[Dried fried tuna]_Dried fried tuna_How to do_How to do

[Dried fried tuna]_Dried fried tuna_How to do_How to do

Dried deep-fried tuna is actually a method of eating tuna. Tuna is even delicious and has high nutritional value, so it is loved by many people. However, after you understand its practice, you should also pay attention to eating fried food in moderation and eating more.Will cause fire.

First, the materials tuna, onion ginger garlic, starch, cooking wine, salt, pepper, chicken essence making process 1. Wash the tuna clean, add a knife, salt, cooking wine, pepper, chicken essence to marinate for 1 hour; 2, then prepareDried starch and bamboo sticks; 3. Put the fish on with bamboo sticks; 4. Take a thin layer of starch on each fish; 5. Burn the oil in the pot to 50-60% heat and fry the fish until golden brown; 6. Finally, remove the fish and drain it into oil.

Second, step 1.

After thawing and washing the tuna, add salt, pepper and cooking wine for more than half an hour.


Drain the marinated tuna and add the flour.

I don’t have flour on hand, so I can only use starch instead.

It is more sticky with flour and more fragrant.


Stir in the eggs and place the tuna in the egg.

Put it directly into the bowl and mix to reduce the speed.


Roll the fish body dipped in egg liquid into the bread crumbs and roll.


Put the right amount of oil in the non-stick pan, heat the fish and fry them.


Feel that the fish is stiffened and you can fish it out and serve it.

The fish skin is crispy and the fish is tender.

Tuna has only one main spine, the other small spines are soft and fried, and they are crispy. The fish is easy to peel and it is very enjoyable.

Tips You don’t need to put a lot of oil when frying, just tilt the pan to make sure the fish is in the oil.