some cosmetic packaging has a UV mark, which means they contain ingredients that break down UV rays.

In order to obtain better sun protection effect, it is best to apply sunscreen lotion to all parts of the skin half an hour before going out.

  Fall in love with vitamins. While paying attention to fruits supplemented with vitamin C, these foods are most easily absorbed by the body at night, so it is recommended to eat them at night.

Potential vitamin foods are: tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, water spinach, seafood, etc.

To avoid skin pigmentation, try to avoid too much salty or spicy foods.

  Moisturizing is that basic ultraviolet rays can cause dry and wrinkled skin for too long, so moisturizing the skin is an important alternative for summer skin care.

Keep the good habit of washing your face with cold water morning and evening.

Choose oil-free moisturizing products to keep the skin in a balanced and moisturizing state.

  Lotion on the face can also replenish skin moisture.

Exposed skin is exposed to UV rays for too long and will be dehydrated.

Freeze the lotion, and then apply the lotion to the cheeks for five to ten minutes. The skin will become hydrated.

8 smart games in the kitchen

8 smart games in the kitchen

The game can be played anywhere. The following “parent-child puzzle games” to train children’s intelligence in the kitchen, so that your baby can happily participate in kitchen games from the age of two months, so that your baby’s brain can easily exercise.

  Tap the empty glass with a spoon to distinguish the sound, and it will make a crisp and pleasant tinkling sound, which will easily attract the baby’s attention.

  After a few taps, the mother told the baby, “This is the sound of the spoon tapping on the glass.

“The two pot lids collide with each other, and they will make a sound like 钹, after telling the baby,” This is the sound of touching the pot lid. ”

“Parents are free to use other kitchen utensils to make sounds, as long as the baby feels fun, he will listen attentively.

The child’s hearing was also trained.

  Color discrimination Any food with simple colors can be used as “teaching aids”.

The mother took the root carrot and placed it about thirty centimeters in front of the baby’s eyes, and let him stare for six seconds, telling him, “This is an orange carrot.

“Change the onion, let him watch for six seconds, and then tell him:” This is the green onion.

“Through training, your baby’s visual intelligence can be clearly stimulated.

  Touch training is tactile intelligence, the kitchen has unique “advantages”.

Wooden, metal, porcelain, cloth, sponge . Any kitchenware with a diameter larger than the baby’s mouth can be used as a toy, allowing the child to fully touch it. As long as these “toys” are cleaned in advance, even if he uses themIt’s okay to “taste” your mouth.

After he touched these “toys”, the mother could use the toys to make the baby happy, and also made him feel: “This is the mother who is rubbing your feet with a sponge”, “the belly is being rubbed with a bowl cloth”.

  Grab the ball and take a rubber band, about fifteen centimeters. One end is attached to the edge of the kitchen table, and the other end is tightly adhered to a light object, such as a ball or a small bell.

Help him hold the small bell at the end of the rubber band. When he let go, the small bell will dance and swing under the rubber band. This will attract the baby to reach out and grab or pat the small toy at the end of the rubber band to practice hisSmart by hand.

  Dialogue “Do you think these chopsticks are long?

“After you ask, wait for your baby to answer with a voice. Regardless of whether the baby’s voice is correct, encourage him enthusiastically and make him feel happy to” talk “to you.

It won’t be long before his best self becomes more accurate.

“Would you like mom to show you peanuts with chopsticks?

“” Is it convenient to eat with chopsticks?

“Try to ask him some right and wrong questions, as long as he can respond with one or two voices, even if he has already answered.

  Exercise in the kitchen, the mother has to do something. At this time, you can put a crawling mat on one corner of the kitchen and put something in front of the baby. If he wants to catch it, he will move hands and feet and the idea will move forward.

This method can exercise your baby’s motor intelligence without knowing it.

  Smell the parsley is done, put some vegetables on a small plate to let the baby smell, and then ask him: “Is it fragrant?

“After eating and washing dishes, you can also let the baby smell the soap and tell him:” Soap is really fragrant.

“Through such training, you can stimulate your baby’s olfactory development.

