Four taboos that men should pay attention to before going to bed

Four “taboos” that men should pay attention to before going to bed

Some habits before bedtime directly affect the physical health of men. If there are bad habits before bedtime, it will directly ruin the health of the body. Don’t think that it is not so serious and you never pay attention to this, but it is a wrong view.
As this article will now introduce, the existence of these four bedtime habits is extremely harmful.
  1. Contraindications before going to bed—Drink as little carbonated drinks as possible. Carbonated drinks are the beverage most young people and white-collars are keen on, and they taste delicious and quench their thirst.
But experts said that the gas in carbonated beverages can easily cause flatulence. Such beverages contain high calories and various additives and should not be consumed in large quantities.
In summer, boiled water and herbal tea are the most healthy drinks to quench your thirst.
  2. Taboos before going to bed-Do n’t drink milk on an empty stomach. Many people have heard that drinking milk before bed is good for the stomach, but experts in gastroenterology have different opinions.
Experts said: “In fact, drinking milk and fruit juice before bedtime is not beneficial to the stomach, especially for patients with reflux esophagitis.
Because protein, fat, and sugar in milk can cause gastric acid secretion, which has been the case for a long time, it may cause damage to the stomach and increase reflux symptoms in the fasting state at night.
Zheng Qing himself usually drinks milk, and he always chooses any time during the day so that he won’t hurt his stomach.
  3. Contraindications before going to bed-In fact, the stomach is not very delicate. Many outpatients worry too much about their stomach when they come to the clinic.
But in fact, the stomach is not very delicate.
Said: “A healthy stomach has a gastric mucosal barrier, which has perfect self-protection.
I often tell patients to understand their stomach conditions and adapt them to individual conditions.
For example: I usually like to eat spicy foods, but pay attention not to eat on an empty stomach to reduce stomach irritation.
In a healthy state, if you don’t feel uncomfortable, you can also eat spicy food.
“4, taboos before going to bed-eat less salted food and supper Today, stomach cancer is extremely harmful.
A large number of epidemiological data show that long-term high-salt diets, eating moldy, smoked and salted foods can increase the risk of gastric cancer.
Smoking and drinking are also “accomplices.”
“It’s not a good habit to like midnight snacks.
I usually work very busy, but no matter how late I am, I will not eat supper.
Eating before going to bed will cause gastric acid secretion, and the heat generated is easy to accumulate.
Neither beneficial to the stomach nor to the human body.