Remarried couples have some kind of psychology?

Remarried couples have some kind of psychology?

Is there a certain kind of psychology for remarried couples?

The psychological status of remarried couples is different from that of first-married couples. The former has some psychological sensitivities that are not generally available. The following is a detailed introduction.

銆€銆€The psychology of remarried couples: Habitual psychology may have formed their own interests, hobbies and habits in the first marriage. After remarriage, they can’t adapt to each other at the same time, especially sexual habits. If they don’t understand each other,Familiarity with each other’s desires, requirements and skills may lead to disharmony in sexual life and cause dissatisfaction on both sides.

銆€銆€Therefore, the remarried couple took the initiative to adapt to each other’s habits and looked for a compromise solution that would take care of the habits of both parties.

In addition, both sides should have sufficient tolerance spirit, foster strengths and avoid weaknesses, coordinate with each other, and gradually establish new living habits.

銆€銆€The children of the self-interested first-marriage family use the inherent bond of blood to bind the parents together, and the children of the remarried family are prone to contradictions because of the lack of blood relationship, and it is easy for parents to have selfishness and favor their own children.

In fact, the blood can not completely surpass the acquired feelings. Guan Jian is the two sides to re-marriage with noble moral sentiments, generous fraternity, and deal with the relationship with stepchildren, if the other child is like his own children, evenBetter, it can greatly change the psychological distance of remarried couples.

銆€銆€Alert psychological remarriage Both husband and wife have some property in the past family. Considering the breakdown of the previous marriage, they often have a guardianship mentality, implement economic blockade, distract their minds, stay behind their hands, and make troubles. This leads to the real family name.

In fact, since the family has been rebuilt, it is necessary to use all the property together without reservation, so as to deepen the marital relationship.

銆€銆€Nostalgic psychology is more common in remarried people who have deep feelings in a former marriage couple and who died as a result of illness or accident.

After remarriage, it often reveals the nostalgia for the former spouse, and this nostalgic psychology is most likely to cause the pain of the other party in the remarriage.

Therefore, after remarriage, the remarried person must strengthen the prevention of nostalgia from the feelings and reality.

銆€銆€Comparing a problem that a psychologically remarried couple is prone to commit is to compare the advantages of the original spouse with the shortcomings of the current spouse, and everything is critical and dissatisfied everywhere.

This will hurt the other’s feelings, and also disappoints the rebuilding family, causing the marriage to break again.

As everyone knows, each has its own strength and each has its own shortcomings.

Appropriately and comprehensively evaluate each other, understand each other, recognize each other’s strengths, help them overcome their shortcomings, and make each other become their ideal spouse.

銆€銆€Seriously, many remarriage people are often full of shackles or care about each other’s premarital life. From time to time, they expose their seriousness, slanders, swearing at each other’s personality, and damaging their self-esteem. The long-term will affect the feelings of both sides.

Therefore, remarried couples must prevent acute psychosis, especially sexual suspicion, cope with each other’s psychological chastity, cherish the feelings of the other party’s love, soothe the traumatic heart of the other, in order to make the two hearts tightly combined.

銆€銆€Retaliation for excessive psychological divorce, resentment against the former spouse, re-selection of the object only requires appearance or some aspects of the former spouse, to achieve the purpose of retaliation.

Because this choice is often blind, not based on emotional foundation, not only can not balance their own psychology, but also make the family foundation after remarriage is not stable.

Therefore, marriage psychologists believe that it is important to reflect on themselves, re-evaluate their performance in the past family, find the misunderstanding of the former marriage, and constantly improve and enrich themselves, so that they can be well-qualified in the new combination of families.The role of, thus, improve the quality of the actual marriage.

Four props for a comfortable sleeping environment


Four props for a comfortable sleeping environment

Four props to create a comfortable sleeping environment In the current pressure of the big mountain society, who has a late night lie down but flipped and turned to the opposite side, always can’t sleep?

Even if I fell asleep, I didn’t sleep too much, which caused me to wake up. In the morning, I had to look at the miserable face and had to apply cosmetics to cover my ugliness. This kind of sleep is just too bad for women.