  To taste, you can use a small straw to dip some sugar, soy sauce, and lemon juice to make your baby feel sweet, salty, and sour.

Through such training, the baby can quickly learn how to distinguish the basic taste of these things, and his taste will be fully stimulated.

  Taking advantage of the opportunity to cook, the above eight intelligent improvement activities are not only easy to implement, but also fun and fun, and the time required is not much, and it does not delay the mother’s housework., Can be described as doing more.

A set of yoga weight loss exercises to help you burn your aunt_2

A set of yoga weight loss exercises to help you burn your aunt

Weight-loss exercises for men: Whole body weight-loss exercises: Action 1: Hip, shoulder exercise, put your feet under the cross-joint on a chair, support your arms with your arms, the distance between your hands is slightly wider than your shoulders.

Then bend your arms at an angle of 45 degrees to the back and then support them.

Repeatedly 20?
30 times, do 3?
5 groups.

  Action two: Arm exercise, hold the chair with both hands, step on the ground with both feet flat, and bend slightly, keeping your upper body upright.

Then slowly descend, stop when the elbow joint angle is less than or equal to 45 degrees, and then slowly support it.

Repeat 25?
35 times, do 3?
5 groups.

  Action 3: Abdominal exercise. Sit more in front of the chair, hold the chair backwards with both hands, stabilize the body, tighten the abdominal muscles, slowly leave your feet on the ground, slightly bend your legs, and try to make your body a “v” shape.

Repeat this 30 times and do 3?
5 groups.

  Action four: Thigh, buttocks exercise with one foot on the chair, the other leg supporting the ground, aiming at the slight curvature, keeping the body upright, abdomen and chest.

Then the body slowly descends, it is advisable to support the fracture of the leg not exceeding the toes.

Do 15 on one leg?
Thirty times, exchanging legs.

Do 3?
5 groups.

  Women’s abdominal weight-loss exercises: Coach Guo said that the most likely part of women to gain weight is the abdomen, so the focus should be on exercising abdominal muscles after the holiday.

  Action 1: Put your feet together, stretch your body parallel to your legs, look at the tip of your fingers, tighten your jaw, and lift your upper body 10 to 15 times without sliding.

  Action two: Open your arms, keep your upper body stable, stick your back on the floor, and then raise your calf and thigh at 90 degrees, alternating your legs.

Lead the use of transverse abdominal muscles to lift the leg.

Do 10?
15 times.

  Action three: Put your hands on your ears, open the elbow joint, and slowly raise your body up to a 45-degree angle. Pay attention to the ribs sinking, exhale, and tighten the abdomen.

  Do 10?
15 times.

  Action four: bend your knees, insert your arms into your head and straighten, raise your upper body, tighten your lower abdomen, and swing your arms up and down regularly.

Inhalation swing arm 3?
5 times, exhale and swing the arm 3?
5 times.

Do 10?
15 times.

  Action five: Lift your upper body, support your knees with both hands, alternate your legs, and your calves parallel to the ground.

Do 10?
15 times.

  Note: After doing the action, lie down for a while, relax the abdomen, do not be too intense during exercise, think about the abdominal muscles in the brain.
  Recommended for different groups of exercise programs, children, adolescents exercise program 1.
Mountain climbing, swimming and various ball sports.


Every time I go home, I can go without the elevator.

  3.Cycling, but also a short excursion with a good friend.

  Tips: Pay attention to safety during exercise, don’t go to dangerous places when climbing, have perseverance, don’t give up lightly.

  2. Sports programs for young and middle-aged men and women can participate in mountain climbing, running, swimming, ice skating, skiing, badminton, table tennis, tennis, squash, golf and other sports. You can also go to the gym to do Latin exercises and ride a bicycle.A variety of equipment exercises, under the guidance of the coach to purposefully reduce the burden.

  You can also choose some interesting sports, some kind of long-lost radio gymnastics, kick the shuttlecock 30 minutes after a meal, or walk 40 minutes after lunch.

There are also some regular methods, such as climbing stairs, dancing, cycling, skating, etc.

  Third, the elderly exercise program 1.

Don’t exercise too much.


In the park or the community, you can use the guardrail and grab the guardrail with both hands. The action is still mainly to ease.

Use the wind in your home to hold the wall upright with your hands and slowly stomp your body.

  4.Walking, brisk walking, jogging, Taijiquan, ballroom dancing, senior yangko, etc.

  Tip: The elderly should do some simple preparations before exercise, and do not exercise with illness.

  General rule: The amount of exercise should be guaranteed every day, usually 1 to 2 hours is better.

Exercise is best chosen after 30 minutes after a meal to avoid long-term discomfort.

Busy Yoga Meditation

Busy Yoga Meditation

Let your breath relax As long as you have time, take a few minutes to relax your breathing system, there is no other part-there is no need to relax the entire body.

Sitting on a train or plane, or in a car, no one will notice that you are doing something.

Just relax your breath and let it be in its natural working state.

Close your eyes at the same time to observe the inhalation, exhalation, and inhalation during breathing.

  Don’t concentrate!

If you concentrate, it will cause trouble, because everything comes down-the event becomes a downfall.

If you try to sit in the car intently, the dry sound of the car becomes your leak, and the person sitting next to you also becomes your intrusion.

  Meditation is not about concentration. You just need to relax and watch your breath and stay aware.

Nothing has to be ruled out in this observation.

Car horn sound-no problem at all, accept it.

  Traffic comes and goes often-is part of life, there is no problem; the snort of others passing by you, accept it.

Nothing needs to be opposed.

Easy exercise home is the gym

Easy exercise home is the gym

Core tip: No time to go to the gym?

Buy a fitness equipment and put it at home!

A few items are recommended below.

Home fitness equipment.

Make exercise anytime, anywhere!

Stop making time your excuse for fitness.

  No time to go to the gym?

Buy a fitness equipment and put it at home!

A few items are recommended below.
Home fitness equipment.

Make exercise anytime, anywhere!

Stop making time your excuse for fitness.

  A barbell trains the muscle king. In this “mixed exercise”, all you need is a barbell and a small space in the gym or home.

Exercise 3 times a week, with a day break in between.

Do 6 to 8 reps per set, with a 60- to 90-second pause each time.

This exercise only takes 15 minutes at a time, which can fully exercise your body muscles.


Squat A, squat down, grab the barbell with the palms of both hands inward, the distance between the two hands is similar to the width of the shoulders, and stay in front of a bone.

  B, shrug your shoulders, and at the same time, lift the barbell vertically with your hands up to your toes.

When the barbell is lifted to a high height, the bending is reduced a little, and the elbow also has a forward movement, so that the fingers can grip the barbell more comfortably.

  C. Keep your elbows high and squat slowly until your thighs are parallel to the ground, then lower the barbell.


Bend Bend A, grasp the length of the barbell with both hands and bend slightly.

Try to lean forward from your waist until it is parallel to the ground.

  B. Keep the bow of your body, spread your elbows outward, and pull the barbell to the top.

  C. Keep the barbell in position, connect your heels to the ground, straighten your body, and then lower the barbell.

In the process, keep the barbell and elbows from falling.

  Rally: The “sculptor” of the muscles. Using the rally to train properly can develop your physique to a higher level.

The following exercises are my favorite, and these will also surprise you.

  First, chest puller chest clamp: You may become the world’s best master of bench press and have the largest pectoral muscles, but the bench press will not make the muscles stand out unless you step on the pectoral muscles and are deeply separated and filled by the middle groove.Steel stripes.

The only way to get the line and shape of skeletal muscle is to stretch the chest.

Under normal pressure, the contraction of the pectoral muscles only means straightening the front of the chest, but the tensioner clamps the chest to allow you to squeeze the pectoral muscles to the maximum, stimulating the pectoral muscles by crossing them, and the pectoral muscles continue to be tense.

With each training I squeezed the pectoral muscles for 1 to 2 seconds to get the pectoral muscles to “burn” further.

You will get the best results if you place the chest clip at the end of your pectoral training.

At this point the main part of the pectoral muscles will reach exhaustion.

Bandaged pectoral muscles are required to do all the work during the exercise. Focus on the upper and middle of the pectoral muscles, preferably in the form of an upslope.