Both physical and beauty will be greatly damaged.

In fact, the quality of sleep can be easily improved through bedding. Come and see the 4 intimate coups to save sleep quality!


Wear your favorite pajamas No matter what type of pajamas you like, wear your own pajamas that feel beautiful and comfortable to sleep.

Putting on your favorite and comfortable pajamas can stimulate the secretion of a hormone in the brain, which improves the quality of sleep.

In fact, everyone should have the same feeling. If you wear a pajamas whose style is not suitable for your own taste, you will feel a sense of resistance, so you can’t get good sleep.


Picking your own pillows and pillows is an important tool that you have always been around when you are asleep, so be sure to pick a pillow that will help you sleep well.

Because people have different shapes of head and neck, pillows should be chosen to suit their needs.

Unlike fashion items and cosmetics, pillows are something that is not suitable for others, so be sure to judge them yourself.

Experts suggest that the height of the pillows that are good for health is 2-6 cm. If it is too high, it will cause snoring and neck neck tilting, which will cause harm to sleep and health.

If you choose a pillow, it is best to go to the store and try it yourself, and ask the staff for advice. It is better to consider it after considering it.

Pillows are often accompanied by items around you, and you should pay more attention to your purchase.


Most people who are able to entrust the whole body are bed or floor tiles. No matter how you sleep, the mattress is an essential item. It allows you to relax on your body and enter a good sleep state.

The mattress should not be too hard or too soft, because it would be too hard to be overturned, too soft and unbearable to enjoy and sleepy.

Therefore, sleep experts generally do not recommend too hard mats or too soft “water bed”, the best is moderate softness, roughly equivalent to the hardness of a quilt on the floor.

As with pajamas, it is difficult to sleep well if the mat is so uncomfortable, so choose a mat that looks comfortable and feels good.


If the degree of proper lighting is not good, then check if the lighting is not qualified.

The best place to fall asleep is the light of 30 lux.

In fact, according to this, this is the brightness caused by the fetal form in the mother’s stomach before birth, so it has a sleeping effect.

The reason is the color problem, and it is better to help the orange incandescent lamp.

Orange is the most often shrinking coffee shop and restaurant, because it has a calming effect.

And incandescent lamps work better than fluorescent lamps.

Today, I began to pay more attention to improving my sleepwear, pillows, mattresses and other sleeping appliances.

Create a sleeping environment that suits your sleep.

I believe that a sleeping beauty who is radiant every day will soon be born.


a spoon: save the puffy pie face


a spoon: save the puffy pie face

At the end of the year, the party is running, and the night of the night is not making your dark circles more and more obvious?

Because I slept too late at night, drinking too much drink, causing scary facial edema on the next day?

Here’s how to first aid your edema face, using spoons and fingers, can achieve the purpose of quickly removing facial edema?
After rubbing the cream on the entire face with a firming effect, use a stainless steel spoon for facial massage to quickly tighten the eye bags and eliminate facial swelling.

銆€銆€Preliminary: Add the stainless steel spoon to the freezer for 30 minutes.

Then remove and rinse with water.

Apply eye cream to the eye area and apply a full cream on the face. Place the spoon on the eyelid for about 1 minute.

Then close your eyes and gently stop the eyelids for about 1 minute.

銆€銆€Step 2: Start from the eyebrow and slowly massage the end of the eye to the end of the eye.

銆€銆€Step 3: Start the massage from the position of the humerus and gently stop to the chin.

This massage can tighten the double chin.

銆€銆€Step 4: Massage from the corner of the mouth to the earlobe.

It can tighten the facial skin and lighten the smile.



According to the nature of obesity, it can be divided into simple obesity and pathological obesity. According to the location of obesity, it can be divided into subcutaneous obesity and visceral obesity.

銆€銆€The cause of hereditary obesity.

(The whole family is fat, not necessarily all genetic reasons, it may also be related to your family’s eating habits.

When I was young, I didn’t pay attention to losing weight, causing the body to produce too many cells. The aunt will not increase after the adult will only increase. It can be said that you have laid too many foundations since childhood.