  Second, diabetic biceps 1, free radical pull-ups: can maintain the remaining biceps tension throughout the entire range of motion.

There are two forms of exercise: one is a full-body horizontal puller curling, which requires the two upper arms to always be parallel to the ground; the other is a standing posture side puller curling, which requires the two upper arms to be close to the body side, and the puller is pulled up in front of the body, orThe tensioner wire rope is pulled between the legs and pulled up from behind.
Sometimes I use the skull puller curl as the last exercise on an extra biceps training day.

Sometimes in order to make the hypertensive biceps reach exhaustion ahead of time and fill the paralyzed biceps with blood as soon as possible, I use it as the first exercise for limb biceps training.
  2. One-arm puller curls: If you want to know how I made the fractured biceps bifurcated on the towering muscle peaks, deepened the cracks and widened the protrusions, and how to make the slender muscles so prominent, this exercise isanswer.

When I do a single-arm puller curl, I can separate and exercise any part of the biceps by turning my wrists down and down. There will be no auxiliary part in the process of expanding the slender biceps alone.The muscles reach exhaustion first.

  Third, humerus triceps 1, pull down: reset the triceps to get longer pressure, and can do difficult peak contraction at the bottom, in the last exercise to produce a burning swell feeling, on the limbsThe triceps deep to the horseshoe-shaped upper part have a good strengthening effect.

  2. Tension and extension of the neck and rear arms of the tensioner: It is mainly used to shape the line and shape of the weight triceps, using low strength, medium weight and multiple times, peak contraction at the muscle contraction position, and finally the excess triceps get burnedFeeling bloated.

  3, single-arm anti-grip puller arm flexion and extension: by turning the wrist to make the palms up and down, isolate and stimulate any part of the triceps, and make the muscles prominent, especially most of the triceps and the lateral head.

  Remember: Rally exercises are not primarily designed to increase muscle mass but to shape the lines and shape of the muscles.

It is necessary to adopt a strict exercise form, and the number of times is maintained at about 12 times / group.

Practice is in place and practice wherever you need it.

Don’t worry about adding some rally exercises to your training, it will only add glory to your training.

They are indispensable in my training, and I hope you will cheer for the correct use of the tensioner training.

  Spinning bikes: The thigh muscle exerciser is popular in the world for static and dynamic cycling, which is an exercise through different speeds and twists.

This kind of exercise can be pedaled in a sitting position on a bicycle, or pedaled in a standing position while standing up, and sometimes simulates natural cycling actions such as uphill and downhill.

Spining training can allow bodybuilders to effectively strengthen muscle endurance and cardiopulmonary function in happy exercise, and at the same time as exercising endurance, it will burn a lot of aunts to achieve weight loss.

  According to professional coach Ma Yanhui, the design of this professional exercise bike is very suitable for aerobic training, and can generally be divided into two types: intensity cycling and intensity cycling.

The former is mainly to simulate the environment of mountain biking, increase leg strength when riding, achieve the effects of exercising leg muscles, and improve leg strength and endurance.

And a few can achieve weight loss is a very correct exercise.

When performing spinning, be sure to control the breathing rhythm and brake to relieve the fatigue caused by cycling.

  Features: Chassis fixed bicycles are not the same as ordinary bicycles. Although they also have handlebars, saddles and wheels, they are fixed to a certain position on the ground. When you step on them, you are pedaling like ordinary bicycles.The movement of the car can make the wheels of this bicycle turn, but its chassis is always fixed.

  The spining training course is not disturbed by any weather. Bodybuilders can follow the coach’s seditious slogan and embarrassedly step on the bike with the accompaniment of music to achieve fitness purposes and release the pressure from all aspects of the day.Enhance the self-confidence of the bodybuilder.

  Advantages: Enhance the beauty of feet and legs. Spinning car body is designed according to ergonomics. People of different heights and weights can choose it at will. Safety feet are always fixed on the pedals, which effectively improves the safety of sports.coefficient.

Spining training can allow bodybuilders to effectively strengthen muscle endurance and cardiopulmonary function in happy exercise, and at the same time as exercising endurance, it will burn a lot of aunts to achieve weight loss.

Moreover, spinning bike can be used as a group sport. Several people ride together and encourage each other. It can fully reflect the spirit of collective unity, cooperation, mutual support and encouragement. It is very suitable for training young people’s team spirit.

  At the same time, bicycling can be targeted to promote the bodybuilding effect on the large muscle groups such as the head and thighs, and enhance the lower limb strength of the human body.

However, cycling instructor Ma Yanhui said that it is generally not possible to achieve significant weight loss by relying on spinning bikes alone. It is necessary to cooperate with some equipment to practice. At the same time, each time you finish spinning bikes, there are also some stretching sports like yoga.
  Exercise frequency: At least three lessons per week and how many consecutive sessions are needed to make the effect of the spinning bike fully?

According to the coach, due to the significant improvement of the cardiopulmonary function of the human body, the exercise of the spinning bike is very significant. It also burns a lot of aunts every hour on average. Domestic courses generally take 45 minutes per class (in foreign bidirectional spinning classes is 60minute).

And this 45-minute spinning class will burn 400 to 500 calories, which is equivalent to an hour and a half of long-distance running!

In this 45-minute course, the coach will string it with different music. Generally, it will start at a slow pace of 5 minutes to warm up, and the faster and faster rhythm will let you quickly enter the state, and finallyA few minutes of relaxation will also allow you to completely relax.

  In major fitness clubs in Beijing, spinning classes are basically daily, and there is always a group of people obsessed with the sweating effect of spinning.

On the day when the reporter went to interview, 14 people participated in the course, but when the course was about 30 minutes, less than half were left in the class, and by the 40th minute, 5 people were left in the class.Now, these 5 people are all men.

According to coach Ma, it is true that there are not many papers that can generally persist for 45 minutes, and more men are participating in spinning training. They are more likely to sweat and relax through this type of exercise, but the coach still recommends that you canStick to it, and for those books that are dedicated to weight loss, in addition to three dynamic cycling lessons every week, you must also match certain equipment and strength exercises.

  Note: Practicing a spinning bike needs step by step1.

For the first time participating in the spinning class, you can set your goal to be persistent.

Slowly increase the intensity according to your situation; 2.

Proper bicycle setup is very important, too low seat position can cause knee pain and other injuries.

Be sure to ask your coach to guide you how to set up your bike properly before you start cycling; 3.

Because the gear of the bicycle is round, the correct riding skills are: pay attention to the full circle with the pedals; 4.

Most people are accustomed to pedaling heavily when riding a bicycle.
In fact, pressing down on the foot pedal will contract the muscles of the legs, thighs, and biceps femoris muscles. The force transmitted during cycling will be reduced, and the thighs will be particularly prone to fatigue, so use even force.

  If you are a long-time sedentary office worker and you are trying out spinning bikes for the first time, you can consult the coaches more, and you ca n’t do intensive exercises as soon as you come up.
Maybe you can train according to this method: 10 minutes riding → rest → 10 minutes riding → rest → 10 minutes riding → rest.

As the exercise level increases, you can change from three groups of 10-minute rides to two groups, and then extend the ride time to 15 minutes.

Then you can extend the riding time to 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and slowly increase to 45 minutes.

After the body is able to adapt to 45 minutes of riding, you can increase the difficulty.

  When choosing equipment for training, professional fitness coaches made some suggestions: 1.

Appropriately select equipment that can strengthen thigh muscle strength, side waist and shoulder strength for exercise.

The spinning bike has relatively high requirements on these body parts and is easy to be injured, so warm-up exercises and corresponding equipment exercises for these parts are essential.


Master the right time and frequency.

It is usually practiced 2 to 3 times a week, 20 to 30 minutes each.

The organic combination of jumping aerobics and equipment training will achieve better results.


Pay attention to the intensity of training.

Do your best when you are training.

When you feel unwell, stop training immediately, adjust and rest, and consult a professional coach at the same time.


Strengthen hydration.

Spinning bicycles are expected to sweat a lot, and you must pay attention to the hydration during exercise.