銆€銆€Eat too much and not consume it.

That is, the change from the food exceeds the extent of consumption, and the excess transition turns into unfortunate, accumulating in unfortunate cells to form obesity.

銆€銆€Reduced metabolism.

When people reach middle age, they tend to gain weight due to lower metabolic rate; uneven nutrition, only eating meat and junk food (no nutritious food), not eating fruits and vegetables will also make the metabolic rate lower and easy to gain weight.

銆€銆€Pathological obesity Cushing syndrome causes: Adrenal hyperfunction, excessive secretion of cortisol: face, neck and body hypertrophy, but the limbs are unfortunately not much.

銆€銆€Vitamin-derived causes: excessive insulin secretion, decreased metabolic rate, reduced micro-decomposition and increased synthesis: Causes of decreased systemic dysfunction: cerebral obesity, loss of sexual function, or loss of libido.

Phenomenon: breast, lower abdomen, obesity near the genitals.

銆€銆€Pituitary causes: Pituitary development leads to excessive secretion of growth hormone in the anterior pituitary: body bone, soft tissue, visceral hyperplasia and hypertrophy.

銆€銆€Causes of hypothyroidism: hypothyroidism: excessive and mucinous edema drug-induced causes: caused by drug replacement, such as by adrenocortical hormone drugs.

Phenomenon: Obesity that occurs after stopping medication, to some extent, allergic diseases, rheumatoid diseases, and patients with illness.

銆€銆€Subcutaneous obesity characteristics: slight distribution mainly in the abdomen, humerus and thigh subcutaneous tissue visceral obesity characteristics: slightly distributed in the peritoneal peritoneum


Ten tricks to save yourself in stress

Do you feel that you are going to be driven crazy, from work, the pressure of the family makes you breathless, so before the pressure threatens your health, think of ways to rescue yourself!


I only worry about one thing at a time.

Women’s worries often outweigh men.

Researchers at Harvard University conducted a six-week study of 166 married couples and found that women are more often stressed than men because women love to think about everything.

She will consider her work, weight, and the health of each family member.


Concentrate strength minutes every day.

For example, the current job is to lay the report well, and other things are left behind, not to think about it.

In the gap between work, you can also spend 20 minutes to relax, pay attention to walking without considering your work, just focus on everything around you, just like what you see, what you hear, what you feel, smellWhat smells and so on.


Say or write your law enforcement.

Keep a diary, or talk to a friend, at least you won’t feel lonely and helpless.

Medical experts in the United States have grouped people with rheumatoid arthritis or asthma, and each person has recorded what they do every day in a perfunctory manner.

The other one was asked to write a diary every day, including their fears and pains.

As a result, the researchers found that the latter group of people were rarely seriously and worried about their illness.


No matter how busy you are, be sure to exercise.

The researchers found that after 30 minutes of exercise on the bicycle, the tester’s stress level dropped by 25%.

Go to the gym, go for 30 minutes, or do some contraction exercises while getting up.


Have fun with a massage.

Not only traditional body massages, but also foot massage, manicure or beauty, these can relax your spirit.


Slow down the speed of speaking.

Maybe your daily table is full of documents to watch, your right hand is answering the phone, and your left hand is looking through the information.

You have to deal with all kinds of people and say all kinds of words.

Then you must remember to try to stay optimistic and slow down your speed.


Don’t be too serious.

Let’s talk a little joke with a friend. Everyone laughs, the atmosphere is active, and they relax.

In fact, laughter can both relieve tension and increase the body’s immune function.


Don’t let the negative voice surround yourself and drive yourself crazy.

The boss may say that you can’t do this. In fact, he is also a lot of advantages, but the boss did not find it.


Let yourself completely relax for a day.

Read an article novel, sing, tea, or simply do nothing, sit in front of the window in a daze.
The key to this time is your inner body, a kind of tranquility, a kind of relaxation.

At least remember the good things that happened today.

No matter how hard and unhappy you are today, when you return home, you should share a good thing today with your family.